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review Raj By Gita Mehta ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë [BOOKS] ⚦ Raj ✰ Gita Mehta – Jaya Singh is the intelligent beautiful and compassionate daughter of the Maharajah and Maharani of Balmer Raised in the thousand year old tradition of purdah a strict regime of seclusion silence andAvely fulfills her duty and soon finds herself thrust into the center of a roiling political battle in which the future of the kingdom is at stake and her own future as we. the ending felt a little rushed but overall a good book

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Ime of seclusion silence and submission Jaya is ill prepared to assume the role of Regent Maharani of Sirpur upon the death of her decadent Westernized husband But Jaya br. This book would've been better if it were 200 pages shorter Mehra does a good job describing Royal India and outlining the dissolution of both the Raj and the British rule but man does she get stuck in loops Discussing Pratap's long eyes for example what the heck are long eyes And why does she need to remind the reader of the prince's long eyes every time she mentions him Also favorites of hers glass bangles breaking that Angrez boy even when he's clearly no longer a boy and Lady Modi's darlings while she agonizes over her stupid dogsBeyond that I had a hard time liking the main character Early on the reader is sold the idea that Jaya is a strong warrior hearted woman then Jaya spends the rest of the novel letting men run all over her merely flushing with rage when they misbehave Not until the very and I do mean VERY end does she show some moxie and by then I had stopped caring

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Raj By Gita MehJaya Singh is the intelligent beautiful and compassionate daughter of the Maharajah and Maharani of Balmer Raised in the thousand year old tradition of purdah a strict reg. I'm giving it 3 stars because of the uality of writing and the immense research that went into the book It really did bring Royal and British India to life However I wish the main character had been a stronger woman Throughout the story she kept on going from one man to another for advice When there weren't any men to go to she went to her mother mother in law and even to an old female sooth sayer And when these women were unable to help her she went back to the British resident of her kingdom who she knew had spies after her and who was sending detailed reports of her liason with some freedom fighter back to Delhi When the princess was growing up the writer makes her out to be a princes who has great prospects and who will make a change A royal princess who despite being a woman would become a leader of her people or at least who had it in her to do so But as she grew up and got married she just became a woman who looked to her husband for approval Even going as far as to modify her clothes eating habits way of speaking for him When her husband dies she starts to hope that the British Resident or the Gandhian freedom fighter will be around to support her As a reader I felt the writer built up a story about a supposedly great woman and then had her fall only so that readers would think 'o what a surprise wasn't expecting that' But for me it was like ok this woman acts and thinks like an idiot why is the writer trying to make her deep and intellectual