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On a remote icy planet the soldier known as Bre is drawing closer to completing her uestOnce she was the Justice of Toren a colossal sta. Ann Leckie's series drops us right into a universe both familiar and terrifyingly different It may take you a while to understand what is going on because many of your assumptions about point of view will be stripped away This is because the main character Bre is an ancillary a human body that has been 'slaved' to the artificial intelligence of a giant spaceship in this case Justice of Torren In the empire called the Radch each spaceship is sentient crewed by legions of ancillaries who are all connected to the same central mind Because of this Bre can be in a thousand places at once watching events unfold all across the surface of a planet wherever her soldiers are stationed or on the ship orbiting aboveWhere do ancillaries come from The Radch is a military empire It exists by annexing other star systems and enslaving huge swaths of the native population putting them in cryogenic storage until those bodies are needed their old minds wiped away and reprogrammed as part of a ship's AI If that sounds horrifying it is but Bre knows no other life until a terrible event separates her from her mothership which is destroyed in hyperspace leaving Bre alone the last remnant of Justice of Torren An ancillary is not considered to be human but now Bre must find her way through space hiding and pretending until she can find a way to discover the truth about how her ship was destroyed and take revenge on the person she blames who happens to be the leader of the empireThere are three books in the Radch series and I read them all one after the other Once you are sucked into this world you don't want to leave Another really cool thing about the world which Leckie creates the Radch do not pay attention to gender Gender exists but their language does not even include words for 'he' or 'she' Because of this all characters are labeled 'she' and you can't really be sure nor does it really matter what gender they are Bre struggles whenever she is in another non Radch culture since she has to look for subtle clues and remember not to insult males by calling them female and vice versa I just loved this I found the second two books a bit slow moving than the first but that was okay By that time the story was a drama I cared about and the Radch are all about taking time observing propriety and having tea You have to accept them on their own terms at their own pace If you are looking for a brave and terrifying new world to immerse yourself in definitely give this series a go

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Ancillary JusticeN act of treachery has ripped it all away leaving her with one fragile human body unanswered uestions and a burning desire for vengeance. Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE a list Everyone is she not everyone is actually she The protagonist is a SPACESHIP There is a scene where a space station is mad at the protagonist and the space station throws a tantrum and a spaceship who likes the protagonist is like “omg space station is such a jerk” and it is super cute omg A spaceship with FEELINGS People are hostile and angry at each other but then they become friends and then they are super LOYAL AND DEVOTED The spaceships are basically like dragons in Pern only they are spaceships Protagonist is one of those super stoic characters who have a lot of feelings but refuse to admit it I love that kind of character Semi soul bonded spaceships It’s about an evil empire that’s trying to stop being uite so evil it is told from the POV of someone from the evil empire but you get a lot about the perspectives of the people and places that have been invaded and colonised by the evil empire The different cultures in the book are well fleshed out and feel like different cultures I particularly liked the evil empire religion though I didn’t get the sartorial conventions gloves It is structured so that alternating chapters recount two storylines — one about a mystery that happened in the past and one about the mystery of what is happening in the future — and I like stories that have a mystery at each end of the stick STOIC SPACESHIPS WHO SING SONGS

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summary Ancillary Justice ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¹ ➷ [Reading] ➹ Ancillary Justice By Ann Leckie ➬ – On a remote icy planet the soldier known as Bre is drawing closer to completing her uestOnce she was the Justice of Toren a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence liRship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of soldiers in the service of the Radch the empire that conuered the galaxyNow a. This really seems to be a case of a bandwagon gone insane I was looking forward to this book after seeing very high recommendations from a lot of high profile people Veronica Belmont John Scalzi I think Felicia Day NPR books I know I am forgetting and nearly every review here is five stars How could I not love this one Well recently I have discovered that I am really not fitting in with the mainstream I have had terrible luck lately with ridiculously popular books and Ancillary Justice is no exception I was excited to see Ann's treatment of gender due to the now famous use of she as the default pronoun in the book Unfortunately it doesn't work at all What could have been a very interesting take on gender became a gimmick that just didn't fit She in this case comes across as a mistranslation It is a word that in English is very closely associated with the feminine There are a few exceptions like boats guns or cars where people will refer to the genderless object as a she If translating from a language or culture that doesn't recognize a difference between masculine and feminine one would definitely not choose she Sure it doesn't make for such clever marketing However before I get drowned out by cries of misogynist one would not use he either We already have a word for the neutral gender it If that seems too impersonal one could refer to the person throughout the book It doesn't flow very well and definitely doesn't hold any gimmick value so it is a lame choice but it would still make senseNow aside from the gender issue the book was a muddled mess Ann apparently had terrible difficulty with descriptions using angry or anger just about a hundred times by my count She used the word gesture a hundred times as well There were gestures for everything polite gestures gestures of ambiguity whatever they would be apologetic gestures negating gestures gestures of ambiguity abortive gestures gestures showing a lack of concern or helplessness It really came across as what it was an author's first time at bat The story seems to have been thrown together by the writer making angry gestures while holding a pen Characters would be walking along talking and then falling suddenly Ok so you needed to get the story going but just a sudden fall down hundreds of meters Maybe my copy was missing a few pages The story focused on local regional and galacticuniversal politics If that is your bag give it a shot In my mind though it read like Tom Cruise's movie Mission Impossible convoluted story lines going everywhere but nowhere at the same time characters that were undeveloped to the point where I was indifferent to their fates and actions and a stupid plan that was the foundation of the whole plotStupid plan That isn't nice Honestly the whole idea of the book is that a guy has a terrible plan Somebody wants to steal a gun and kill thousands of bad guys yet she see what I did there Gimmick knows she may only successfully kill a small handful To make it worse there are mind reading ships that can tell if you are stressed or sweating which just may be significant if your goal is the assassination of one thousand clones of the galactic empire's supreme leader Conveniently though these clones all seem to hang around common ships and hang onto the outside of escaping ships trying to shoot their way in Lazy Wow This is the last Ann Leckie book I am going to waste my time on Sorry Ann I don't mean to hurt your feelings but I am sure that my review certainly won't sink your next book or movie deal I have written low star reviews of popular books before and have received angry messages from fanboys intending to intimidate me into giving stars really so I feel it necessary to provide this explanation of what a book review site is it is a collection of different opinions If you don't like somebody's opinion of your favorite book sending messages to that person to give a better review completely reduces the value of the review site as a whole If every offended person here got everybody else to give a book give stars every book would have five stars How does that help you find your next book to read Instead there are a billion five star reviews for Ancillary Justice and a few low ones If you agree with the tastes of the low star reviewers maybe the book isn't for you If you want to play the numbers game read the book you will probably love it