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The King Of Threadneedle Street review ñ 3 µ [Ebook] ➠ The King Of Threadneedle Street By Moriah Densley – He owns three shipping companies a diamond mine and his own castleHe knows Portuguese Hindi Mandarin and Morse codeHis assets net thirteen millionEveryone thinks Andrew Til Lord Preston the financial HeF King Of Threadneedle PDF #8608 trouble and away from eager suitors becomes a cross continental uest for Andrew and he won’t be stopped by his old fashioned family or the disapproval of the ton After all he’s a man with the power to play newspapers and investors like pawns tumble world markets and incite riots but can he win the biggest gamble of his li. Spellbinding sensual read 455 starsAt nineteen Alysia is a strong resilient character who unlike her melodramatic courtesan mother recognizes that happy ever after endings are rare even among the most privileged classes and that spending one's life striving after them is an effort of futility No matter that the object of her desire—the son of her late mother's protector—returns her feelings and tries to convince her to thwart convention She can't risk ruining both their lives by giving in to the passion of the moment no matter how much she yearns to do soAndrew is a hero among heroes While his actions in chasing after Alysia may seem impulsive and careless at times the fact is that he knows Alysia is for him and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince her that their love is worth the riskeven it means a very long wait A worthy hero indeedI loved both of these characters their intelligence witty conversations concern for each other and others and strength of character as they faced a myriad of obstacles Although at times Andrew exhibited a devil may care attitude on the surface both he and Alysia showed a maturity beyond their yearsThis will not be the only book of Densley's that I read In fact I've already hit in search of books in the series since there does seem to be a previous story here I read a lot of books and most of them are forgotten in a few weeks' time but I can tell this won't be one of them Densley shows an uncommonly deft hand with sensual detail that I've rarely seen before a sort of romantic sensuality without being explicit that kept me hooked from beginning to endHighly recommended

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He owns three Of Threadneedle PDF #202 shipping companies a diamond mine and his own castleHe knows Portuguese Hindi Mandarin and Morse codeHis assets net thirteen millionEveryone thinks Andrew Til Lord Preston the financial prodigy dubbed “The King of Threadneedle Street” has it all but he wants the one prize money can’t buy his childhood sweetheartAl. Background Eighteen year old Alysia Villier has been part of the Til family since she was a young girl Her mother was an infamous courtesan and the mistress of Lord Courtenay Maruess by title and head of the Til family If you read Moriah Densley's Song for Sophia you will already know that Alysia and her mother actually lived in the Til home along with the Til family during much of Alysia's growing up years From an early age Alysia served in various roles in this home including housekeepercompanionfriendtutorsteward whatever was reuired of her Alysia's mother passes on but Alysia still lives with the Til family with Lord Courtenay serving as her guardian Her mother did leave her a substantial inheritance but she will not have access to her funds until she is 21 years old three yearsAlysia's special friend and sweetheart during her teen years was Andrew Til Lord Preston son of Lord Courtenay and heir to the maruessate Andrew has a brilliant financial mind and has learned to manipulate funds and stocks around the world hence the term King of Threadneedle Street which represented the London Stock Exchange of that periodWhen this story begins a family wedding is about to take place and Andrew now 21 years old is returning home from a two year absence an absence reuired by his parents in order to break the bond between Andrew and Alysia They want Andrew to get on with his life and find a suitable wife However as soon as Andrew sees Alysia it is obvious he has not nor is it likely he will ever get over his feelings for the love of his youthIt seems very cruel but because Alysia is illegitimate and her mother was a courtesan Lord and Lady Courtenay are determined that she must continue in life as a demimondaine and have made plans for her to take a position as the companion of a viscountess who is an invalid It is unspoken yet understood that Alysia will actually become the mistress of this invalid's husband Although Alysia hates the idea of becoming a courtesan she knows Andrew has a bright future and she has been brought up to believe she would make a totally improper mate When Andrew realizes what his parents have planned for Alysia he steps in and begins to try and manage Alysia's life because he truly loves her and is determined that she will be hisAlysia has plans of her own however and is also a very gifted artist She leaves the Til home without informing anyone where she will go and heads for France where she pursues her art While there she begins to find acceptance as an artist and receives commissions for her art which enables