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Room for YouKacie Jensen has one main priority in her life raising her twin daughters Lucy and Piper Ever since her ex the girls’ Room for Kindle father vanished four years ago Kacie’s sworn to keep her head in her studies and her heart out of trouble Moving back h FOUR AND HALF STARSI love athletic men and when you throw in a protective sweet guy I’m all swoony Brody is a 27 year old goalie for the Minnesota Wilds Hockey IS his life A bachelor at heart he finds little time outside of hockey for a social life He’s living his dream Kacie is a single 24 year old mom of twin girls Due to circumstances she currently lives with her mom who owns a bed and breakfast To assure she's never dependent on someone else again she is getting her nursing degree Through a series of events Brody ends up at Cranberry Inn for a couple of days Brody and Kacie strike up a friendship which slowly progresses into Kacie is extremely hesitant to move forward with their relationship for several reasons 1 her past 2 her girls and 3 knowing her life won’t fit in with Brody’s careerRoom for You takes place while Brody is in the off season and has some time to spend building a relationship with Kacie and the twins who he affectionately refers to as the Twinkies I was satisfied with the ending until I flipped the page and noticed the epilogue UGH The epilogue was a cliffhanger Luckily for me I had book 2 waiting on my kindle While the angst is low unless you read the epilogue my jaded self really enjoyed this one It was nice to not stress over IF the characters were going to get together And even though it was sweet it wasn't cheesy SERIES 2 part series Novella #25I've heard the author is going to make another book with Viper the fellow hockey player To find out when the his book will be released click here

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kindle Ë Room for You Ö Kindle Edition ó beth ehemann ó ➹ [Reading] ➻ Room for You By Beth Ehemann ➮ – Kacie Jensen has one main priority in her life raising her twin daughters Lucy and Piper Ever since her ex—the girls’ father—vanished four years ago KaciR eyes to a life she never thought was possible With so much to lose this time around can Kacie trust her heart to make the right decisionRoom for You is the sweet tantalizing first novel in bestselling author Beth Ehemann’s heartwarming Cranberry Inn serie That moment when you want to repeatedly punch yourself in the face for having a book sitting on your kindle for freaking ever and not reading it and once you do finding out that it's freaking awesome Yep That just happenedThere is NOTHING I enjoy than a realistic believable plot relatable likable characters and authentic dialogue Nothing cheesy Nothing over the top Nothing forced Just honest believability even in fiction I like to see it feel it believe in every facet of the story and Beth Ehemann just gave me that This is a feel good romance peppered with drama and angst in the very best ways I normally struggle with a guy that's too good to be true but seriously Brody Murphy was delectable from start to delicious finish I loved everything about him everything Yes let it go on record I was just won over by the good guy I can't say enough good things about every aspect of this storyline the perfectly imperfect characters the beautifully fluid writing style of this author everything except that Beth Ehemann owes me a truckload of caffeine after unexpectedly causing me an entire night of sleep deprivation with Room for You I devoured this book and I'm about to do it again with with every book in this series

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Ome to her mother’s bed and breakfast had seemed like the best way to start overBut when hockey star Brody Murphy washes up on the front steps of the Cranberry Inn during a raging storm he awakens a hunger in Kacie that she’s long forgottenand he opens he 45 starsI don't know why I waited so long to read this I FLOVED it Okay maybe I know why I thought this would be a cheesy light read You know the kind of book I'm talking about The one you give 3 4 stars to the one you enjoy kind of ish the one that doesn't stay with you I couldn't have been wrong Room for You was first of all not a uick read I never bother checking the number of pages but 359 is definitely not a short story Secondly it wasn't cheesy Sure Brody is one of the nicest book boyfriends I've ever come across but in a totally non cheesy way He's fun I liked the banter between the two of them and his POVs were my favorites I always praise a female author when she manages to write the males' POVs in a realistic way and Ehemann did a great job at thatHe's mature He's a professional athlete but he's not your classic manwhore or party boy He knows what he wants Kacie and the fact that she's a mother of two doesn't dampen his feelings one bit If anything it strengthened them And seriously seeing him with Lucy and Piper Kacie's kids was always entertaining fun and sweetHe's swoon worthy I always curl my nose when I read of H giving the h expensive gifts cars dresses jewelry because I like simple personal gifts Seeing Brody buying her shampoo or hospital slippers and generally just making sure she's safe or cared for warmed my heartKacie was a highly relatable character Now I'm not a mother but she's also a very driven woman who's been hurt in the past by people she loved and is now wary of opening her heart again And I'm sure lots of people can relate to thatThere were only two reasons this wasn't a complete 5 stars reads1 Kacie kept pushing Brody away for too long They get together kind of early in the book but I didn't completely enjoy the limbo phase when it wasn't clear whether they were together or not2 Around the middle of the book something happened that got me crying with joy Not because of the thing per se but because finally I was reading about a couple solving their issues TALKING I witnessed a great example of communication and I loved it We're all so used right now to seeing book couples split up over the slightest of issues We've come to expect that whenever a plot twist occurs in the relationship they won't discuss it like adults but jump ship and that's itSo yeah I was in bookworm heaven But then other things happened and I hoped they would be solved with the same maturity and it wasn't exactly the case Don't get me wrong the separation period is very very short and in total it takes 3 4 pages of the 359 aforementioned they didn't even exactly break up to say it out loud but it still bothered meAnother positive note I want to add is given by the pace Normally it's not something I put in reviews because it doesn't make or break a book But here when they finally declare their love for each other they name all the things they did together and holy shit they did tons togetherI didn't realize it while I was reading it but then back tracking their relationship I was so pleased to see how slowly yet steadily they grew closer and closer how Brody managed to crack Kacie's armor and how Kacie learned to trust himOne last thing for you nookie lovers there's basically one hot scene well two but they're so close together in time it's basically a long one Now it was an average steamy scene but don't expect this to be one of those steam packed novels It's not It totally worked for me as it was I didn't think heat was necessary and enjoyed Kacie and Brody's interactions immensely both when they bordered the malicious side and when they were just tender and supportingIn conclusion I'd like to place an order for a Brody without ketchup and mayo with a side of banter and a whole heaping of witty tendernessOh and there's also a seuel to their story which I'm going to check out as soon as I finish this review So of course I'd recommend this to everyone Maybe not to erotica lovers if you like romance then you're in for a treat