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Firebird Free download ´ 100 ´ ➽ [Download] ✤ Firebird By Tony Rothman ➲ – The world is moving towards alternative energy Two giant laboratories one in France one in Texas are engaged in a contest to give mankind a limitless source of energy fusion the energy source of stars The world is moving towards alterThe world is moving towards alternative energy Two giant laboratories one in France one in Texas are engaged in a contest to give mankind a limitless source of energy fusion the energy source of stars In France the European. Firebird reviewI barely made the end of this talePoor charactisation long meandering sentencesSadly for the author there are many better stories out thete

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Empts to achieve fusion on the day of Prometheus' dedication a near fatal accident ensues and in an instant the rivalry between ITER and CFRC becomes a race to change the future of the world But was it an accident or sabotag. Science is not as pristine as people might believe in this bold dynamically written thriller set in a fusion lab Fascinating and frightening that though it's fiction it may not be so fictitious The stuff that goes on You start out thinking it's political or corporate greed or competition with ITER but it becomes internal The real reason for the sabotage Hard to read because you don't want to know it runs that deep yet hard to put down because maybe it really does

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FirebirdUnion is constructing the colossal ITER project At CFRC the Controlled Fusion Research Center near Austin a scientists have constructed a machine they call Prometheus to challenge ITER When the director of the Austin lab att. Fireball a new novel by authorcosmologist Tony Rothman takes place in the world of magnetic fusion energy research – where scientists and engineers labor to provide humanity with a safe inexhaustible form of nuclear energy Fusion is considered by some to be the greatest scientific and technological challenge undertaken by humanity As a youngster Rothman spent a substantial amount of time hanging around his father’s workplace the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory one of the world’s leading magnetic fusion labs The author also spent time there as an adult leading to his writing Firebird This coupled with his education as physicist has enabled him to portray an accurate picture of the climate subculture science and technology of fusion In existing nuclear power plants electricity is produced by the splitting of uranium or plutonium atoms a process known as fission with its downside of catastrophic meltdowns Chernobyl and its extensive release of long lived radioactive materials Fukushima Fusion the joining of hydrogen atoms could provide abundant everlasting energy without these problems In Fireball the action surrounds a fictitious magnetic fusion experiment Prometheus built in Texas with private funding It’s a large complex tokamak type device that employs magnetic fields to confine a hot ionized gas plasma – the fusion fuel – comprised of deuterium and tritium the heavy isotopes hydrogenLarge fusion facilities run in the billions of dollars so only governments can afford to build and operate them Generous corporate dollars for fusion is only a pipe dream for real world fusioneers but in Firebird it is reality for the Controlled Fusion Research Center CFRC in Austin Texas With support from a consortium of private sources their Prometheus tokamak was built to challenge a device called ITER in a race to achieve ignition a self sustained plasma the holy grail of fusion power The ITER tokamak is a real world fusion experiment now under construction at Cadarache France with billions in funding from a consortium of governments The lion’s share of ITER’s funding is coming from Europe so portraying it as a European device is not unreasonable As Firebird unfolds we are introduced to a cast of scientists and others with vagaries not unlike some of the individuals found working in large scientific facilities Accurately one of Rothman’s characters describes a tokamak as “a device too complex to allow you to make it into a sensible whole” Throughout the novel the author employs his first hand knowledge of the myriad of subsystems essential to the operation of a real tokamak Beyond this readers familiar with the history of the US magnetic fusion program will no doubt enjoy references to many real events thrown in by Rothman during the story including the extraordinary worldwide hoopla over the 1989 Cold Fusion claimsEarly on we are introduced to the main characters of Firebird the lanky CFRC physicist Nathaniel Machuzak and his cohort Yaroslav Archangelsky with a beard and bedraggled hair worthy of Rasputin Mac and Slava are embroiled in a series of attempts to sabotage Prometheus allowing ITER to snatch the ignition prize Mac and other CFRC staff have serious doubts regarding Prometheus’ability to reach ignition Added to their troubles is an ultimatum from the mysteriously androgynous Moravec the head of GlobeTex CFRC’s principal investor Moravec’s primary interests are wind solar and bio In a nutshell he demands “that they achieve the most difficult technological feat ever attempted by the human race a task so intractable that it had eluded fusioneers worldwide for eighty years – and that they do it in six months with a machine that might not be capable of it With a loose saboteur thrown in for good measure”The pressure on Machuzak is heightened when he is appointed acting director of CFRC replacing the founding director Leonard Rasmussen who has over time taken mysteriously ill Mac’s new role greatly offends the Lab’s deputy director the aggressive dictatorial Cyrus Krieg Zuber who was injured in a lab accident later deemed sabotage Early on into all this trouble comes a young colorful lady police officer TJ D’Abro To Mac at first site “she might have been Sally Skull or Calamity Jane walkin the streets of the old west” Determined to nab the saboteur at all costs D”Abro is convinced at one point that Mac and his buddy Slava are the culprits Besides being highly entertaining and engrossing Firebird is uniue in its effective marriage of fiction with the accurate ambience of a real scientific laboratory This is undoubtedly attributable to the author’s real world experiences his passion for science and his ability to both amuse and inform his readers