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The brink of raising its first round of fundingHarsh Snehanshu bestselling author of Oops I fell Because Shit PDF or in love gives you an insider’s peek into the big bad entrepreneurial world of fame. The story starts off with a promise but is soon diluted by the technical aspects often unneeded and coupled with the rambling plot you just wait for these meandering rivers to reach its ocean if any because you somehow managed 300 and so pages of this tome The author's all pervasive cocky misogynist attitude serves to further push this book into its uicksand Read this if only for the uotes which are genuinely witty but sprinkled few and far between and a veritably ingenious idea which tragically met its grave too soon

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Because Shit HappenedBetrayal lust for power greed and unethical business practices Based on the real life story of the start up that the author co founded in Because Shit Happened will tell you what NOT to do in a start. I won't recommend this book to anyone esp not to entrepreneurs This book was nothing but a series of non interesting twisted love stories and love triangles After few chapters this book seems like a drag

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FREE READ Because Shit Happened ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF â ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Because Shit Happened ✈ Author Harsh Snehanshu – On a fateful winter day Amol Sabharwal co founder of one of the most ambitious startup ventures in the country youruotein decides to uit What mOn a fateful winter day Amol Sabharwal co founder of one of the most ambitious startup ventures in the country youruotein decides to uit What makes Amol uit his own business venture just when it is on. I bought this book since there was a lot of hype about itand also because I got it at a 50% discount was ordering another book and got free shipping if I added this tooThe writing style boring and mundane Reading every page was a choreMaybe my expectations were too high but the book definitely didn't live up to the hype I marked the major pages where I thought I'd criticize the book on but there's so many that I'm not even going to get startedThis book DOES paint a somewhat realistic picture on the difficulties faced by a new entrepreneur but it's nowhere near an exhaustive listNeither does this book tell you what not to do in a startup since most of the mistakes the character makes weren't mistakes at all A uick google search will help a lot with that aspectIt hits the nail on the head where it implies that good developers are the hardest to find for any startup Most good developers in that age group would work for themselves or freelance not work for a startup for freeWho should get this book1 College students considering starting a startup Don't consider this book a bible though you'll need to do a lot research Consider this the Extra Reading Material not Reference BooksThough you'd be much better off reading a book which teaches you a skill that'll actually be helpful if you're serious about the venture2 Someone who has no experience working for himself including salaried employees and is considering starting a internet startup3 Someone looking for a mindless read about teenagers with typical teenager problems4 Finds ironical book names funnyI fit none of the above criteria If you do however go pick up a copy