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The Gervais Principle Summary ó 104 ´ [KINDLE] ✽ The Gervais Principle Author Venkatesh G. Rao – The complete Internet cult classic series the Gervais Principle plus a bonus essay on the movie Office Space and a TV movie and reading guide for connoisseurs of workplace politics Written in six part The complete InterS of workplace politics Written in six The Gervais ePUB #10003 parts between and by Venkatesh Rao on ribbonfarmcom and Slashdotted twice this widely acclaime. I don't write book reviews but this is by far one of the most insightful and brilliant pieces of commentary I've ever read The fact that it's based on The Office a personal favorite makes it all the enjoyable

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D series examines organizational dynamics through the lens of the NBC show The Office and offers a comprehensive tragic philosophy of work for the modern wor. I don't think that it's overdoing it to say that this book really a series of curated blog posts will probably change how you think about work As a synthesis of the Peter Principle thesis and the Dilbert Principle antithesis The Gervais Principle is a fitting synthesis of many timeless theories of organizational genesis growth and stagnation as well as organizational coercion and internal politics It's an easy read and well worth your time although it is as the introduction states a bit of a matrix book; it's hard to look backwards and does really force some real self reflectionIt's hard to describe this; I got some of the same feelings I got while reading Finite and Infinite Games and there are just so many zen like counterintuitive concepts within the overall framework that you should probably just go read it Phrases like the mediocre will inherit the earth happiness is a social construct and in traditional accounting you'll have a net deficit of blame all jostle for position within a somewhat counter cultural but relatively resonant world viewAt the end of the day the Gervais Principle is something that will stick in your head and provide a valuable mental model for navigating the world Like all mental models they are most valuable in aggregate but that doesn't diminish the joy in finding a new one

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The Gervais PrincipleThe complete Internet cult classic series the Gervais Principle plus a bonus essay on the movie Office Space and a TV movie and reading guide for connoisseur. What the heck did I just readDo you think everything from The Office was incredibly true to life Do you want someone to explain to you the underlying principles that make the world work as depicted in The Office Do you agree that companies are made of exactly three types of people Losers Clueless and Sociopaths I am not making this up No Then I suggest you not read thisThis felt like an attempt at the Forer effect that got too specific and got all the specifics wrong A lot of individual parts of the book rang at least somewhat true I'm sure everyone has heard seen some amount of empty posturing Posturetalk in this book But the book claims only middle management does Posturetalk and they do it 100% of the time Upper management instead does Powertalk which is like Posturetalk except there are real stakes Except when they are talking to ICs at which point upper management does Straight Talk where they say exactly what they mean Really upper management never does any empty posturing Middle management never has anything at stake The entire book was like this and none of it matched up to my experience