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kindle õ The Columbus Affair â Steve Berry

The Columbus AffairA family’s secret a ruthless fanatic and a covert arm of the American government all are linked by a single puzzling possibility  What if everything we know about the discovery of America was a lie? What if that lie was designed to hide the secret of why Columbus sailed in 1492? And what if that 500 year old secret could violently reshape the modern political world?   Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative journalist Tom Sagan has written hard hitting articles from hot spots around the world But when one of his stories from the Middle East is e Another great book by Steve Berry that blows traditional views of the 'founder of the Americas' out of the water and leaves me wondering how much was truth and what might have been fiction Even reading the author's note I am left wondering if Berry used his amazing abilities to paint a picture of Columbus that may leave American students rushing back to their history booksBerry balances what we know about Christopher Columbus and spices it up with much that was never known to me I wish not to spoil it for anyone but it surely does leave me wondering if this man was as elusive as he appears in this book and if many other historical figures have secret histories that are collecting dust Adding a current storyline Berry pushes a mystery that keeps the reader intrigued while peppering us with history and academic references What begins as a familial strain turns into a story about Columbus the race to find long long religious secrets and how good can conuer evil in the endWhile I did have to take a skeptical look at some that Berry wrote I am interested to see how much truth lies within these chapters Berry presents his information very much in the 'Dan Brownsian fashion' leaving me to wonder what truths I can take away from thisMany kudos Mr Berry I am so excited to see what you have up your sleeve

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kindle ´ The Columbus Affair µ 594 pages Ö Steve Berry Ö [KINDLE] ✽ The Columbus Affair Author Steve Berry – A family’s secret a ruthless fanatic and a covert arm of the American government—all are linked by a single puzzling possibility  What if everything we know abouStigations Sagan suddenly finds himself caught in an international incident the repercussions of which will shudder not only Washington DC but also Jerusalem Coaxed into a deadly cat and mouse game unsure who’s friend and who’s foe Sagan is forced to Vienna Prague then finally into the Blue Mountains of Jamaica where his survival hinges on his rewriting everything we know about Christopher Columbus  Don’t miss Steve Berry’s short story “The Admiral’s Mark” and a sneak peek of his new novel The King’s Deception in the back of the bo This is a very good book fast moving and the action never stops Although putting my prejudice of loving everything Steve writes aside he weaves a story that could be entirely plausible The book also draws upon the interplay between a daughter and her estranged father that won’t resolve itself until near the end of the bookThe 1st chapter introduces us to Tom Sagan a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter now disgraced and accused of fabricating a story We learn in the 1st chapter that he tried to clear his name but there was a cover up protecting the people who brought him down so he comforts himself with ghost writing which pays well and keeps his name out of the news But then he decides life is not worth living if he can’t be a reporterAs the story opens Tom is putting the gun to his head to end his life Simon shows up at the door of Tom’s parent’s old house where he has gone to end his life Simon shows Tom a video that so horrifies him it causes him to give up his idea of suicide and go on a uest that will change his life and the life of his daughter foreverIn the next chapter we are introduced to Béne who is a great man at least in his own eyes Life is cheap where he lives and cheap to him also If someone crosses him he simply turns them loose to get off his island as best they can but a few minutes later he also turns loose his hunting dogs “and they never eat what they don’t kill themselves” Through a series of circumstances he also becomes involved in the hunt for the truth about Columbus but the part he plays given his character is a surprise to us all“Zachariah Simon has the look of a scholar the soul of a scoundrel and the zeal of a fanatic” I don’t know that I agree with this description of him it seems a bit too easy on him I would describe him as a cruel user a terrorist and one who thinks human life is not worth his “uest”Zachariah Simon is the impetus that causes Tom Sagan to go on a uest that his father wanted him on many years ago It is a dangerous game they play especially Tom’s daughter AllieWhile each of the characters are on the uest for a different reason in the end they all come together to discover the truth about who Christopher Columbus really was and what has been hidden for centuries in the caves of JamaicaExcellent read Eileen

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Xposed as a fraud his professional reputation crashes and burns Now he lives in virtual exile haunted by bad decisions and a shocking truth he can never prove  that his downfall was a deliberate act of sabotage by an unknown enemy But before Sagan can end his torment with the sueeze of a trigger fate intervenes in the form of an enigmatic stranger  This stranger forces Sagan to act and his actions attract the attention of the Magellan Billet a top secret corps of the United States Justice Department that deals with America’s most sensitive inve Okay Um what the hell happened to a story with such great potential?Steve Berry is normally a very good thriller writer just like James Rollins and Clive Cussler But some way somehow he really dropped the ball on this latest novelBasically it's another kind of historical conspiracy story in which the life and times of a popular figure get toyed with and fictionally subverted In this case Christopher Columbus In the present day a controversial journalist Tom Sagan is swept into the uest of a zealot named Zachariah Simon who wants to discover evidence of this conspiracy Yes it's a stand alone book outside the long established Cotton Malone series Berry has been publishing since 2006 To be honest I wish he would keep going with those books Perhaps he wanted to take a little time to come up with something worthy of topping The Jefferson KeyBut I really couldn't get than 100 pages into this book for three reasons One the fact that pretty much every other word is Jew because the main character is Jewish It would have been just fine to say it once or twice and leave it at that Two the constant insertion of bizarre separate stories written in italics that really don't have anything to do with the story This same flaw is present in Orson Scott Card's Pathfinder which is one of my least favorite books ever And three Berry pretty much gives away the whole plot twist way too early Like page 50 early I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed to have had something on hold at the library for over three months Well maybe for Mission Impossible 2 I'm just glad I chose to read City of Lost Souls firstHopefully Berry's next book will be an awesome continuation of the Cotton Malone series And then this book will just become Berry's euivalent of Rollins' Altar of Eden a stand alone book that's pretty much just crappy filler until real literature is produced Edit Berry has confirmed that he is writing the eighth Cotton Malone book The King's Deception which is set to come out next year May it be a massive improvement over this turkey travesty