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characters The Second Chance Dog

characters The Second Chance Dog 107 ✓ ➽ [Download] ✤ The Second Chance Dog By Jon Katz ➲ – From New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz comes a wise uplifting and poignant memoir of finding love against all odds and the power of second chances for both people and dogs I had no idea that From New York TimTer struggling to find his purpose He felt a connection with her immediately but a formidable obstacle stood in the way Maria’s dog FriedaA rottweiler shepherd mix who had been abandoned by her previous owner in the Adirondacks where she lived in the wild for several years Frieda was ferociously protective and barely tamed She roared and charged at almost anyone who came near But to Maria Frieda was sweet and loyal her beloved guard dog and devoted friend And so Jon uickly realized that to win over Maria he’d have to gain Frieda’s affection as wellWhile he and Maria grew closer. I would give this book a 35 I have read several books by Jon Katz The Second Chance DogA Love Story Is about Frieda the dog pictured on the cover Jon met Frieda the same time he met her owner Maria Frieda had been rescued from the animal shelter where she had been for a year Frieda and Maria bonded but Frieda wanted nothing to do with any other person or animal This story could have ended here but Jon was smitten by Maria Both were and the end of their marriages and unhappy Soon both went through divorces Jon wanted Maria to be part of his life and Frieda was part of the package most of the book writes about Jon getting closer to Maria and finding a way to get close to Frieda not an easy task frieda had been hurt and betrayed in her past and is distrustful of everyone but maria the second chance dog is about second chances for dogs and people will jon succeed in winning over Frieda will Jon and Maria have second chances with each other this is a pretty nice read Jon Katz is always very honest about his love for animals and about the obstacles he has faced with depression and starting over I liked this book for the most part but i liked a couple of his books a bit better This one is pretty good as well I just wished he had stuck to writing about the animals the main reason I read his books

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From New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz comes a wise uplifting and poignant memoir of finding love against all odds and the power of second chances for both people and dogs I had no idea that Frieda The Second PDFEPUB or would enter my life and alter it in the most profound way but that’s one of the beautiful things about animals They change you and you almost never see it comingIn a few years after purchasing Bedlam Farm in upstate New York Jon Katz met Maria Wulf a uiet sensitive artist hoping to rekindle her creative spark Jon like her was introspective yet restless a wri. Jon Katz should stick to writing about dogs I liked thoise parts of this book that were about the dog but the parts about HIM and his nutty girlfriend now wife Maria were boring and annoying Really Jon you would divorce your wife of 35 years for this nut with a vicious dog At least that is the way he portrayed this woman I thought she was borderline autistic from his descriptions of her I'm married to an artist so I know they can be a little whacked but really Maria was beyond whacky A uilt maker who makes uilts from old scraps of material but she hasn't done anything with her art for 10 yearsbecause Well because she thinks people won't think it's good And she doesn't really like to show her art to people But of course a true artist is not going to much care what anyone else thinks of her work A true artist is compelled to make art God what a couple of whiners Even the dog Frieda Maria named her after Frida Kahlo So am I the only one who wonders why she spelled it Frieda not Frida A tiny nit picky point admittedly but still why Yep Jonny boy stick to writing about dogs I don't care about your personal life At all

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The Second Chance DogJon was having a tougher time charming Frieda to his side Even after many days spent on Bedlam Farm Frieda still lunged at the other animals ran off into the woods and would not let Jon come near her even to hook on her leash Yet armed with a singular determination unlimited patience and five hundred dollars’ worth of beef jerky Jon refused to give up on Frieda or on his chance with MariaWritten with stunning emotional clarity and full of warm yet practical wisdom The Second Chance Dog is a testament to how animals can make us better people and how it’s never too late to find love. It illustrates the problem of rescuing a dog physically but not mentally and I wish the author had said about how giving the dog a home isn't enough if you don't make it comfortable in the world that is my main problem with the bookAlmost two thirds of the book is devoted to the author and his relationship with the owner of the dog FriedaI liked the parts and musings about the dogs and the relationship between the people and dogs in the book I was not particularly interested in long musings about how being an artist means that you cannot pay your bills I was rather annoyed at both of the main human characters one being manipulative and the other mistaking solitude for independence I probably would have liked the book of the humans got their shit together during the book but no some minor changes in habits but little real behavioural changes Almost the opposite of the dog story Showing how it can be easier to rescue a dog than to rescue yourself and other people