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Summary 犬神家の一族 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã [Download] ➾ 犬神家の一族 ➹ Seishi Yokomizo – In 1940s Japan the wealthy head of the Inugami Clan dies setting off a chain of bizarre gruesome murders Detective Kindaichi must unravel the clan’s terrible secrets of forbiddeI Yokomizo is Japan’s most popular mystery writer His novels have been made into numerous movies and television dramas in Jap. Absolutely loved it Fun drama filled usual tropes in a golden mystery novel but so satisfying

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Nravel the clan’s terrible secrets of forbidden liaisons monstrous cruelty and disguised identities to find the murdererSeish. Sahei Inugami had a rags to riches story and ultimately became the Silk King of Japan He also had a very messy personal life with three simultaneous mistresses three unloved daughters three eually unloved grandsons and a beloved ward Upon his death at the end of World War II he left a will designed to cause maximum chaos “his death set in motion the blood soaked series of events that later befell the Inugami clan”This is the second book I have read by this author There are many books in this series and the author is very popular in Japan Most of the books do not appear to have been translated into English or at least they are currently unavailable That’s a shame because I found these mysteries very enjoyable and I am fond of the young private detective Kosuke Kindaichi He’s shabbily dressed and stuttering with a mop of unruly hair that he messes with when he zeroes in on a new clue He’s inscrutable with a “remarkable facility for reasoning and deduction” The author helped me write my review when he referred to “the extremely convoluted case of the Inugami clan” This book was very Agatha Christie like including having late revelations of previously secret relationships If you like old classic mysteries you should try this series I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

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犬神家の一族In s Japan the wealthy head of the Inugami Clan dies setting off a chain of bizarre gruesome murders Detective Kindaichi must u. The Inugami Clan is probably one of Japanese detective novelist Seishi Yokomizo's most famous and widely adored detective novels the novel has been adapted into movies for at least twice the first time done masterfully but the second time of the adaptation was done horribly by the same director Irony the ironyHere's the outline of the story In the 1940s Japan the wealthy patriarch of the Inugami Clan died due to old age but the old man left behind a highly unusual or even bizarre last will In his last will the head of the Inugami Clan revealed the new heir to be no other than an orphaned young woman who was adopted into the family her late grandfather was the old man's best friend and benefactor instead of one of the old man's own flesh and blood eg his daughters or grandsonsAlso according to the last will the beautiful young orphan must in turn decide who would become the next family leader by marrying a man from the Inugami direct bloodline one of the late patriarch's three grandsons Shortly after the will was announced members of the Inugami Clan were being murdered one by one and Detective Kindaichi must step in to investigate Once you open the book you are in for a bloodcurdling horrifying but intriguing ride through the many secrets of the Inugami Clan 'Inugami' means 'god of dogs' in Japanese and yes it's a family name Reading this book may give you the feeling of reading a Gothic horror novel The murder mystery is masterfully crafted and revealed by the novelist and don't forget the murderer's many creative and strangely beautiful methods of killing the victims and before we reach the ending there're many schemes deadly secrets human dramas love hate relationships among family members conflicts and romance waiting for us to discover To sum up I think this book is a finely written detective novel with a lot of good dramas and high value of entertainment Although it may not be Yokomizo's best of the best masterpiece most people think Hell Gate Isle is his best works still it clearly is an outstanding and unforgettable novel