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Download Naked Once More Jacueline Kirby #4 Epub Í 360 pages ò Gymapparel Û ➳ [Reading] ➶ Naked Once More Jacueline Kirby #4 By Elizabeth Peters ➩ – She may be a bestselling author but ex librarian Jacueline Kirby's views on the publishing biz aren't fNe's sanityuntil she starts digging through the missing woman's papers and her past Until she gets mixed up with Kathleen's enigmatic lover Until a series of nasty accidents convince her much too late that someone wants to bring Jacueline's story and her life to a premature en MPM is one of my take to a desert island authors whether she’s writing as Elizabeth Peters or Barbara Michaels Her books never fail to entertain and intrigue Naked Once More is one of the best as is evidenced by it’s winning the Agatha Award in 1989 It comes as close to pure mystery as anything she writes and it’s wildly entertainingJacueline Kirby is in her fourth outing in this book She’s become a famous writer of romance novels which she feels are complete rubbish but pay the bills She’s flamboyant extravagant stubborn and has a great sense of humor In Naked Once More her manager takes her to lunch to tell her that he is retiring and also that a seuel is being planned to one of the most famous books published in recent history It was a book called Naked in the Ice and the author Kathleen Darcy disappeared mysteriously 7 years ago The courts have finally declared her dead and her family is looking for someone to write the seuel It’s all about moneyThough there are a number of authors vying for the job Jacuelyn does get it and moves to the small town where Darcy lived and where her family still lives Mysterious events begin which make her and the readers realize that all is not as it seems A lot of time is spent dealing with the difficulties of being an author and the oddities of the publishing industry I did wonder if the issues surrounding the problems of writers were autobiographical That writers are compelled to write no matter what the circumstances certainly is a theme of this bookThrough the entire book homage is paid to many other mystery writers That’s always fun to see It has great pacing the story keeps moving forward and you are drawn along through the mystery with never a dull moment The characters are interesting and distinctive Her descriptions bring everything to life There is a feel to an MPM novel that is distinctive and you would know you were reading one even if you didn’t see the name on the cover Elizabeth Peters just knows how to make a book fun to read I received this copy through Netgalley and I appreciated the opportunity to give it an honest review

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Could ever make her stay Naked in the IceSeven years ago this blockbuster skyrocketed Kathleen Darcy to instant fame Now the author's heirs are looking for a writer to pen the seuel It's an opportunity no novelist in her right mind would pass up and there's no doubting Jacueli At one time I really enjoyed Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series featuring the spirited adventurous Amelia and as the series continued her expanding family The series is light and funny an Egyptologist's cozyWhen Naked Once More was offered by NetGalley featuring Jaueline Kirby a former librarian turned Romance Writer I decided to give it a try I'm so glad I did I found this novel much textured than the Peabody series Not simply a different sub genre but a novel with less black and white and many shades of greyJacueline Kirby has been chosen to write the seuel to a book by Kathleen Darcy who wrote Naked on the Ice a book that sold millions and gained her many devoted fans among both readers and writers Thus the title Naked Once More The book has become a cult classic Fervent fans were devastated when Kathleen disappeared into the Appalachian wilderness and her body never recoveredWhat happened to Kathleen? Did she commit suicide and if so why? The uestions again surface when after seven years Darcy is declared legally dead and the publishing world is able to pursue a seuelI really liked Jacueline Kirby an audacious character who also has an instinctive insight and I liked her even better as the novel advanced Kirby is a performer a wit an egotist but one who understands herself and her own flaws Not that she doesn't justify her flaws or dismiss them as suits herAs Jacueline call her Jacueline Jake or Kirby never Jackie was a staunch fan of Kathleen Darcy's work she is already deeply familiar with the novel and many details of Kathleen's life but her research takes her much deeper And makes her and curiousI found the novel involving amusing and highly entertaining Barbara Mertz writes nonfiction under her own name and mysteries under the pseudonyms of Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels The novel was originally published in 1990 but doesn't feel datedNetGalleyGrand Central PublishingMystery 1990; 2013 Print version 368 pagesISBN 10 0061999407

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Naked Once More Jacueline Kirby #4She may be a bestselling author but ex librarian Jacueline Kirby's views on the publishing biz aren't fit to print In fact she's thinking of trading celebrity for serenity and a house far away from fiendish editors and demented fans when her agent whispers the only words that October 2018 This time on audio my new favorite of the Jacueline Kirby mysteries because of all the publishersauthors fun that Peters put in and her capitulation to her desire to depict Jacueline Kirby as a sassier alter ego for herself There are some dropped threads here and the solution is not entirely fair but JK is much kinder than she has been in previous books so I liked it better Read by Grace Conlin on Hoopla audio accessed through my public library2013 Jacueline Kirby has become a best selling author and she hopes to write a seuel to a missing author's big hit This is very funny although not as entertaining as Die for LoveI am trying to decide if the reason I like JK least of Elizabeth Peters's series heroines is that Jake is so self assured as to be annoying to me I suspect anyone who is so sure of herself to be a bully which may not be fair or because the characterization is so much thinner than in the Amelia books I liked JK better as a librarian than as an authorMissing Elizabeth Peters already Also worth noting JK does the Kindly Brontosaurus so recently promoted in Slate Naturally it gets her what she wants Kirby always wins