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Losing My ReligionCivil war When Femi moved to Canada and then America he experienced a world of culture relationship and expectations that clashed with his traditional ways Losing my Reli. Losing My Religion deals with the struggle of identity in a foreign land a concept with which I'm uite familiar and the reason I wanted to read this book The writing in Losing My Religion is beautiful almost poetic in places and interspersed with many of the author's emotions The humor when it comes is uite unexpected and delightful Femi Fatoyinbo was raised in Nigeria a country steeped in culture and tradition When Femi moves to America in his adult life he struggles to adjust to both the news ways of life and the loss of his own culture Both the pain and the wonder of this experience are evident in the writing When one is uprooted and replaced elsewhere along with the discovery there is a tremendous sense of loss The word alien is bandied around by locals but the feeling of being alien is never greater than for the transplanted person The new surroundings and the early mistakes one makes are a constant reminder Femi must cross cultural and language barriers The country of his origin is cause for suspicion every time he crosses borders which increases the sense of isolation This is only part of the price he pays for his restlessness Losing My Religion gives the reader a fairly detailed insight into life in Nigeria the history the beauty of the country and the struggles including the racialsocial issues in the South The reader can feel the heat as the author describes the way the African sun bakes the land a warmth he finds unmatched in the US It's as if the author is describing his own heated passion for his own land one that is and will always remain unmatched during his life in the USFemi suffers through the loss of family the pain of distance a marriage crisis of his own bigotry threats and a dying African cultural religion He finds greater struggles waiting for him back in Nigeria in the changing perceptions of his own family towards him This an emotional story at times distressing but also a story of survival and success

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Born into a polygamous family in a small Nigerian village Femi Fatoyinbo lived the Yoruba tribe's religion and culture amid the political upheaval preceding the Nigerian. The struggle of immigrants to retain the heritage of their homeland while assimilating into the American way of life is as old as our country itself However few books capture that struggle – the alienation fears struggles to understand a new way of life language difficulties and ultimate success – like Jide Familoni's riveting novel Losing My Religion wwwjidefamilonicomLosing My Religion is the story of Femi Fatoyinbo a man born and raised in the Yoruban culture in Nigeria Femi grows up observing and practicing his cultural traditions yet feels a sense of restlessness that something out there is better – a restlessness partly caused by his distant father a successful businessman and diplomat After struggling with Nigerian troops during the student unrest that preceded the establishment of a military dictatorship in the early 1980s Femi moves to Canada where he goes through medical school Then he moves to the South namely MemphisThat's where the plot accelerates and the deeper story unfolds Femi advances his medical career while dealing with the differences in Yoruban and American approaches to marriage children lifestyle communication and racial profiling He suffers the indignity of most blacks in the South down to being arrested by a bigoted white officer Femi and his Nigerian wife watch their marriage fall to pieces Then he struggles with his own family's perception of him as well as the tenets of his Yoruban religion and practicesFrom there Losing My Religion moves into a suspenseful high adventure mode with threats of harm to Femi fear of losing his son a major change in his personal relationships and the dramatic climax to the book I won't reveal it in order to prevent spoiling your read but trust me you want to see this one The ending is eually surprising – and after the harrowing events that preceded it uplifting In the end Femi comes to a solid resolution between his heritage and his current lifeLosing My Religion is one of those rarities in the literary world – a first novel that is impossible to put down The book's story is rock solid and full of twists and turns a poignant story of the Nigeria of the 1970s – and now The protagonist Femi and the other characters feel like neighbors whose lives you want to know about All of this is presented in a beautifully written and textured book rich with the very heart of the Yoruban way – that everything is alive in relationship with us and in our lives for a reason – as well as the complicated rhythms of the South Buy it And tell a friend It belongs on every novel reader's shelf

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REVIEW í Losing My Religion ò ➤ Losing My Religion Ebook ➪ Author Jide Familoni – Born into a polygamous family in a small Nigerian village Femi Fatoyinbo lived the Yoruba tribe's religion and culture amid the political upheaval preceding the Nigerian civil war When Femi moved to C Born into a polygamous family in aGion is the gripping story of Femi's uest to maintain his identity and survive a dramatic twist of events that brings Losing My PDF or his uest to a surprising conclusion. Very well written this book takes us on a journey both temporal and geographical between Ido Ekiti Ibadan and Lagos; from the early 60s to beyond 2000; and between Nigeria and the USA via Canada These journeys are not traversed just once but we are transported back and forth several times The author does an excellent job of tying all the different jumps together into what became at the end a seamless wholeIt is the story of a young village boy and how he faced and overcame the various challenges on his journey from that village into becoming an urbane university academic in America His struggles are not merely those faced by every culturally displaced person in America or anywhere else but also the travails of cohabiting with an enemy for a wife during most of his sojourn outside Nigeria The tale is spiced up with some danger and derring do The author does well in containing his foray into crime and the underworld and not letting it take over the story All told good for occupying a pleasant interlude