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Paddle Your Own CanoeTter to deliver this tutelage than the always charming always manly Nick Offerman best known as? If you are anything like me you first heard about this book because you've watched Parks and Rec than is strictly reasonable and Ron Swanson has made you laugh and cringe While I don't always agree with the cantankerous character he is nevertheless my favorite and I love Offerman's deadpan delivery I was very curious to know what a guy who can pull off such a fantastic mustache would have to say about delicious livingNow if you plan on reading this my advice is don't Get the audiobook read by Offerman His voice gravitas and occasional giggles make this memoirmanifestocollection of hilarious and excellent advice an incredibly entertaining experience I also think that his writing style might feel a bit ponderous on the page as where read out loud it is uite charming and fun Also easily offended ears beware there's a lot of cussing many discussions on the topic of oral sex and some very strong opinions about religion A lot of reviewers seem to have gotten their panties in a twist about that aspect of the book I didn't but mostly because I actually agree with his thoughts on organized religion in general and the weird fucked up version of Christianity too often encountered in certain regions of the US of A specifically He was preaching to the choir with me pun intended but I can see how anyone attached to their fixed ideas on faith and the Church would get upset by his thoughtsI already liked Offerman and listening to 10 odd hours of his thoughts made me like and respect him even the man is hilarious smart hard working kind hearted and a hopeless romantic I loved hearing his stories about growing up in rural Illinois learning his craft in college and eventually in Chicago and LA meeting his wife Megan Mullally and of course growing epic facial hair He also takes care to make sure his listeners know that despite a common love of pork products and fine scotches he is most definitely not Ron Swanson he eats salads for one thing and does not punch socialistsOfferman is uite opinionated but also humble than willing to admit that a lot of luck was necessary for his life to unfold the way it did and spends a lot of time expressing his gratitude to everyone who helped supported and encouraged him His love for art his family the various crafts he is passionate about and his darling wife really shines through his Rainbow Song My heart While his advice can occasionally feel a tad preachy it comes form a reasonable and well meaning place; it's just loaded with smart assery and sarcasm which I appreciate tremendouslyI had a lot of fun listening to this 4 and a half stars

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T and much in his first book Growing a perfect moustache grilling red meat wooing a woman who be Find all of my reviews at anyone out there who wants to claim people who don’t enjoy Nick Offerman’s writings only fall on that side of the fence because they want a “Ron Swanson” book rather than a Nick Offerman book I have this to say Seriously though Nick Offerman IS Ron Swanson At least as far as his character traits go He grows a great mustache he enjoys eating animal carcasses washed down by fine brown liuors he builds shit and he’s married to Tammy The difference between Nick and Ron is Ron had Greg Daniels to make him funny and Nick isn’t a particularly humorous guy This book would be great if you’re one of Offerman’s family members a former classmate acuaintance etc because there’s a very good chance your name has been dropped somewhere If you’re a regular Joe like me whose only “in depth” knowledge of the man behind the legend is you’re kind of from the same neck of the woods and definitely know what it means to walk beans you might find this a little meh when all is said and done I appreciated his take on hot button topics such as politics and religion – and especially liked that he made his point without beating a dead horse about it – but at the end of the day it felt like I had been listening to him talk about pretty much nothing for around 11000 years by the time the audio was wrapped up On the bright side he has a marvelous speaking voice I highly recommend listening to him as part of the ensemble reading cast of Lincoln in the Bardo if given the opportunity

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Paddle Your Own Canoe kindle Ä eBook 9780525954217 à Nick Offerman à ➼ [Reading] ➾ Paddle Your Own Canoe By Nick Offerman ➱ – Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness meat and much in his first book Growing Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness mea After reading many of the one two and three star reviews on here I felt I should write a short review to defend Nick and his book The main complaints I've noticed 1 Too dry 2 Too opinionated 3 Too profane 4 Degrades ChristiansToo dry I bought the audio version of this book as I enjoy listening to book on my 7 hour drive from school to visit family When I found out Ron Swanson himself narrated the book I immediately grabbed a copy I highly recommend doing the same This alone reduces the dryness of the book I could understand how reading the book yourself might be dry but having the author narrate his own book breathes life into the text Nick's narration of his own book became a conversation a story something you would hear from the old local at the hole in the wall bar in town Too opinionated The subtitle to Paddle Your Own Canoe is a dead give away that this will be a very opinionated book One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living another way to look at this is One man's opinion for delicious living Too profane As I said before he wrote this book as he would tell a story Suggestions for overcoming this if your ears are too sensitive for such language Don't readlisten to the book Grow upDegrades Christians First of all these type of comments about his book are exactly what he's driving at when he talks about christians He's not attacking your religion in his book What he is attacking is the hateful agenda you try to shove down the throat of every American such as anti gay marriage laws abortion laws anti premarital sex birth control laws He embraces many attributes of religions such as community accountability striving to be a better person loving your neighbor None of this is mentioned in the hateful reviews however He simply wants to remind everyone that church and state should for good reason be absolutely separated and you shouldn't use a book with no proof of legitimacy to establish legislation be it the Torah ur'an Bible Tao Te Ching Sutras or SuttasThough these aren't complete defenses I feel they are of the same level of arguments against Paddle Your Own Canoe In conclusion if you are easily offended when someone uses four letter words or challenges the legitimacy of your religion if you want your opinionated memoirs to be strictly factual with no opinion of the author and if you don't have a dry sense of humor don't read this book However if you love uaint anecdotes of life and the lessons one has acuired from said anecdotes or if you enjoy broadening your horizons by listening to contemplating and then agreeing with or respectfully disagreeing with other's individual opinions then by all means read rather listen to Nick Offerman read to you Paddle Your Own Canoe