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Free Room for More Cranberry Inn #2 kindle ✓ eBook ☆ Beth Ehemann Ï [PDF / Epub] ★ Room for More Cranberry Inn #2 ✪ Beth Ehemann – Single mom Kacie Jensen’s life completely changed when she met dreamy easygoing hockey star Brody Murphy and fell into a love aYear of his hockey playing career Worse yet it could drive her greatest love out of her life forever Can Kacie do right by her daughters and keep Brody’s for More Cranberry MOBI #9734 heart now that her past has unexpectedly returnedCharming and enticing Room for More is the captivating second chapter in Beth Ehemann’s Cranberry Inn serie There is just something so enchanting about this series Brody and Kacie along with the twinkies warm my heart every time Beth Ehemann has a knack for writing realistic relationships with realistic problems Brody is the perfect significant other and Kacie is the strongest protagonist I have been introduced too in a while I just found out that Brody's friends Andy and Viper have their own books and I am beyond ecstatic This book had a little bit turmoil and emotions than the first However it wasn't overly angsty or dramatic Someone returns suddenly back into Kacie's life and she is struggling to tell the twinkies and Brody If you have read the first book than you know who I am referring too Ehemann executed it perfectly so there was no aggravating moment where you would want to strangle fictional charactersI really can't recommend this series enough It is a perfect novel to sueeze between some dark egdy romances The humor and love will sweep you away Just take the plunge and read it4 stars

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Er a five year absence begging to be let back into their daughters’ livesWith Brody’s game schedule Room for Kindle turning their relationship long distance Kacie can keep her ex’s reappearance a secret for a while She doesn’t want to hide her ex from Brody but this news could take his head out of the game during the most important FOUR AND HALF STARSOooooh this one had angst in it which I LOVED ♥Room for More picks up where the epilogue in book one left off Brody is back in season and it’s his contract year The pressure is on him because he’s no spring chicken any Kacie is working at the hospital along with doing her mom duties Her past has resurfaced and is complicating her future I was excited for the angst in this book because it made the couple fight for their relationship When their summer romance turned into it had a real life feel to it because of all the turmoil that came along with being together Brody had me swooning over his thoughtfulness His timing was spot on and he knew just the right thing to say to melt your heart Cranberry Inn is a great two part series that leaves you smiling when you get to the end I’m looking forward to reading books by Ms Ehemann She has a great career ahead of herSERIES 2 part series Novella #25I've heard the author is going to make another book with Viper the fellow hockey player To find out when the his book will be released click here

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Room for More Cranberry Inn #2Single mom Kacie More Cranberry ePUB #8608 Jensen’s life completely changed when she met dreamy easygoing hockey star Brody Murphy and fell into a love affair she’d never imagined possible Now it seems like nothing can get in the way of their blossoming relationship until Kacie’s ex boyfriend and the father of her twin girls appears aft 4 stars After I finished Room for You I jumped straight into Room for More It was just as sweet and swoony as Room for You There was a bit angst but that didn't bother me I still adored the story If you've read the first book you know at the very end Zach comes back into the picture Kacie and Brody have to figure out how to navigate their relationship with these new obstacles On top of that Brody has something going on in his family life It's not an easy time for their relationship but true love can always make it through right I love Brody and Kacie together I love their Twinkies so much and I loved how the story turned out Once again I listened to the audio version of the book and zoomed through it in a matter of two days I'm jumping into the third book now then going straight into Viper's book I'm enjoying these books so much You are my future Kacie You're my present and my future and if I could figure out a way to invent a damn time machine you'd be my past