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Ork City whose work has appeared everywhere from ROOKIE to New York Times Magazine “Maybe In Another Universe The Best Maybe. I loved Gaby Dunn's voice and the way she wrote I loved the way this addressed bisexuality and the way people especially men react to it the way it addressed emotional abuse and mental health and how self aware Gaby Dunn is especially of her own flaws There was also some parts that were legitimately hilarious I feel like we have very similar senses of humour I also think that the whole collection was very articulate and insightful and generally a very enjoyable readThe one thing I will say that made me a little bit hesitant about it that made it less than an absolute favourite was the way certain essays would have come across in a different context mainly 'What Would the Internet Say About Famous Writers' and 'Your Tumblr Dashboard Probably' If they hadn't been in the context of this collection a collection that has constant little bits of feminism and general activism and social awareness throughout it there are points when both could have come across as Dunn insulting things such as social activism As it is I assumed that it wasn't and Gaby Dunn wasn't being mocking and instead just sharing legitimate experiences and being a little humourous and such But the wording could have been better because had some of these not been in this particular collection I would have felt differentlyEither way I loved it and I recommend it and I related to the vast majority of it on a very personal level My favourite parts were probably 'Girls Don't Count' 'Maybe In Another Universe I Deserve You' and on a humorous note 'Possible Reactions When Your Parents Ask Are You Dating Anybody'

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Maybe in Another UniverseIn MOBI #204 of Gaby Dunn Vol ” is a collection of her most humorous poignant and touching essays to appear on Thought Catalo. I found this writer thanks to Thought Catalog I heard she had published a kindle compilation of her columns It costed 299 I was happy to help herThe stories are fun witty very actual and true to times I would love to read from her in the future

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Maybe in Another Universe Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã ➷ Maybe in Another Universe Free ➭ Author Gaby Dunn – What do shipwrecks college slums bisexuals and Blink 182 have in common Gaby Dunn Gaby is a writer journalist and comedian in New York City whose work has appeWhat do shipwrecks college slums bisexuals and Blink have in common Gaby Dunn Gaby is a writer journalist and comedian in New Y. Definitely a 35 I picked this up because of a few fragments of the Maybe in Another Universe I Deserve You piece I came across a while back I didn't love all of these essays but that particular piece was lovely and is now an all time favourite Here it is in full btw Other favourites were Girls Don't Count and Something is Going to Happen I like the different formats Dunn works with and you'll get the most out of them if you're a little familiar with internet discourse especially on Tumblr and in blog comments