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Dream Angus The Celtic God of DreamsTic deities and one of the most cherished to this day Like an even handsome combination of Apollo and Eros he is the god of love youth and beauty Just the sight of him has made people fall in love and he has the Angus The Celtic eBook #8608 power to reveal a person’s true love in a dream if asked politely Alexander McCall Smith has turned his renowned storytelling talents to c. AMS is a prolific writerbut I hadn’t read anything by him before as the books had never appealedI have not changed my mind after reading thisA short thankfully book about a Scottish mythological creature interspersed with modern day talesall a bit pointless and sorry to sayboring

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Dream Angus The Celtic God of Dreams Summary ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ë ✓ Dream Angus The Celtic God of Dreams pdf ✪ Author Alexander McCall Smith – Gym-apparel.co.uk “Elegant Spare polished Smith fluidly weaves in contemporary vignettes” — Publishers WeeklyThe latest addition to Rafting irresistible stories from this ancient myth Five exuisite contemporary fables of love lost and found unfold alongside Angus’s search for the beautiful Angus The Celtic God of PDFEPUBCaer the swan maiden he met in his dreams McCall Smith unites reality and dreams today and the ancient past mesmerizingly leaving the reader to wonder what is life but the pursuit of dreams. you may sleep nowFor Dream Angus leaps light across the heatherAnd the name upon his lips is your nameAnd the gifts that he bears are gifts for you Page 173 Dream Angus by Alexander McCall SmithI found this book completely by random in the bargain section of the local Barnes Noble I wasn't even really looking in the bargain section but this book caught my eye for some reason as we were walking by I found myself picking it up to see what it was And then I found myself buying it because it sounded interesting and for five bucks why notThis book is lovely It's a light read at only 173 pages and it's uite well written The style of it is similar to that traditional kind of myth telling voice with lots of long sentences and vague but enchanting descriptions That style can very easily get on my nerves and often deters me from reading books that are straight up pure folklore but it works for me here As the blurb o' the flap indicates this isn't a simple retelling of the mythical life of Angus though part of it is that Kind of interwoven into his story are the stories of people all over the world and in Scotland who live in non specific but modern time periods Their stories are of varying lengths and complexity but most of them involve something about dreams These stories are the story of a honeymooning couple a story about two young brothers a story about a boy who learns who his real father is a story of a man who tends to the animals at a research center and the story of a woman who leaves her cheating husband The only one of these that I didn't really care for is the story about the boy learning about his real father and my uibble with it is that there is nothing about dreams in it My favorite of these stories is the one about the animal keeper at the research center in the chapter called Is there a place for pigs there It's a sad hopeful story and I think I loved it most for the whimsical descriptions of the pigs which I have to share here as representative of why I really loved the writing Pig Nineteen looked out at a world which she divided into edible and non edible The non edible was of no interest to her but she engaged with the edible passionately sniffing it out with her moist mucus encrusted nose scrabbling for it with her cloven feet and gobbling it down with a grunting that could have been triumph contentment or sorrow at the realisation that food was finite Page 103 Dream Angus by Alexander McCall SmithThe little modern stories instead of seeming out of place with the main story of Angus's life actually complement it really well The transition from the myth of Angus into the story of these modern people is never jarring and I think I wouldn't have liked this book nearly so much if it had just been the story of Angus's life or if it had just been those five stories of the modern world They go together and make this what it is I've never read anything by Alexander McCall Smith but if the rest of his stuff is as good as this he might be well worth seeking out I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys a touch of myth to their fiction I'm glad I bought it as well as I think it'll be one of those I'll go back to and read again And now I'll leave you with one of my absolute favorite bits from Dream Angus because even though it's a sad part of a bittersweet story it made me smile to think that pigs are so innocent and thoughtful Pig Twenty sat down and looked at the sky as if puzzled floored by its sheer immensity He might have thought if he thought at all is there a place for pigs there Is that for pigs Page 125 6 Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith

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The Celtic PDFEPUB #194 “Elegant Spare polished Smith fluidly weaves in contemporary vignettes” Publishers WeeklyThe latest addition to the Myths series from Canongate now available in paperback is a beguiling tale from the beloved author of the best selling No Ladies’ Detective Agency Angus is one Angus The Celtic God of PDFEPUBof Dream Angus PDFEPUB or the earliest Cel. I love the Canongate Myth series but finding one that was written by the gent behind the Number One Ladies Detective Agency had me doubting the uality a little and the curation of the series as a whole Margaret Atwood yes Jeanette Winterton definitely AS Byatt sure This guy HmmI was wrong There's a little bit of magic in these pages So much so that I read the just shy of 200 pages in a couple of hours this evening I never do that Ever Alexander McCall Smith has hit an almost perfect balance between myth and story craft He writes of Celtic gods and folk tales with a curious mix of Tolkienesue grandeur and child like cadence that felt a bit like a fireside story Something you might read to a child in winter time with a mug of tea in your hand and a cable knit sweater onThere are sections of rewritten myth and there are modern short stories that feel like reflections on the timelessness of mythic issues of love and of loss The Celtic myth sections that talk of ancient gods and river spirits are genuinely wonderful and the short story interludes are engrossing if not uite worth the price of admission by themselves A chapter that appeared to mix Flowers for Algernon with Animal Farm had me particularly stumped until the last couple of pages where I picked up on the fact that it was about unexpected love not a sci fi rendition of Babe Pig in the CityOverall this is a four from me I loved the myth I loved a particular uote in the introduction of all things words have power after all myth is a cloud based upon a shadow based the movement of the breeze There's something deeply profound about that it worked for me