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Dad TimeMax this gift book is brimming with inspiring thoughts on fatherhood from one of America’s favorite authors Features BenefitsThis is Max’s first gift book on fatherhoodIncludes stories and heartfelt uotes in a beautiful modern packageGreat gift for Father’s Day birthdays or any time of year. Great book although it is nothing but clippings from other books that he has written If you like his style you will have a lot of good stories all based around Dads

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Ow just the right word to say in a uiet moment They are always there to provide lend a helping hand or be our biggest cheerleaderMax Lucado perfectly captures the heartfelt sentiments that millions of readers share on what it’s like to be a dad Filled with uotes and stories compiled from books by. You know there is something about Max Lucado's writing that makes me smile I felt it as it was gently written and with such compassion He truly admires GodI remember the first time that I encountered Max Lucado's work was with the book God Came Near and just as the same thw book makes me feel at ease and filled with gentleness and compassion I love his writting style and whatever he puts into the book to make me feel like this This is a great book and it contains what a Father and a father would do just the same but in different dept and different extremes the father could only do this it is not his fault he is not God but the Father could do this because He is GodAnyhow there are tons i mean tons of senstences that i have highlighted in this book because it so touching this book even makes me want to hug my dad so much So here are some of the tons that I have highlighted on this bookA father is the one in your life who provides and protects That is exactly what God has done—He Still Moves StonesWe never outgrow our need for a father’s love We were wired to receive it GraceThere are times in your life when everything you have to offer is nothing compared to what you are asking to receive and God who knows what it is like to lose a child empowers his sonChildren are like wet cement What is modeled for them imprints their characterEvery parent melts the moment he or she feels the full force of parenthood When I think about someone wiping away my tears I think about Dad His hands were callused and tough his fingers short and stubby And when my father wiped away a tear he seemed to wipe it away forever There was something in his touch that took away than the drop of hurt from my cheek It also took away my fear—The Applause of HeavenNo price is too high for a parent to pay to redeem his child No energy is too great No effort too demanding A parent will go to any length to find his or her own So will GodIt is right to call God Holy; we speak truth when we call him King But if you want to touch his heart use the name he loves to hear Call him Father—The Great House of GodMy child’s feelings are hurt I tell her she’s special My child is injured I do whatever it takes to make her feel better My child is afraid I won’t go to sleep until she is secure I’m not a hero I’m not a superstar I’m not unusual I’m a parent When a child hurts a parent does what comes naturally He helpsEnvision a father helping his son learn to ride a bicycle The father stays at the son’s side He pushes the bike and steadies it if the boy starts to tumble The Spirit does the same for us; he stays our step and strengthens our stride Unlike the earthly father who eventually releases his grip on the bike and allows his son to journey down the road on his own the Holy Spirit never leaves He is with us to the end of the ageIt’s much easier to die like Jesus if you have lived like him for a lifetime—No Wonder They Call Him the SaviorWhen it comes to kids and family it is a lot easier to make money than to make up lost time i agree to this though my dad is always on work he never looses time with usTurbulent times will tempt you to forget God Shortcuts will lure you Sirens will call you But don’t be foolish or naive Do what pleases God Nothing nothing less And for heaven’s sake think twice before you press that throttlePour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children” Lamentations 219 NKJVJesus says so little about parenting makes no comments about spanking breast feeding sibling rivalry or schooling Yet his actions speak volumes about prayer Each time a parent prays Christ responds His big message to moms and dads Bring your children to me Raise them in a greenhouse of prayerHis was simple—no incantation or chant But Jesus responded He responded not to the elouence of the man but to the pain of the man i did this once as i am suffering panic disorder and depression i prayed to God simple like his but i also did rosary He does responds not that I don't have a panic disorder but the fact that this might be epilepsy but it turn out to be notIf something is important to you it’s important to GodagreeYour kids will not be perfect at least not right away Over time and with hard work things fall into place Maybe not perfect but perfectly all rightThis is a great book worth reading and makes you love your dad and the Father even


FREE DOWNLOAD Dad Time î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê [Read] ➪ Dad Time Author Max Lucado – Brimming with timeless stories and inspirational uotes this book on fatherhood from Max Lucado is the perfect gift to show Dad how much he means to the familyDads are a one of a kind bunch They can be BrimmingBrimming with timeless stories and inspirational uotes this book on fatherhood from Max Lucado is the perfect gift to show Dad how much he means to the familyDads are a one of a kind bunch They can be strong and stern yet heartfelt and gentle They may be out of touch with today’s Top Hits but kn. AmazingI enjoyed reading this book a lot As a new father I have a lot of tools to learn from this book I recommend this book to every becoming father father and people who want to manage family relationship with love I will definitely read it again God bless Max Lucado ministry