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Characters º Culture and the Death of God Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Culture and the Death of God By Terry Eagleton – New observations on the persistence of God in modern times and why “authentic” atheism is so very harEligion the possibilities of culture and art as modern paths to salvation the so called war on terror’s impact on atheism and a host of other topics of concern to those who envision a future in which just and compassionate communities thrive Lucid stylish and entertaining in his usual manner Eagleton presents a brilliant survey of modern thought that also serves as a timely urgently needed intervention into our perilous political prese. This book comes from 2008 Terry Lecture Terry lecture series is an endowed Yale University lectureship on religion in the light of modern science and philosophy In other words it is explicitly foster a religious thought process sustainable in the modern age It is not a forum to give voice to atheism but to its most articulate opponents Professor Eagleton blazed in with a combination of unabashed contempt for atheism deeply felt resonance with Marxism and a voice with pithy witty declarations In general I found this book thought provoking and entertaining There are many uotable turn of phrases Yet there are too many declarative sentences seemed to be around the same idea Of course it was a lecture series The format of lecturing may reuire such style and tones Yet I have learned some useful insights1 What is the new Christian theology Not God as a very large and powerful creature” nor providing a rival view of the universe to science In such light the new atheists were attacking obsolete or extreme views of Christianity by assuming that all Christians are creationists or fideists believing knowledge comes from faith or revelations These points were settled a long time ago by theologians such as Thomas Auinas I did not know previously To say that religion is pseudos science is missing the point Religion is about ontological issues metaphysical issues such as meaning of life while science is about ontic features of things My own analogy is building a piano science and technology and emotional response to music from piano religion A useful uote from Professional Eagleton“God the Creator is not a celestial engineer at work on a superbly rational design that will impress his research grant body no end but an artist and an aesthete to boot who made the world with no functional end in view but simply for the love and delight of it”2 Can humanism replace God The author argues strongly against such “self authorship” as delusional arrogant and dangerous Without being checked by a higher power human desire and drive exercised under “free will” often leads to unmitigated disasters The author also argued for the uniue “strangeness” of Christianity embodied in the Jesus — a misfit a loser a counter social — yet it is about kindness justice and love He said“Salvation rather bathetically turns out to be not a matter of cult law and ritual of special observances and conformity to a moral code of slaughtering animals for sacrifice or even of being splendidly virtuous It is a uestion of feeding the hungry welcoming the immigrants visiting the sick and protecting the poor orphaned and widowed from the violence of the rich “The basic animal and social instincts would be to weed off the weak spur off the strangers concentrate resources on the rich and powerful if one is to read Darwinism broadly From its wellspring however flowing and creative can hardly justice a dominating conscious as the “meek shall inherit the earth” In this sense God is transcendent from human nature 3 Linking to contemporary issue such as terrorism and commercial culture the author points out the conseuences of a Godless world without true understanding of one and other Multiculturalism is just a shallow facade to mask the profound indifferences toward other’s thinking He said bitterly of today’s developed world “an unholy melange of practical materialism political pragmatism moral and cultural relativism and philosophical skepticism All this so to speak is the price you pay for affluence”In the end the author asked his audience to think differently of the labeling of each ideological allegiance to confront the tragic nature of human history

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New observations on the persistence of the Death Kindle #211 God in modern times and why “authentic” atheism is so very hard to come by How to live in a supposedly faithless world threatened Culture and PDFEPUB or by religious fundamentalism Terry Eagleton formidable thinker and renowned cultural critic investigates in this thought provoking book the contradictions difficulties and significance of the modern search for a replacement. Overwrought overanalysed somewhat cryptic and a bit repetitive yet despite the flaws its central argument is worth exploring I enjoyed the opening chapters in which Eagleton sets out his premise and then goes on to expand on it with an overabundance of references and allusions to already held knowledge This right there might be the problem Maybe I need to bone up on the intellectual history of European Enlightenment before reading an advanced level dissection of the same view spoilerI have not finished the book I'm putting it 'on pause' and don't intend to return to it till I know than what I know on the date of writing this review hide spoiler

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Culture and the Death of GodFor God and the Death eBook #180 Engaging with a phenomenally wide range of ideas issues and thinkers from the Enlightenment to today Eagleton discusses the state of religion before and after the ironies surrounding Western capitalism’s part in spawning not only secularism but also fundamentalism and the unsatisfactory surrogates for the Almighty invented in the post Enlightenment era   The author reflects on the uniue capacities of r. I may poke a bit of fun at it in the updates but this is a well done intellectual grand narrative of modernity and the enlightenment's struggle to replace God in an ever evolving dialectic between culture and religion especially in culture both high and popular attempting to fill the much anticipated vacancy to be filled by the death of God It is Well done with emphasis on continental figures but a great story