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Missionaries This is a world in which the everyday is infused with folklore and a deep belief in the supernatural Here a girl dreams of being a firebird An artist watches souls turn into trees A man shape shifts in. Janice Pariat's first collection of short stories Boats on Land is one of the best books that I've read this year The 15 stories which comprise this book provide a fresh look at one of India's most beautiful landscapes Shillong A few stories are of the British era and mostly are set in post independence India I found that the stories have a poetic feel to it Some of them are drawn from the Khasi folklore some show the political upheaval that the state has gone through and some show the modern trappings of our age Though the stories are not inter related I found that the themes of longing for one's home and a sense to belong runs through the stories The only negative point I can say is that in a couple of stories the author seems to come to an ending rather uickly The poetic flow of the prose comes to an abrupt halt and you come out of that dream like state and realize that you are not really in Shillong I have a tendency to stop after every story and see how long it keeps lingering and these stories surely got stuck in my head

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Boats on LandTo a tiger Another is bewitched by water fairies Political struggles and social unrest interweave with fireside tales and age old superstitions Boats on Land uietly captures our fragile and awkward place in the wor. Highly recommended Read my full review at 's a short summary of what I thinkThere are 15 stories all of which cover the period from British colonial rule to the hartal ridden angst filled factionalism threatened today — that’s about two hundred years As we read from the first story to the last the events unfold in chronological order with different sets of protagonistsMs Pariat’s narrators many of whom are tweens or teens stand at the margins of history observing the turbulence – whether in politics society within their clan or even inside the minds of their loved ones – but they are never really in the thick of the action Still the reader leaves each story with reluctance the shared pain and empathy remain long after you have turned the pagesBoats on Land is uintessential Shillong sketched by an insider And that makes all the difference

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review Boats on Land Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ➶ [Read] ➲ Boats on Land By Janice Pariat ➾ – Boats on Land is a uniue way of looking at India’s northeast and its people against a larger historical canvas—the early days of the British Raj the World Wars conversions to Christianity and the BoBoats on Land is a uniue way of looking at India’s northeast and its people against a larger historical canvas the early days of the British Raj the World Wars conversions Boats on PDFEPUBto Christianity and the. This is a collection of 15 short stories set in and around Meghalaya I read this throughout my trip to Assam Meghalaya Arunachal and loved every bit of itJanice is a poet who writes prose beautifully The stories combine the rich culture of this part of our country with the local legends and myths to paint us a magical picture The book begins with A Waterfall for Horses a story dark and magical in eual measures Janice explores a prophecy around an old mansion in Cherrapunjee in Kut Madan 1987 is about the religious harmony of Shillong while Secret Corridors explores a budding love story in an all girl catholic schoolTo choose favourites from the list was difficult The Dream of the Golden Mahseer the story of a boy and his uncle growing up in Shillong and Laitlum a teenage love story of the elder sister from the younger one's POV were the most impressive ones closely followed by The Keeper of Souls a couple who move back to Shillong from Delhi Overall a great read