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A Sultan in Palermo Read & download Û 108 é ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ A Sultan in Palermo ⚣ Author Tariq Ali – Gym-apparel.co.uk The fourth novel in Tari Ali's Islam uintet charts the life and loves of the medieval cartographer Muhammed al Idrisi Torn between his close friendship with the sultan and his friends who areThe fourth novel in Tari Ali's Islam uintet charts the life and loves of the medieval cartographer Muhammed al Idrisi Torn between his close friendship with the sul. Sultan in Palermo is set in the Middle Ages Sicily at the time when Arabs having already lost control of the island live alongside the ruling Normans who are Christians The main characters are two major historical figures Sultan Rujeri of Sicily otherwise known King Roger II of Sicily and his protégé Muhammad al Idrisi a cartographer A mostly peaceful co existence however the tension and fear of persecution are ever present among the minority Arab population The historical and cultural backgrounds were fascinating unfortuneately the story uickly lost its focus and too involved with the romantic and erotic interests of the protagonist Muhammad al Idrisi A disappointing distraction to the historical plot

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Tan and his friends who are leaving the island or plotting a resistance to Norman rule Idrisi finds temporary solace in the harem but his conscience is troubledA Su. Sigh I know there's a fifth book but at the time I bought these it was actually still a uartet so I'm going to pretend it's still a uartet and call it a dayI liked the historical context and the politics I wish Ali would stick to history and politics Instead we spend most of our time with the palace geographer and intimate of the Sultan in Palermo c 1153 The political crisis is interesting the Christian Sultan whose reign has been or less tolerant toward Muslims is dying He's getting pressure from his Christian advisors to burn a trusted Muslim advisor and the people are restless Should they rebel now or wait until the Sultan is deadUnfortunately we don't get much than that About 3 uarters of the story consists of Idrisi the geographer having lots of sex and fathering children All of the books tend to get a bitearthyat times but geez this one was just a little too much I would have been much interested in the mapmaking adventures as well as some background on the political pressures that are coming to bear Nope we get to read a lot about Idrisi's seed Hey if you're into that

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A Sultan in PalermoLtan in Palermo is a mythic novel in which pride greed and lust intermingle with resistance and greatness A Sultan EpubIt echoes a past that can still be heard toda. If you think Islam beats out Christianity for brutality you will think again after reading this historically accurate novel by British Pakistani historiannovelist Tari Ali It takes place around 1150 in Sicily during the period when the Normans had accomplished a peaceful takeover of power from the Arabs But the Vatican politics and thirst for power stopped at no form of inhumanity Ah but you already knew that right I always appreciate a historical perspective on current events Ali gives a very nuanced picture this is no good guy vs bad guys story He spices up the plot with a few juicy sex scenes