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Ke that caused his wife and daughter to leave him condemning him to corrosive loneliness and restless angerYears later he meets a beautiful but damaged woman who promises to restore his dwindling faith in both his profession and himse. I had high hopes for this not too suspenseful novel After all I had heard great things about one of his other books Asylum and I had read a positive review of this novel The reviews referred to his unreliable narrators which really appealed to meThe narrator Charlie Weir is a psychiatrist who specializes in victims of trauma Traumas treated by him include rape war and even the trauma of killing someone accidentally with one's car Two of his notable patients include the aforementioned driver and his late brother in law who served in Vietnam and eventually killed himselfAs we learn about Charlie we discover that his childhood was not great no surprise that he is engaged in heavy duty sibling rivalry with his older brother Walt an artist also no surprise and that he's not great at relationships with women What we don't learn is what Charlie's own experience with trauma is And when we do learn about his trauma experiences we don't care Lame is a good word for what I thought of McGrath's attempt at an unreliable narrator Really lame Nonetheless I enjoyed this slim novel The psychiatrist as narrator was interesting and McGrath created a certain level of suspense which kept me reading I just wasn't impressed with the ending

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Trauma by Patrick McGraLf But as he realizes that she has become of a patient than a lover events conspire to send him reeling toward the abyss Addictive and enthralling Trauma is Patrick McGrath's most riveting work to date From the Trade Paperback edition. The story of a psychiatrist with plenty of psychiatric problems of his own here McGrath once again delves into uestions of pathology and all the dark little crunchy bits at the back of a person's head Told from the perspective of the main character it is a record of the events following the death of his mother which leads to him reconnecting with his ex wife now re married dating a woman who ought to be a patient and dealing with his free spirited artist brother His specialty is trauma recovery though it becomes apparent that he is the one who needs to face his past The tale is spun brilliantly reminding me a bit of Benjamin Black's Christine Falls a sort of mystery without action The psychiatrist simply through relationships and the changes in those dynamics uncovers the truth about the events of his childhood and realizes how they defined his entire life McGrath does a great job of getting all of the twisted ugly potential that love and relationships offer into his prose likely made easier by the fact that his main character has been trained to recognize these pathologies and patterns The only problem I really had with this book was that the pacing was a bit odd It skips back and forth between the present and past and the developmentrevelation comes rather uickly and all at the end I suppose this mirrors how memory works but it felt a bit strange at times while reading it Overall though highly recommended

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Trauma by Patrick McGrath Read ↠ 100 ¹ [PDF] ❤ Trauma By Patrick McGrath – Charlie Weir is a man who tackles other people's demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New YorkYet he hasn't found a way of resolving his own confl Charlie Weir is a man who tackles otCharlie Weir is a man who tackles other people's demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New YorkYet he hasn't found a way of resolving his own conflicts particularly the fatal mista. i was hesitant to read this because it got the worst reviews ever but no one can keep me from patrick mcgrath not even the new york times book review that being said it is way better than the press for it and a lot better than port mungo it doesn't have the same depth as the grotesue or spider but its still a great dark tale from one of my favorite storytellers so in this review i will simply mention other books by the author and hope that this is somehow helpful be helped