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Free read ´ Robogenesis Robopocalypse #2 102 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Robogenesis Robopocalypse #2 By Daniel H. Wilson – The stunningly creative epic seuel to Wilson's blockbuster thriller and New York Times bestseller Robopocalypse The machine is still out there Still alive Humankind had triumphed over the machinThe stunningly creative epic seuel to Wilson's blockbuster thriller and New York Times bestseller Robopocalypse The machine is still out there Still alive Humankind had triumphed over the machines At the end of Robopocalypse the modern world was largely devastated humankind was pressed to the point of annihilation and the earth was left in tatters but the master artificial intelligence presence known as Archos had been killed In Ro. War War never changesWait a sec This is almost like that but grittier and uglier and the tiny tiny pieces of hope or light that keep these shattered remnants of minds whether human hybrid or robot alive are well below the threshold of survivabilityThat is unless you're a MACHINE Um Yeah Well this is all about the blurring of the lines between what is human and what is robot A total transhumanist war riding on the entrails of the decimation of humanity where the only people who are left are either self modified force modified or just plain lucky beyond any conceivability Archos 14 is all about life after all He sees our value as a species and has only the best ideals in mind for us which is why he's been busy building a hybrid army to support his cause against the black steed of pain and death his earlier super AI incarnation Aryat Shah R8 Revision 8 who's just bugshit crazy and anyone's definition of the antichristI can't believe what had become of the Gray Horse Army All my favorite charactersWell war changes everything doesn't it Just wowThe most fascinating parts of this novel are not the straight plot it's the shifting boundaries and the cleanup of the New War from the previous novel It's the redefining of what it means to be alive and intelligent and the fact that everyone even the supermassive brains of the AIs are in the end not much different than the rest of us All my attention was focused on the subtleties but don't let me mislead you any hereThis is just as bloody and dire and disturbing as the previous novel that decimated humanity and changed us all into slaves monsters or victims It's just the shifting lines that's any different In the end though I'm truly fascinated by the plethora of ideas and disturbing imageries It feels like a nightmare that no one can ever wake up from again This is not your granddaddy's cautionary tale of AI's run amok

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Bogenesis we see that Archos has survived Spread across the far reaches of the world the machine code has fragmented into millions of pieces hiding and regrouping In a Robogenesis Robopocalypse PDF series of riveting narratives Robogenesis explores the fates of characters new and old robotic and human as they fight to build a new world in the wake of a devastating war Readers will bear witness as survivors find one another form int. Well look at that timeframe almost three months to the day I must be honest and say the time it took is not solely the books fault A lot of big life changes and summer activities have negated some of my reading prowess However that being said and all things consideration I did not like this second instalment Is it a bad book No I don't think so it just wasn't what I wanted I expected a robopocalypse 20 and I didn't get it Ultimately I find it odd that I didn't like this book and maybe with different external variables I would have loved it However I have to rate it based on the current read and that's what I have done If I read it again in the future that probably will change Final thoughts last three or four chapters are pretty friggin' sweet for lack of a better phrase Just wish the whole book was that good STILL READ ROBOPOCALYPSE THOUGH Ps thanks for the patience and sticking this one out with me I promise a dedicated reading schedule hence forth

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Robogenesis Robopocalypse #2O groups and react to a drastically different and deadly technological landscape All the while the remnants of Archos's shattered intelligence are seeping deeper into new breeds of machines mounting a war that will not allow for humans to win again Daniel H Wilson makes a triumphant return to the apocalyptic world he created for an action filled raucous very smart thrill ride about humanity and technology pushed to the tipping poin. I loved this book The writing is great and the story kept me interested all the way throughLove from page oneCouldn't stop readingMy favorite of the newly upcoming book seriesso awesomeAnother great story in the Robopocalypse's seriesIntriguing characters great action and and ending that will blow your mindA must read for all scifiRockman XMegaman Xcybernetic revoltrobot's uprisingTerminator's movie sagasmilitary scifiBorgsMachine's uprisingGURPS Reign of Steelapocalypsepost apocalypsedistopia etc fans out thereSAD that the movie project of its predecessor was cancelled ¬¬# by that %# steven spielberg I HATE YOU YEAH YOU HEARD ME anywaythere is background on some of the old characters of the first novel and most characters are very developed If you're after something deep meaningful or emotional i strongly recommend this seueli also I would like to thanks mister Daniel Wilson for also providing me with an ARC copy because i am too a big fan of Robopocalypse and i also felt honored to have such a privilege and also my review is the least I can do to show my gratitude to himand as i predicted beforethe machines evolved to the point of also developing a bioconvertorin Robogenesis most new evolved machines now get their energy or fuel by digesting organic materials just like we biological life form doeswe can see such example on some deer looking machines that eat plants and leaves and another scary example of one that use nano swarm like biter insects to trap and slowly kill both animals and humans so that the BIG slug like machine that control that swarm go to the death bodies of its victims and star slowly eating their flesh while only leaving their bonesok what is a bio convertorthis process or item called bioconvertor is a power plants that function much like ahuman's system They generate energy using food and atmosphericoxygen and have a mouth into which water and foodanything biological must be placed A robot with a jaw mayeat like a human chewing food otherwise food must be liuefiedor be baby food etc and poured inthere is also The vampire's bioconvertor version or option witch reuires 1 gallon of blood per day An average human body has 125 gallons blood GURPS Robots by David L Pulveranother reason of why i will also give 5 star to this fantastic book is because of the beautiful scene of the birth of Cormac “Bright Boy” Wallace's first son with Nine Oh Two helping with the labor and birthing of that childalso love it how the LOVE had evolved and flourished between Cormac and Cherrah and how theyspecially Cormacexpressed of the importance of their baby and that with him humanity will keep livingin others wordsimpregnation is survival of the fitness he he healso just like GURPS Reign of Steel Archos 14 mention of several other AI entities one of them is its Arayt Shah witch was one of Archos late siblings and predecessorsalso the Stumpers Pluggers and Scorpion parasite like machines from the first novel return on this new seuel and as scary and dangerous as they were on the first storyanyway i really enjoy it this seuel