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Damned The Pirate SeriesIrate ship will she handle the violence and mystery surrounding the world he lives in The constant battles The search for treasures The secret surrounding the crew Will they find love Will she crack the brick wall that is Jax's hea. Hi my names sali i am now a pirate book aholic Ok I picked up this pirate series for a uick bit of downtime reading I between beta reads guess what happenedI COULD NOT PUT THE FREAKIN BOOKS DOWN HOLYFREAKINSHITBALLS batman Talk about going into book land I could escape even if I wanted toooo believe me mid way thru book 2 I wanted too See here's the weirdcool thingThese books weren't flawless they were written with AUSSIE slag which I LUV bcoz I'm an AUSSIE but where set in America this totally worked tho bcoz the AUSSIE slag TOTALLY FIT THE PIRATES I was obsessed with the characters even tho they both ANNOYED THE SHIT OUT OF ME sometimes lol Ohhhh I wanted to poke both the hero heroine in the eye with a fork a few times Their reactions to things were totally irrational at timesbut that just made me EVEN MORE OBSESSED I am now totally addicted to hit pirates thanks a lot Bec Now I have to go I have to google hot pirate erotic books Feel free to help me out peeps post me recommendation for books that have sexy pirates hot pirate sex in them lolI also have to go 1 click the ready of Becs book Do bye for now ; big wave

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Ged and determined never to fall in love He is a playboy not a lover So when Jade tugs at his heart strings he has only one option Run When Jade meets up with Jax a few years later and takes Damned The PDFEPUB or up a life on his p. When I first started this book this is what I was expecting to imagine I mean give me some credit what's the first thing anybody in this time thinks of when they think of pirates Yes Jack Sparrow is hunky in his own uirky way but take it from me for everything it's worth JAX WATTS IS NO JACK SPARROWI imagine he looks a little like image error

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review ¶ Damned The Pirate Series 104 ✓ [BOOKS] ✴ Damned The Pirate Series ✻ Bec Botefuhr – Jade is a princess raised in a life of royalty She is being forced to marry someone she hates and is sheltered due to a gift she has had since she was born She is a healer Jax is a pirate; he runs a b Jade is a pJade is a princess raised in a life of royalty She is being forced to marry someone she hates and is sheltered due to a gift she has had since she was born She is a healer Jax is a pirate he runs a bar next door He is gorgeous rug. Curse me Many golden stars worth of love for this book Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me Here is my rugged piratemmm I've found my new obsession Move along Vampires nice try kinky Billionaires step aside Rock Starsgive me my damn PIRATEWOW this book was totally off the wall I've never read anything like it Pirates curses treasures ships immortality unwordly powers and Greek gods All in today's times not written in the 1800's Like Jack Sparrow but totally badass and X rated I have to shamefully admit The first part of the book had me a bit worried So much happened in the first few chapters I wasnt sure how the rest of the book would play out Luckily I was NOT disappointed I just loved this book and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next two books It did jump around a bit some parts were fast paced but it never gets boringI don't have a lot to say about Jade The book wasnt meant for you to fall in love with her so she was just ok for me Her healing powers were neat she fought a good fight but she was stubborn and pissed me off every time she pushed Jax away or doubted himBut Jax OMG he was BADASS and stole my heartthen broke it into tiny little pieces than once A ruthless Pirate with a curse He warned her from the start Don't fall in love with me but she didnt listen and neither did I Powerful charming strong relentless and God Almighty he knew how to fuck He's my new book boyfriend