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Han pasado meses desde ue el fantasma de Anna Korlov desapareció tras una puerta ue conducía al infierno pero el joven cazador de fantasmas Cassio Lowood no puede olvidarla Para él ninguna de las chicas vivas ue lo rodean puede compa. Dear KendareIn the words of my awesome co blogger Kat You saucy saucy minxYou knew exactly what you were doing here didn't you I'd bitched moaned and complained about Anna Dressed in Blood I gave it 25 stars I asked for You read my mind And you fucking gave it to meIf anyone were to ask me why I continue on with series that didn't exactly impress me with book one I'd have to direct them to Girl of NightmaresYou get no complaints from me this time Blake This was brilliant This was awesome This is on a new level of badass I loved every bit of it SincerelyStephanie who is now cheerfully eating her wordsPS Thanks for blowing my mind munch munchDo you hear that That's the sound of me eating my words Girl of Nightmares truly surprised me I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting to love or even like it because originally Anna Dressed in Blood and I didn't get along While everyone else ran around screaming high praises for it I was left on the side lines And I hate being on the sides lines No matter how much I tried to love Anna Dressed in Blood I couldn't It had too many open ends and I'm of the belief that even when you are reading a series each book must stand on its own merit So I was disappointed but I also wanted to give the second book a try because regardless of my initial reservations it wasn't a bad book And after that fun interview we did I was convinced to try again So imagine my delight when I started reading Girl of Nightmares and discover how much I was enjoying it When I finished I felt like I had been on one epic ghost busting adventure And it was awesomeGirl of Nightmares takes place six months after the events in Anna Dressed in Blood with Cas attempting to get on with his life without Anna Unfortunately that's not going so well for him since he continues to witness Anna being tortured in his sleep and while he is awake I'm not going to go off and describe the blurb for you but I will say Cas gets to the bottom of EVERYTHING in Girl of NightmaresEverything that I complained about in Anna Dressed in Blood were addressed in Girl of Nightmares The plot is solid with no inconsistencies that I could see In fact I really loved the plot because there wasn't a dull moment That partly has something to do with there being a lot of loose ends to cover the mystery surrounding the athame where Anna went Cas' background ect Despite there being so many issues needing to be addressed I never once felt like Blake info dumped or rushed through explanations It was all very smooth and engaging I didn't want to put my book down but well I have kids so it was unavoidable And that made me cranky Also this book was creepy Do yourself a big favor and do NOT read the Suicide Forest scene late at night shudders Don't ask just obeyThe characters have seen a considerable amount of character development most notably being both Cas and Carmel Cas is no longer the cocky little prick who all girls fawn over like he's God's gift to womenkind In Girl of Nightmares he is a broken character struggling to let go of Anna He obsesses over it constantly to the point where it interferes with his ability to ghost hunt This was a Cas I could easily sympathize with and I wanted him to find a way for both Anna and him to be happy As for Carmel I can't really say much without giving away huge spoilers but she was a badass You will love herThe best part of Girl of Nightmares was the hilarious dialogue These characters feel so real to me because Blake has sat down and given them so much personality Laughing is pretty much a given when reading Girl of Nightmares You can't get around it But that's okay because you want the humor when you in the midst of being scared shitlessThe ending was perfect I can't say anything about it because I refuse to ruin the book for anyone but I think fans will be very happy and satisfied Or not Who's to say LolBut I would like to share with you a piece of wisdom After finishing Girl of Nightmares I happened to learn one big lessonReading this book in the second floor hallway right above the stairs at night while my entire household was sleeping soundly wasn't one of my best ideas Learn from me This ARC was generously given to Kat and I by Kendare Blake This in no way swayed my views of the book In fact I think she was expecting me to dislike it but she'll just have to settle for my glowing reviewMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Girl of NightmaresRarse con AnnaAdemás como si tratara de buscar su ayuda Anna se le aparece continuamente a veces en sueños a veces cuando está despierto Cas siente ue algo no va bien cada vez ue la ve ella está más desgarrada y torturadaNadie sabe. Gnnngth I loved the first one but this one was just okay Can't win them all 🎃Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐺🐾

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Free read Girl of Nightmares 100 ✓ [BOOKS] ✬ Girl of Nightmares By Kendare Blake – Han pasado meses desde ue el fantasma de Anna Korlov desapareció tras una puerta ue conducía al infierno pero el joven cazador de fantasmas Cassio Lowood no puede olvidarla Para él ninguna de las c Han pasado meses desde ue el fantasma de AUé le ocurrió a Girl of EpubAnna cuando desapareció tras auella puerta cuando se adentró en el infierno para salvar la vida de Cassio Y Cas no descansará hasta averiguarlo ha llegado el momento de ue ahora sea él uien salve a Ann. She crossed over death to call me I crossed through Hell to find herThis book wasn't uite as good as Anna Dressed in Blood but still it was a great read and a great conclusion to this duologyI've got to say it again my favorite thing about this series are the characters I loved every single one of the main characters even though Cas did sometimes annoy me over his obsession with saving Anna But I especially loved chemistry between Cas Carmel and Thomas They really were great friends and they were always able to make me laugh especially Carmel and her snarky commentsBut my main problem with this book was the slow middle It started off great and then the middle part dragged a little bit But then the end came and for me it saved the book I absolutely loved the ending and now that I think about it if it ended any other way I wouldn't be this satisfied I mean yeah the ending did make me sad but still it was a perfect ending for a series like this oneIf you read the first book I suggest giving this one a shoot Like I said it isn't uite as good as the first one but it did wrap the story up perfectly