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Fury The Sound Wave Series #1DFEPUB #235 music magazine The Sound Wave the assignment of a lifetime just landed in her lap An all access pass to tour with the British rock band Fury Their latest album went triple platinum and they've never granted interviewsOnce her assignment. Just can't seem to get into this There is too many little things going on for me to be able to focus my attention on any one of them May re visit at a later date

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READ & DOWNLOAD ç Fury The Sound Wave Series #1 ´ [Reading] ➬ Fury The Sound Wave Series #1 ➳ Michelle Pace – For years Cheyenne Carson clawed her way up from her meager upbringing and strove to distance herself from the skeletons of her past Finally success is within her grasp A journalist for tBegins Fury's tour explodes in a Molotov cocktail of sex scandal and violence that threatens to ruin Fury's uest for worldwide success Can Cheyenne navigate her treacherous path unscathed or will the demons of her past poison her blossoming career. I liked this book but it was a little slow to start for me It took until around chapter 11 to start picking up Please don't let that deter you from reading it It's different from your normal rock n' roll story It had mystery intrigue romance and less we not forget hot Rock Stars Once it started taking off it kept on going and didn't miss a beat and kept on going until the very last page It kept me guessing and the plot was completely different from what I was expecting which is a VERY good thing The two main females are Steph and Cheyenne they are best friends that work at a music entertainment magazine Steph is the photographer and Cheyenne is the writer They get sent on a month long excursion with the band FURY Here is what I liked about the charactersThey were complete opposites from one another but complimented each other so well They didn't tip toe around each other and I liked that They said what was on their mind and got over it That shows true friendship The men of FURY were eually different in their own right Here is where the Author's truly rocked itThey can write for a man and you picture a man actually saying what they were saying Make sense It should There is nothing worse then reading a book and you can no way shape or form see a guy saying something and it almost sounds feminine or it can be the opposite and it's too domineering So not the case They did a spectacular job of writing for the men Scot was by far my favorite of the FURY He was sincere and grabbed me from page 1 Sometimes the characters are too cocky and too sure of themselves That was definitely not Scot Nathan took the cake with the cockiness I wished there had been a few scenes between Scot and Cheyenne though Phillip and Steph were the antagonistic couple that irritated each other from first sight We know where antagonism almost always leads to though right Sparks fly babyOverall I truly enjoyed it The mystery was great and I liked the well thought out plot It was well thought out thoroughly Definitely a book worth reading Would love to see Nathan find a woman that knocks him on his ass and sends him down a peg or two Book 2 of the Fury men Hopefully

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For years Cheyenne Carson clawed her Sound Wave ePUB #9734 way up from her meager upbringing and strove to distance Fury The PDFEPUB or herself from the skeletons of her past Finally success is within her grasp A journalist for the The Sound Wave P. DNF 55% I was very excited to start this one because it's a book about ROCKSTARS BUT what a major letdown this book wasSo the first line goes like this Lightening blazed across the panoramic view of Lake Michigan as Cheyenne logged off of her laptop See the first word is already a typo but I kept on reading telling myself it doesn't matter and maybe the story will make up for it Well it didn't work for me