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The Good GirlI've been following her for the past few days I know where she buys The Good Epubher groceries where she works I don't know the color of her eyes or what they look like when she's scared But I willOne night Mia Dennett enters a bar to meet her on again off agai. I was promised a story like Gone Girl What I got was Gone Girl's annoying little sister Predictable and weak Also can anyone say Stockholm Syndrome

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Read ☆ The Good Girl 102 Ä ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ The Good Girl Author Mary Kubica – I've been following her for the past few days I know where she buys her groceries where she works I don't know the color of her eyes or what they look like when she's scared But I willOne night Mia De I've been following her for the pastN boyfriend But when he doesn't show she unwisely leaves with an enigmatic stranger At first Colin Thatcher seems like a safe one night stand But following Colin home will turn out to be the worst mistake of Mia's life When Colin decides to hide Mia in a seclud. The cover and title typography says “I’m smart and edgy See that reverse ‘R’ It probably means something related to why the blonde chick wants you to keep uiet Don’t you want to know why” And you know I’m all over the smart and edgy with the hint of smart edgy mindfuckThe blurb says “An addictively suspenseful and tautly written thriller” among other things and who cares if my computer is telling me ‘addictively’ isn’t a word Fuck you New Oxford American Dictionary A rich pretty girl gets abducted by a stalker into a cabin in Winterfell Minnesota to extort money from her rich daddy judge I gave 5 fucking stars to The Dark Duet I am so going to enjoy the Stockholm out of this motherclucker You don’t know me This reader says 15 STARSI tried to live the right way I tried to follow the rules but life just didn’t work out that way To be honest the suspense thriller genre is a Catch 22 territory for me because if the build up gets too winded I get impatient; if the mystery is too transparent to figure out I get pissed off and if the plot twist intended to blow my mind in the end gets too contrived I feel cheated But I still delve into this hopeless adventure because the guesswork is always fun and the characters are by extension satisfyingly complex and intriguingBased on my kindle app The Good Girl 340 pages of 3 cliched and monochromatic characters trying to relay the soporific story of Mia Dennett’s abduction with the enthusiasm of a seven year old hiding a secret I’m not so sure I’m interested to know about It was like playing a guessing game with someone who keeps on slyly tempting you by building a bland mystery but they're paying for lunch and so you have to ask them uestions and feign interest the rest of the mealThe story was told from the alternating POVs of Mia Denett’s spineless trophy mom Eve the detective assigned to her case Gabe Hoffman and her abductor Colin Thatcher in varying temporal continuity Which of course is one source of confusion since the story shifts and slides with these perspectives ie during her abduction thru ColinOwen; during the search for her thru Gabe; and after she’s been rescued when she only answers to the name of Chloe thru Eve In the aftermath she has experienced selective amnesia and you her family and the detective are trying to piece together what really happened in that cabinI rarely complain about a book outside the story and its merits but the galley I read had no chapters with no marker or warning when the POV shifts I sincerely hope that it’s an uncorrected proof issue rather than a creative writing choice but it really gave me a tough time keeping pace with the rhythm this story intended to set One moment I’m reading through ColinOwen’s perspective and without even as much as a paragraph break the POV shifts to someone else’s I guess one can imagine how much this would test one's patience especially with a story lacking the claws to dig deep enough for the reading experience to be seamless and intuitive Something has happened to my daughter Something bad It screams at me awakens me in the middle of the night something has happened to Mia I tell her we’re going outside It’s the first time I let her out of the cabin That’s EXACTLY how that scene appeared in my reader So I’d often find myself reading a paragraph back just to recalibrate EVERYTHING in my mind emotional attachment perspective character voice etc And to make matters worse I found each of the characters in this book extremely annoying with so much whining and complaining going on Everyone seems to hate their fathers and finds something to whine about in a way that was meant to earn my sympathy but gained my ire instead It was an endless circle of hate Mia whines about being rich and neglected; Colin hates being poor and how caring for his sick loving mother pushed him to be a criminal; Eve hates herself for being a weak mother and a pathetic wife; and Gabe Hoffman was just an all around dickwad with surprise a hidden heart of gold The vilification of Mia's father was ridiculously over simplified without context or depth He's bad because he's rich and came from a family of lawyers Much like how certain characters appear to be racially profiled the cold and distant Russian OB Gyne the Somali mobster which ofcourse would not have been something that niggled at me had it not been an item in a growing list of frustration points that includes pandering to my sympathies with Colin's view spoilermother suffering from Parkinson's hide spoiler

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Ed cabin in rural Minnesota instead of delivering her to his employers Mia's mother Eve and detective Gabe Hoffman will stop at nothing to find them But no one could have predicted the emotional entanglements that eventually cause this family's world to shatter. We'd built a fire from nothing but woodSo says Good Girl character Colin Thatcher bragging about his survival skills I feel that the book can be summed up similarly she'd written a book using nothing but words That's all there is to it words and words and words but very little else to recommend it to people who enjoy reading words If you disagree with me and think that words are all it takes to write a novel go read a phone book and then get back to meI honestly feel torn about devoting any amount of time to writing a review of this book but I feel cheated and would like to be able to share some words of my own I don't say a thingThat's Colin Thatcher again He's a character in this story but he doesn't do much by his own admission None of the characters do much really This book somehow has managed to garner comparisons to Gone Girl when it is the complete opposite of that successful tale Where Flynn creates complex characters Kubica gathered some paper dolls and didn't even bother to paste them to sticks and make them move They remain lifeless on each page As Colin points out he doesn't say a thing along with the other characters because the dialogue here is so painful that it is better for all concerned if the characters just cry and whine Flynn created a convoluted plot whereas Kubica took two sentences called it a story and then spent over 300 pages obscuring that story working her way backwards from the ending towards the two sentences that reveal to the reader what they're actually reading I have no knowledge of professional sportsThat's Eve the most useless mother who never mothered She has little to no knowledge of anything useful She doesn't have a job She's not a homemaker And by homemaker you meanWe have a cleaning lady you know She can't cook Supposedly concerned over the disappearance of her youngest daughter Eve only contacted Mia twice during the year prior to the abduction Now all of a sudden Eve is one of the three narrators Mrs Clueless doesn't have much to say as you can imagine so she spends some time thinking about how she met her husband and oh I'm sorry I just fell asleepDetective Whatshisface is another narrator I assume that he journeyed all the way from a bad crime writer's reject pile to come and play cops and robbers in this story What I know about Detective Whatshisface He wears clothes He forms unprofessional relationships with people involved in his cases He has no lifeHow much I care about Detective WhatshisfaceWho else Oh yes Colin The guy Um well he's this guy and he's in the story and he doesn't really talk or do anything except behave violently every now and then Really he has no redeeming ualities Unfortunately for the reader we are subjected to scenes like theseview spoilerYou look beautiful I say and she does But she reiterates in a whisper Liar She says she's never felt so revolting in her life I settle my hands on the sides of her face She's embarrassed and tries to look away but I force her to look at me You look beautiful I say again hide spoiler