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Uneual Affections review à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ➬ Uneual Affections Read ➵ Author Lara S. Ormiston – Gym-apparel.co.uk When Elizabeth Bennet first knew Mr Darcy she despised him and was sure he felt the same Angered by his pride and reserve influenced by the lies of the charming Mr Wickham she never troubledEr of them ever be truly happy in a relationship of uneual affectionDiverging from Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice at the proposal in the Hunsford parsonage this story explores the kind of man Darcy is even before his proper humbling and how such a man so full of pride so much in love might have behaved had Elizabeth chosen to accept his original proposal. I read most of the longer than a sentence or two reviews on and have to agree with many of the positive comments This book is excellent It is one for which I would warn you that you will want to read slowly and contemplatively And I read it in one day starting early in the morning and ending late in the evening PLUS it is one I will re readThe premise that Lizzy doesn't refuse Darcy at Hunsford but instead asks for a week to consider is one which is difficult to swallow BUT this author does a credible job of having Lizzy display a different reaction knowing that she also has suspicions about his interference in Jane's and Bingley's life and that he sabotaged Wickham's chances for a happy life The fact that she doesn't love him while the knowledge that he does love her are first and foremost in considerations for both parties And how contradictory in the light of the advice Darcy gave Bingley Oh the author does a wonderful job here of putting the onus where it belongs and having characters consider who is responsible for the final decision and outcomeI had tears as Lizzy late in this courtship and after observing how Darcy removes himself emotionally from socially interacting with her friends and family so expertly humbles him by relating acts on the part of Sir Lucas her aunt and her mother Don't judge a book by its covera lesson for all hereAnd while ODC is open about much of what they feel and have observed they both have some secrets which eventually come out and have to be dealt with There are points in this story at which you can wonder if we are going to get our HEA Both Elizabeth and Darcy reach a point at which they consider if they are fair to make each other keep their word to marryboth wonder at how the other can put up with so many affronts so many rude comments so many in each family not happy with this engagementAs others have said there are no new characters and the story follows much of canon But the step by step process of really getting to know each other of learning to be open and also accepting each other with good and bad traits displayed is very well done here And we also read some realities about other characters ie Mr Bennet accepting his role in the whole dowry debacle and in changing his mind about BrightonWell done and despite the high price a book not to be missed

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E thought she knew about him What she knows is that he is rich handsome clever and very much in love with her She on the other hand is poor and can expect a future of increasing poverty if she does not marry The incentives for her to accept him are strong but she is honest enough to tell him that she does not return his affections He says he can accept that but will eith. “Oh Lizzy Do anything rather than marry without affection” Jane Austen Pride and PrejudiceIn this what if variation of PP our author asks the uestion what if Elizabeth didn’t refuse the Hunsford proposal What if she was honest with Darcy regarding her feelings of surprise and being completely unaware of his regard He actually thought she returned his feelings and was expecting his proposal The story progressed as Darcy attempted to ease her mind and offered to give her time when she left Kent and returned to her London relatives During that time she thought about what she wanted what she needed the future needs of her family the entail and the fact that she probably would never have another opportunity like this again She accepted his offer and they went about the daily routine of him courting her and trying to win her love “If eual affection cannot be Let the loving one be me” W H AudenThe above uote describes Darcy completely as this was the most romantic Darcy I’ve read in a while I loved how the author used the senses to convey emotion through the use of a sensuous look the pursing of lips the slowly lowering of lashes the gentle light touch the use of enticing intimate and seduction maneuvers between DE without ever being sexual The play on the sensual was most amazing I swooned at his speech with her as he described his desire and love for her My heart melted and yet she continued to guard her emotions with an iron resolve I wanted to shake her “We all know him to be a proud unpleasant sort of man; but this would be nothing if you really liked him” Jane Austen Pride and PrejudiceIn canon it was Elizabeth’s refusal of the Hunsford proposal that set Darcy on a journey of self discovery and to the changing of his behavior and his attitude toward Elizabeth’s connections her social standing and her relations Since he didn’t get that set down he was as he always was haughty rude and unpleasant when in society at large but so when in the company of her relations and neighbors because they didn’t mean anything to him and were decidedly beneath him Top that with her already dislike of him due to his separating Jane and Bingley and his treatment of Wickham She didn’t ask him about either situation and he didn’t tell “Had I been in love I could not have been wretchedly blind But vanity not love has been my folly” Jane Austen Pride and PrejudiceIt took Elizabeth forever Forever FOREVER to figure out that she was in love I suppose when the only up close examples of marriage she had ever seen were her parents and her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner I imagine it was hard for her to know what real love was However I think this took too long It could have been trimmed a bit Elizabeth was beginning to get on my nerves I felt the author was messing with Darcy and I was starting to become rather protective of him He was showing himself and his love at every turn and jumping through every hoop that Lizzy threw his way She on the other hand was hateful and approaching mean at times in her treatment of him I didn’t care for that one bit “In nine cases out of the a woman had better show affection than she feels” Jane AustenElizabeth was expert at hiding her emotions and feelings especially when she was mad or upset Charlotte’s words had meaning when Darcy discovered Elizabeth’s original dislike for him He was devastated Lydia you stupid ignorant cow I simply do not have the words She was so careless and let slip that Lizzy despised Darcy and within his hearing I thought this would be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back I thought it was over Man this was hard to read Darcy’s emotions were in tatters his heart bleeding as her words cut him to the uick I felt awful for him I wanted to cry Wickham The ‘failure to inform’ or reveal Wickham’s evil ways has always been a thread of contention for me Because Darcy failed to inform Elizabeth Meryton the Bennets or the world at large Wickham was allowed to roam the countryside creating mischief at will There were several scenes that frightened me to the point that I held my breath It could have gone really bad had Darcy not intervened The only saving grace was the epilogue Oh Wickham you should always read the fine print That’s what you get for not asking uestions He got what he deserved

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Uneual AffectionsWhen Elizabeth Bennet first knew Mr Darcy she despised him and was sure he felt the same Angered by his pride and reserve influenced by the lies of the charming Mr Wickham she never troubled herself to believe he was anything other than the worst of men until one day he unexpectedly proposedMr Darcy's passionate avowal of love causes Elizabeth to reevaluate everything sh. I thoroughly enjoyed this one a very intriguing and interesting Pride and Prejudice retelling a kind of novelised thought experiment and character study full of little details and fantastic writing Very compelling and good fun I'd highly recommend