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PDF µ BOOK Patience ´ GYMAPPAREL ´ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Patience ➲ Author John Coates – Gym-apparel.co.uk ‘The story of a Proper Girl Improperly in Love’ as it was subtitled when it came out in America the year after it was published in England Patience is about the eponymous heroine 28 year old Patie ‘The ‘The story of a Proper Girl Improperly in Love’ as it was subtitled when it came out in America the year after it was published in England Patience is about the eponymous heroine 28 year old Patience Gathorne Galley who has three small daughters and is she thinks newly pregnant In the first chapter her brother a devout Catholic whereas Patience is a rather unthinking Catholic nevertheless she undeniably is one comes to tea to tell her that her husband Edward is being unfaithful Patience wh Then who wants you tenderly I don’t know Whom you talk to whom you love whom you laugh with Who gossips and uarrels and teases and laughs Who satisfies you All those things The daily loving comfort of it allWhat an intriguing little book Under the guise of a comedy John Coates gives us a thought provoking novel dealing with the concept of marriage from both the male and female perspective and of catholicism We follow our heroine of the title who for all instances and purposes is happily married with 3 little children The reality is however very different Patience being incredibly naive and ignorant is submissive in all things to her husband meeting all his demands dutifully even in the bedroom where she gets no pleasure nor expects to have any having been taught by her catholic mother that the act is only for procreation Edward treats her like a child or rather a pretty object not deigning to really talk to her or spend time with his children since they are not boys Things change however when Patience finds out her husband has a mistress why would any woman want to sleep with him if they didn't have to? and that she has been uite ignorant on many grounds such as sexual love Her awakenings are presented in such a frank and tasteful manner that no one reading this will be offended most novels nowadays being a lot explicit No the important element here is not the treatment but rather that the author brought to the fore the issue of women's fulfilment in a marital relationship and all that this involves Considering that this was written in the 1950s by a man it is groundbreaking Catholicism is present but mostly for the notion of Sin and what this means Patience is not what I would call a devout religious person not like her brother who also treats her in a patronising way but rather one who has been brought up in this tradition and who therefore follows it Throughout the novel she learns and re evaluates her whole world several times often in a very comical fashion in terms of what she believes is right and wrong and how this applies to her and her children's happiness This is a charming little book often whimsical and naive that entertains while fighting for women's rights and true conjugal relationships As the door shut behind him Patience knelt down and waited to be sick And she couldn't as usual help thinking that if Catholic women weren't on their knees for one reason they were probably on them for another

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That through seven years of marriage she has never understood the meaning of married love has never had a moment of sexual pleasure has been cheated by her husband of true happiness’ This is what Tribune magazine told its readers assuring them that there was ‘no melodrama – or pornography here Patience is a truly delightful idyllic story of a simple soul’s discovery of the beauties of sexual love and her attempts to reconcile it with her mild Catholicism and her ardent maternal love? No summary of the plot of this book can give even an inkling of its charm Patience is a strict Catholic who has produced 3 daughters in less than 7 years of marriage to Edward an older man chosen for her by her mother even though he is not a Catholic The novel starts when Patience's repressed brother Lionel informs her that Edward has a mistress On the rebound from this shattering revelation Patience sleeps with a penniless musician Philip with whom she has her first orgasm ever Discovering all at once what love and sex are all about Patience decides to get rid of Edward and make a life with Philip a daunting prospect for an observing Catholic However when ransacking Edward's desk for evidence of his affair she finds proof that his first wife is still alive Therefore although Edward was legally divorced when he married her in the eyes of the Catholic Church he should not have married her There is never any doubt of where this fairytale is going of course Patience finds true happiness after managing to push Edward in the arms of his mistress without him suspecting that she has a lover of her own What makes this novel utterly delightful to read is the author's lightness of touch Patience's sexual awakening and gradual reconciliation of her religion with her newly gained agency are described with gentle humor Patience gets wise to the ways of men without losing anything of her sweetness and innocence in the best sense of the word In the end although she reassesses a number of the tenets of her religion she keeps her faith in a loving God intact Deceptively simple and in an odd way timeless

