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SUMMARY Ö Hamlet Revenge Ò ❰Epub❯ ➝ Hamlet Revenge Author Michael Innes – At Scamnum Court seat of the Duke of Horton the Lord Chancellor of England is murdered at the climax of a private presentation of Hamlet in which he plays Polonius To solve this crime Inspector Appleb At Scamnum Court seat of the Duke of At Scamnum Court seat of the Duke of Horton the Lord Chancellor of England is murdered at the. This is the second Inspector Appleby book following on from “Death at the President’s Lodging” This mystery was published in 1937 and has a classic Golden Age setting with much of the action taking place in a country house where there is a production of “Hamlet” taking place Before the play is staged there are warning messages received Then during the performance there is a cry of help and a pistol shotA very distinguished guest has been killed and Inspector Appleby is sent to investigate He meets up with Giles Gott who appeared in the first book in the series and acts as his guide to the guests and family With war on the horizon there are suggestions of espionage along with murder for Appleby to contend with and a mysterious puzzle to unravel Michael Innes writes very dense plots which really involve a lot of complex themes If you imagine that Golden Age crime novels involve country house parties a few aristocratic guests and a simple plot you are very wrong If you want to have any hope of solving this crime you will need a sharper mind than I possess and possibly need to take notes I do enjoy Innes but his writing reuires concentration and an excellent memory for characters and the different strands of the plot which he deftly weaves together

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Climax of a private presentation of Hamlet in which he plays Polonius To solve this crime Insp. While there’s a reasonable story buried in this book my summary word is ‘indulgent’ It reads as if the author is playing a lengthy parlour game with a small group of friends and letting the narrative emerge from the game The lengthy first chapter setting the scene appears designed to eliminate readers without a textual interest in Shakespeare’s plays I persevered mainly because I wanted to see if Appleby rescued the bookPartially he did He is a skillfully drawn character and the police procedures restored some interest enough at least for me to finish reading The narrative however became increasingly convoluted and tiresome In the end I didn’t care in my view a bad outcome for an author to achieveInnes can write Appleby is testimony to that This book would have benefitted substantially from an application of writerly discipline and craft

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Hamlet RevengeEctor Appleby pursues some of the most famous names in the country unearthing dreadful suspici. Not my cup of tea This is my first Innes novel and it'll be a struggle for me to return I love classic mysteries but this one just seemed offFirst the text is full of what a previous reviewer called anachronistic colonialisms the first chapter was almost impossible to read from my standpoint with scattered characters speaking in phrases and dialects that I simply could not grasp When an entire conversation occurs in which you can't parse the meaning of a single sentence something has gone wrong The obscene number of suspects also makes this a tough read even for a complex murder mystery and I felt as if this book was almost a private joke for Innes and a few stuffy well educated friends to pore overThe puzzle is certainly ingenious and as a Shakespeare nut I highly enjoyed the diverse and complex thoughts discussions parodies and references to the Bard Clearly my negative response to this book is a personal conflict with the author's aims and shouldn't be taken as indicative of the book's general uality Yet just not for me