her to earn funds She believes she can make it on her own until she turns 21 at which time she will receive her inheritance Unbeknownst to her her patroness a woman she trusts has been promoting the sale of Alysia to the highest bidderThis is where the story really begins and the reader is treated to one rescue after another of Alysia throughout the book by the Absolutely Amazing Awesome Andrew He is single minded in his efforts to keep her safe until she will acknowledge that she is His On the other hand Andrew's father is single minded in his efforts to get Alysia married off so that he can keep her away from Andrew So what you have are three long years where Alysia moves around sometimes with Andrew's help and at other times when she takes matters into her own hands Along the way Alysia finds that she does have friends in addition to Andrew Lord and Lady Devon Wilhelm and Sophia and Lady Devon's mother all give Alysia their love encouragement and provide places for her to staySpoilers Andrew comes in and out of her life during these three years and I loved it when he told Alysia that she was His over and over again At one point he basically said he would have her as a sister as his mistress or as his wife but that she was His I realize Andrew's strong determination was off putting to some readers but the fact that he never wavered in his steadfast goal to have Alysia endeared his character to my soul His love and passion for Alysia was not to be denied and he would allow nothing to stand in his path even if it reuired setting the financial world of that day on its end andor successfully battling his wily parentsI didn't like it that Sophia rejected Andrew's marriage proposals over and over and over I liked it even less that they were apart for months at a time and would not even hear from one another during some periods for months Unlike many books where the Hh are kept apart at least this book continued to hold my interest I loved the fact that Ms Densley didn't reuire the clutter of a lot of senseless sexual acts between the Hh to craft a lovely romance wherein there is a great deal of desire and yet the lovers have learned to love without engaging in hot sex I loved it that Andrew was celibate during the three long years he and Alysia waited to have their HEA I loved it that he expressed his regret about having sexual partners during the years of his youth I loved it that we were able to revisit Wilhelm and Sophia and their children Especially endearing was the scene where Alysia drew a picture of their family during the music hourYes there were a couple of things about the story line that I disliked however I can give this book nothing less than 5 stars I look forward with great expectancy to the enjoyable reading of future books by this author

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The King Of Threadneedle StreetYsia Villier can’t The King PDF or say if it’s worse having Andrew’s father in control of her inheritance or Andrew in control of her heart He’s ruined her for any other man but she simply can’t give in to him She knows he’s destined for great things marrying a courtesan’s daughter would jeopardize everything he stands forKeeping Alysia out o. Not nearly as good as Song for Sophia The real drawback to this book is the heroine Alysia She's almost completely unlikable I really had a hard time finding anything at all to like about her and I couldn't help thinking Andrew deserved someone who was willing to go through a hell of a lot for him That's the biggest drawback to stories like this; when an author attempts to tout the nobility and selflessness of a character by depicting that character as some kind of martyr it insults the general reading populace We know these two are going to end up together so why does the author make us dislike one half of the duo by making them less than deserving of the other's esteem Making someone miserable and denying them and yourself happiness in the process is not noble It's weak and cowardly and selfish So I can't bring myself to like even a little bit a character who seeks to bring misery in the guise of doing what's right simply because they're too weak willed and terrified to fight for what they want Alysia hated herself to the point of it being embarrassing for the reader Her willingness to deny herself happiness is one thing but to keep denying Andrew and somehow think that him ending up in a loveless marriage would be better for him than finding happiness with herwell it made her as bad if not worse than Andrew's parents Andrew was I thought a great character He had his flaws yes but he was smart and loving and steadfast He was way too good for Alysia and it bugged the hell out of me that he had to fight so hard for a woman who kept running from him And why the hell did he keep calling her Lisa Wouldn't 'Lissa' be apt I don't know why but that bugged the hell outta meThere was a lot that didn't need to be there like finding out who Alysia's father was which did nothing to move the story along and some that could have been cut like all the times Alysia turns Andrew down and acts like a prig This just wasn't developed or executed well and unless you're really itching to be able to say you've read all the installments in the Rougemont series I would recommend just skipping this one