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Than she signed up for in David Ignatius’s trademark world of shifting international and domestic pressures hidden loyalties and secret agenda. This story follows Anna Barnes through her graduation from CIA training in a rundown motel room in Arlington where she'd been trained alone a class of one; to her first assignment which begins with an informer claiming to have knowledge of an assignation plot against the President of the United States and leads her from her NOC Non Official Cover post in London to Turkey and then to Rockville MD and eventually through Russia to the off limit Armenian borderland near Mt Arat; and finally her subseuent dismissalresignation from the agency This short lived career of Anna Barnes is a study in where and how the Old Gods of the CIA go wrong and whether a new cohort can be persuaded to take another path or whether they will as Anna does here emulate the old guard and burn out hard and fast In this vein the character of Anna's auntfamily friend Margaret Houghton is an effective character both being a seed in Anna's initial attraction to the agency her mysterious Aunt Margaret who worked up river and brought exotic gifts and also in a way a symbol of everything Anna's adult self entering the service doesn't want to be a woman agent Her aunt is described in these uncharitable terms Margaret was a trailblazer yes But she had worked mostly at headuarters mostly in administration When she finally made station chief it was in one of those nondescript little countries of Western Europe where the biggest threat to national security was that somebody might steal the secret recipe for making the national brand of cheese And with this characterization of Margaret Anna blows off all of her advice on the strengths of women in service and how to play into those as well as disregarding her warnings about the Old Gods and their dying empire But that is not the way the business works Not unless you're a NaziI do really love that ultimately when Anna is deep doo doo it's Aunt Margaret who saves the day And that when Anna has gone to seed back in the dead world that is academia hiding from her recent tragic experience it's Aunt Margaret who hunts her down and tries to get her to give it a go again telling her that now she'd actually make a good agent whereas before she was a disaster waiting to happen Aunt Margaret reminds me of a Medical Anthropology Professor she'd been a stand in for Margaret Mead back in the day I had as an undergraduate who lectured over at the medical school as well and had for decades One day she told our class that she'd devised a very simple solution to stop sexual harassment at the medical school The female students had learned uickly that they could confide in her when the male professors were hitting on them and she'd take their wives aside at the next cocktail party she attended and tell them The harassment would stop the very next day No need for mock or real legal proceedings in or outside of the school My younger self thought this was anti feminist somehow and terrible she should have had them take it to whatever committee dealt with that My older self thinks it's gutsy and brilliant For whatever reason I couldn't stop picturing Anna's Aunt Margaret as some sort of sister in spirit to this other woman Anna's sex life is also interesting to follow and mirrors the desires tensions and swings from one extreme to another that this character is going through in her life at large I'm not sure exactly how he does it but in this book and the others of his I've read where there are sex scenes Ignatius always manages to pull them off without irritating me no matter how far the character's actions are from what I would like to happen in my own life I'm not a total prude I think I hope but sometimes male writers description of sexuality and female sexuality in particular bugs me a lot and I feel like Yeah you can tell a man wrote this Grrr So even though I can't describe the hows or whys that make this book seems different to me I think it's worth mentioning here anyway Perhaps other female readers might feel the same way For a counter example the sex scenes in Orhan Pamuk's Snow bothered me And I thought Yes you can tell a man wrote this Grrr Having spent a fair bit of time in Turkey myself the descriptions in this book were both accurate even given the passage of time since this narrative is playing out in 1979 and not the period I'm familiar with 2005 2014examples virginity discussion locations like Topkapi Palace and Polonezkoy ring true; and enlightening the only Americans likely to be stumbling around Kadikoy on a weekday afternoon were drug dealers or spies Might be true but I had no idea This line is especially funny for me since I had a friend who used to live in this neighborhood Whoops Haha In short Ignatius knows his stuff This book is a richly written thriller with enough characters and places to hold one's interest but not so many that the narrative becomes confusing or shallow at any point The book is also so well researched that there are enticing little gems of knowledge sprinkled throughout that made me want to look up some nonfiction books after I'd finished reading it For example 1the idea that Moscow is a vast Skinner box that is rigged to condition the behavior of foreigners and Soviet citizens alike; 2 that the KGB is running the mosues; 3 the network of the Young Turks; and 4 that Byzantium is the place where spying was practically invented and that at one time half the population was employed to spy on the other half Overall a great read I highly recommend itAs far as future work of his goes I'd be really interested in seeing another novel with Margaret as a central character or someone like her Anna poor Anna not sure or not so much felt like her story had concluded though I suppose if we were to visit her 20 years later she might have by that time grappled with her big mistake and turned into another sort of interesting character with all kinds of other troubles to face so maybe

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Siro author David IgnatiMade restless by the tightening restrictions of CIA bureaucracy agent Alan Taylor oversteps moral and legal bounds in a top secret mission to de. What a terrific author I loved this book It started good and just got better better By the last third I just didn't want to put it down I thought about the story when I wasn't reading To me that's the mark of a very good book I intend to read everything Ignatius writes

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summary Siro author David Ignatius 108 å ❮EPUB❯ ✺ Siro Author David Ignatius – Made restless by the tightening restrictions of CIA bureaucracy agent Alan Taylor oversteps moral and legal bounds in a top secret mission to destabilize the Soviet Union His new recruit—the beautif Made restless by the tighteniStabilize the Soviet Union His new recruit the beautiful Anna Barnes who struggles with complex feelings for Taylor receives a deeper education. Unlike many in this genre Siro didn't buzz with action packed seuences or steam with romantic tension Instead it offered a fairly stark and measured view of the life of an intelligence operative complete with the anxieties moral ambiguity and yes even boredom that come with waiting for things to happen In short it felt much authentic than many of the books I've read Because of this it was perhaps never destined for commercial success but it was successful for me I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading other books by David Ignatius