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R forgiven himself for letting her go Today Laura is as lovely and stubborn as ever and her attempts at crime solving are putting her in danger The only way Alex can keep her safe is to marry her But how can this notorious rake convince Laura that his heart is truebefore the clock strikes twelve . Never underestimate the power of a well fitted shoeHaving been ruined betrayed and hiding for so long Miss Laura Falkner is a master of blending in and not being seen But when her return to London is forced upon her to figure out what happened to her father Laura realizes it is long past time she resolve the issue that drove her from London False accusations of being a jewelry thief were falsely thrust upon her father and haunted him his entire life London was the city that cursed him and eventually took his life but Laura will give him back his good nameThe problem is a job is reuired staying away from anyone that might know her and never seeing Alexander Ross the Earl of Copley She loved this man with every ounce of her being and he betrayed her and her father without regard for the truth The only problem becomes he is the nephew of the woman she has been hired to serve as companion to greatAlex is going to dog Laura’s heels until she tells him what she is up to because he knows she would not try to solve a crime that has been resolved However what will be the resolution to the burning desire he has had for her all these years Alex never made any excuses about what her father’s scandal did to their relationship but his love for her has never gone awayWhen they are reunited and happiness is on the horizon will Laura let go of the past and start to build her future with Alex or throw it away on crime solving Alex says he is helping her solve the mysteries of the past and present but is he using her or is it Laura that is being untrustworthyOlivia Drake writes a fresh and fast paced book that will have every reader unable to stop reading

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Stroke of MidnightHe's no Prince Charming She doesn't have a pumpkin coach Sometimes love is nothing like a fairy tale it's even betterIt's Never Too LateThe infamous Laura Falkner has returned to London society in disguise Determined to clear her father's name she becomes a companion to elderly Lady Stroke of PDFE. Very amateur and weak plot The author created a super sloppy mystery as the basis for this romance Laura is the epitome of a TSTL heroine More often than not she comes off as a total ninny who will do as she wants without thinking logically One track mindTo uncover the circumstances of a jewelry theft that occured TEN years ago Laura conceives the best plan is to prowl around high society sniffing out clues from who she feels are the actual guilty parties Because you know people will always be talking about that one singular event from a decade agoWhich also begs the uestion why did Laura and her father uickly run off ten years ago instead of defend their innocence Nothing says GUILTY than running away As members of the peer and as stated her father had many friends they should've had some opportunity at justice as opposed to any random commoner Also what made absolutely no sense is the link that dawns upon Laura upon discovery that her father once had an affair with the Duchess whose jewels were stolen By jove since her father had an affair with the Duchess and she is Alex's godmother therefore Alex MUST'VE only courted Laura for nefarious reasons Major eye rolling occurred here It felt like such a lazy method of inserting plot It only got worse when Laura goes batshit crazy when confronting Alex with her super sleuthing discoveries Very subpar book from this author As a side note this is the 2nd book from this author that I've given 1 too

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Stroke of Midnight Summary ï 107 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Stroke of Midnight ✩ Olivia Drake – He's no Prince Charming She doesn't have a pumpkin coach Sometimes love is nothing like a fairy tale; it's even betterIt's Never Too LateThe infamous Laura Falkner has returned to London society in di He's no Prince Charming ShPUB or Josephine only to learn the woman's nephew is none other than Alexander Ross the devilish Earl of Copley the man Laura once loved with all her heart The same man who'd accused her father of theft and forced them to flee England To Fall Head Over Heels In LoveAlex has never forgotten Laura o. 35 StarsThank you St Martin's Paperbacks for providing me a copy of this finished book exchange of an honest reviewAfter her father's get's accused of stealing the Blue Moon Diamond Laura watches her entire life change within a blink of an eye Just when things looked like they were going great with Alex the Earl of Copley she walks on him trying to apprehend her father and take him in for the stolen jewelry when a matching set of earrings is discovered in his desk drawerNow her father is dead murdered on the streets on London and Laura comes back into the society that shunned her father in disguise Her intentions are to find the real thief and murdered and bring justice to her father and clear his name Little did Laura expect was to end up being a companion to Alex's aging aunt with memory issues thanks to the London's matchmaker who stuck her thereStroke of Midnight did have a bit of Cinderella undertones in it which I think is what made this book that much appealing to me I really enjoyed Laura a girl who lost everything but would stop at nothing to bring down one of the society elite's in order to prove that her father was innocent Alex of course has his own doubts simply of what he knows about Laura's father which strains their relationship Plus it doesn't help that in order to save her father from Alex Laura just happened to cut his cheek and leave a scar to remember her byI loved that it had an interesting story line love mystery betrayal and eventually a wonderful HAE The sparks between Alex and Laura still remain after so many years but both of them feel a bit betrayed by the events that have unfolded and it's going to take some healing of the heart When Laura gets caught in the scandal of her own doing she must marry Alex in order to save face with the society if she still wants to be able to find the man that accused her fatherI really liked both Laura and Alex It was so sweet how she took care of his Aunt Both obviously have issues they need to resolve especially since Laura thinks that Alex is only marrying her out of lust and that so she can bare his heir The mystery had me guessing until the very end and the culprit ended up being someone I wasn't expecting but it all fell into place nicely and was a very enjoyable read