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PatienceO is perfectly happy with her husband her children and her St John’s Wood life is not too upset in fact she is curious than anything else because a her husband had never seemed inattentive on the contrary b she is mystified at the thought of another woman going to bed with Edward out of choiceFortuitously for this is a caper a farce a satire something unreal – which is why coincidence is allowable Patience meets Philip and upon going back with him to his room in Regent’s Park ‘realises I was intrigued by this book The summer before last when I heard Nicola Beauman speak at my library she mentioned that she was delighted she had found a comedy that would bring something new something that she felt was missing from the Persephone list It was too early for her to share any of the details but I’m uite sure that this is it It’s the story of 28 year old Patience Gathorne Galley She’s a good Catholic girl independently wealthy with a husband Edward and three little girls Star Sue and Sal But Patience is an innocent hopelessly naive She relies on her siblings for advice Lionel is a good devout Catholic whose wife’s desertion hasn’t shaken his faith one iota Helen on the other hand is a lapsed Catholic living in sin with an Anglican solicitor Ah yes SIN That word is writ large in all their lives Lionel takes the avoidance of sin terribly seriously Helen is rather sanguine but she hasn’t completely lost the values she was raised with And Patience knew that it was a very bad thing that she really should avoid She really was that naive a young woman passed directly from her parents to her husband with no chance at all to look at the world around her She was surprised when Lionel told her that Edward had a mistress He was a good reliable husband and why ever would a woman want to go to bed with a man when it wasn’t her marital duty? Yes there was a story waiting to happen here And happen it did Patience met a man Phillip She fell in love And in lust “She understood in a sort of flash of revelation almost everything Lionel had ever told her It really was different getting into bed with someone who wasn’t your husband And no wonder Lionel was so anxious no one should begin because once having begun and knowing how lovely it was one would find it very difficult to stop”When she confided in Helen her sister assured her that it wasn’t just the fact that Phillip wasn’t her husband that made the difference And then Patience knew that her future had to be spent with Phillip and her babies But however could she disentangle herself from Edward and not fall into sin? Patience’s attempts to do that to reach her happy ending make this a charming comedy of manners It sails along beautifully with lovely dialogue batted back and forth by beautifully drawn characters I could see them and I could hear their voices I could imagine actors on a stage having wonderful fun with this material too John Coates captures the feminine psyche extraordinarily well I am inclined to believe that he was brought up with sisters and that maybe he had a colourful aunt or two But that’s just speculation so let’s just say he understands women He writes beautifully too with a light touch with a lovely turn of phrase and with just the right amount of wit I found that I could even forgive Patience’s habit of addressing everyone as ‘dear’ Patience’s faith and the problems created by the differences between church and secular law provided a serious thread that counterbalanced the comedy and the romance uite beautifully There were some very nice twists and turns along the way Moments of comedy and moments of joy deftly handled I turned the pages uickly and stayed up rather later than I had planned because I so wanted to know what was going to happen And yet my feelings were mixed There were times when I found Patience irksome It is one thing to be a simple soul but even the simplest souls have some awareness some concern for the feelings of others But Patience didn’t she was utterly oblivious thinking only of what she wanted It was wonderful that her discovery of love and passion swept away everything save her maternal love but I found it hard to believe that any grown woman could be uite so insensitive to other people’s feelings Maybe that says about me than the book I’ve often been told that I’m too serious and that I over think things But I’m afraid that near the end when Patience said that she had grown up and all that it meant that she was forceful in getting her own way I was bitterly disappointed I just needed some little acknowledgement that she might have been thoughtless or some little sign that she had sympathy or understanding for others But it never came And an afterword revealed that Patience never really grew up at all Seeing love conuer all was delightful and the way that the story played out was a joy But to me this looks like a flawed gem I saw the beauty and the flaws but I suspect some will see only the beauty and others will see only the flaws I’d like to read it again soon because I don’t rule out feeling differently on a different day and I’m going to be very very curious to find out how other readers react when they meet Patience