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Free download ¶ The Lessons of History Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è ➻ [Download] ➸ The Lessons of History By Will Durant ➺ – In this illuminating and thoughtful book Will and Ariel Durant have succeeded in distilling for the reader the accumulated store of knowledgeLlies and crimes but also an encouraging remembrance of generative souls a spacious country of the mind wherein a thousand saints statesman inventors scientists poets artists musicians lovers and philosophers still live and speak teach and carve and singDesigned to accompany the ten volume set of The Story of Civilization The Lessons of History is in its own right a profound and original work of history and philosoph. A CuriosityI liked it not because I agreed with it but becauseit is such a rarity and an oddityHow often are historians brave enough or rash enough to take on the jobchallenge of offering a survey of human experienceas Will and Ariel Durant say in their prefaceEven if you disagree with or uery their views it makes you wonder what you yourself believe and think and whether you can justify it with facts and figuresYou may not agree with much of this book or then you mayBut you will be stimulated by and alerted to everything it says because of the aims the authors have set themselvesMy copy is scrawled with notes and underlinings exclamation marks and mini essays I am as curious to reread it for these as I am for the printed text How much have I changed

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With the completion of their life's work they look back and ask what history has to say about the nature the conduct and the prospects of man seeking in the great lives the great ideas the great events of the past for the meaning of man's long journey through war conuest and creation and for the great themes that can help us to understand our own eraTo the Durants history is not merely a warning reminder of man's fo. The audio version is delightful It enhances the original text with interviews that are relevant to each section The intimacy between Will and Ariel is a treat Their playful arm wrestling over ideas and concepts makes for a better interview Sure their world view is olderalthough he was a radical of his time But even for the faults it's a delight to linger in his mind And an honor to be in the presence of Ariel's spirit

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The Lessons of HistoryIn this illuminating and thoughtful book Will and Ariel Durant have succeeded in distilling for the reader the accumulated store of knowledge and experience from their four decades of work on the ten monumental volumes of The Story of Civilization The result is a survey of human history full of dazzling insights into the nature of human experience the evolution of civilization The Lessons MOBI #204 the culture of man. I inherited much of my father’s library many years ago including the entire eleven volume Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant Included in the set was the single slim volume they wrote afterward by way of an introduction The Lessons of History Over the years I have freuently dipped into individual volumes of the main text for research but I never read any entire volume until my wife came bouncing into my office one evening and thrust The Lessons of History under my nose and said “Read this chapter” I read it and immediately wondered why the hell I hadn’t read the whole thing long ago I have now rectified that Not the whole eleven volume set but I have read that one volume introduction and I was blown away by itThe Lessons of History is intended to be both an introduction and a survey of human history as a product of the human experience of man’s essential evolutionary nature The Durant’s do not judge; they do not say this system is better than that or peace is better than war They do not even bang the drum of George Santayana’s often misuoted maxim “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” What they do stress is that man will in fact continuously repeat the past because he cannot help himself Man has evolved to be a particular organism with particular needs and desires and drives and responses and those are the things that influence his behavior over and over again throughout the millennia It will be many a long day before the lion evolves into a critter capable of lying down with the lamb and it will be just as long before man evolves into a critter not driven by “acuisitiveness pugnacity and pride”So what The Story of Civilization chronicles and The Lessons of History summarizes is the seuence of patterns of behavior that have been repeated continuously since the first known civilizations with “civilization” being defined as a social order that promotes cultural creation But it is the laws of evolution that limit civilization so that man’s natural instincts of competition for food mates power selection some men will always have better competitive skills than others and so there will always be ineuality and reproduction influenced obviously by competition and selection will always be the limiting factors that cause a civilization to rise and fall And the rise and fall of civilizations—all civilizations that have been or are yet to come—is a given None will last forever and the speed with which they appear and vanish can depend on a variety of factors geological climatological biological or even political Do you doubt that last one Consider Communism Primitive communism meaning a society based on communal sharing actually worked in huntergatherer societies that were constantly on the move pursuing game but those are precisely the societies that have neither the leisure nor the wherewithal to pursue the cultural creation that defines a civilization The moment a society depends on continuous labor to feed itself with provision for the future as in agriculture for example as opposed to hunting and gathering selection comes into play along with its concomitant concept of private property this patch of earth is fertile and productive than that patch with some men being successful than others and communism ceases to be an effective tool for societal survival After all if everything is going to be shared eually I might as well just kick back here a take nap and let you do the heavy liftingCompetition between individuals means I run faster fight harder or outwit you In a society that translates into war and since man is what he is wars will continue as long as man exists To uote the Durants writing in 1968 “In the last 3421 years of recorded history only 268 have seen no war” The only silver lining in that dark cloud is that war does stimulate the tool using animal’s creative impulses and occasionally those instruments designed for destruction are converted to creative and beneficial uses Reproduction among individuals means well I hardly think we need go there but in a society it means pretty much that he who has the most children wins which goes a long way to explaining why there are currently 7132780410 people on earth and that number will be over 7132800000 before I finish this reviewBut it was the repetitive evolution of different political structures that really caught my eye The Durants used China under Wang An shih 1068 85 AD as an example of the failure of socialism Wang An shih decided the state should own and control everything commerce industry agriculture and “succor the working classes by preventing them from being ground into the dust by the rich” For a while everything was hunky dory with great feats of engineering pensions for the elderly and unemployed an overhaul of the educational system governmental boards in every district to administer every damn thing in the world Sounds a little like America today doesn’t it But it fell apart the Durants cite as reasons high taxes an enormous army and bureaucratic corruption also much like America today as socialism always has throughout all of history because to uote the late Margaret Thatcher “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money” That’s me uoting her obviously not the Durants Instead they wrote “The experience of the past leaves little doubt that every economic system must sooner or later rely upon some form of the profit motive to stir individuals and groups to productivity”As I was reading all this I happened to watch the movie Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck and its theme of Christ’s message in today’s world and I started thinking about America today In the movie the success of the John Doe Clubs that spring up across the nation is due to people and communities coming together to create work for their less fortunate neighbors Not once in the movie is there any mention of a handout or any form of money given away as opposed to earned The Lessons of History stresses that selection and the inevitable superiority of some people means that there will always be ineuality but not necessarily ineuity There are two forms of euality that no society can ignore without fatal conseuences euality under the law; and eual opportunity for education because education provides the opportunity for every man to rise according to his ability However even if the law and educational opportunity are available for all if the gap between rich and poor widens too much and if there is no bridge of middleclass with which the poor can hope to overcome that gap violent redistribution of wealth will inevitably occur It’s one of the lessons of history