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Given the choice between Love and Duty which does one sacrifice for the otherWhen a former lover with a score to settle nearly brings Blade Devon’s charmed life to an end he seeks refuge and some time to lick his wounds with an old friendleaving the woman he loves behindBo Barron is no frail flower despite her masuerade as Blade’s Joy Babe. Wow Did not see that coming At first I thought I was getting a mushy romance I was pleasantly surprised to find myself knee deep in political intrigue and mystery There were pars where I laughed so hard I had snot flying out my ears The author skillfully wove humor throughout the book at just the right times I love the character of Tahar the wise old shaman who works with Blade the hero With a twinkle in his eye he takes Blade under his wing and teaches him To what end the author is taking this I can't wait to seeIf Sovran's Pawn was good Hero's End is awesome I can't wait for the next installment in the Black Wing Chronicles

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Heros End The Black Wing Chronicles #2Und To make matters worse the First Sector Overlord orders Blade’s holofeature career over and Bo out of his life for goodSurrounded by betrayal Bo and Blade turn to each otherbut the secrets he protects threaten to tear them apartOne way or another returning Bo’s father to his rightful place and following their hearts will mean HERO’S END. A tremendous second installment in the continuing adventures of Bo and Bladeenjoyed every minute of it The romantic aspects of this novel were a bit prevalent in my opinion than in the first but overall it didn't detract from the story itself And of course as always I'm looking forward to reading the next novel in the seriesespecially given the various open threads at the end of this one

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Read Ê Heros End (The Black Wing Chronicles, #2) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❰Read❯ ➵ Heros End (The Black Wing Chronicles, #2) Author J.C. Cassels – Given the choice between Love and Duty which does one sacrifice for tMistress She straps on her sidearm and goes off alone to track her missing father kicking off a search that stretches across the galaxy – from the lair of the gruesome Rex a clone with a taste for sentient biomatter to Rogue’s Cross the most dangerous space station in the outer CommonwealthSomeone close to her doesn’t want Bo’s father fo. Excellent series so far loved both books An action packed series full of wonderful characters romance betrayal and intrigue I do hope that this series doesn't finish with Blade and Bo's story some of the secondary characters are proving memorableIt's left me with a lot of uestions and I'm going crazy trying to guess what happens next but with all the twist and turns in this series I bet it's something I wont see coming lolNow please can I have book 3 as soon as possible I need to know what happens next