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characters Teacups and Roses ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Teacups and Roses ❤ Author E.T. Malinowski – The second son of one of the wealthiest men in the city Perry Loughton longs for simple comforts but fears nobody will want him for anything but his name andHandsome boyfriend Marcus Alex just wishes the passion between them carried beyond the bedroom Then the anonymous handcrafted gifts he begins receiving make Alex and curious about their maker and the intricate devices might be the key to what’s missing from his life. 335 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsReview to follow

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The second son of one of the wealthiest men in the city Perry Loughton longs for simple comforts but fears nobody will want him Teacups and PDF or for anything but his name and his money While working as a steam cab mechanic to distract himself from his worries Perry. Rating 35 starsI think the thing that first attracted me to this novella was the title I was intrigued by the uaintness of it and when I realised that it was in fact classed as Steampunk my curiosity shot up another notch I haven't read much in the genre but what I have I've found fascinating and enjoyable I got the 'Teacup' reference straight away from the blurb but I wondered where the roses would fit Not far into and I saw exactly how the title fitted into the book and its very endearing Also think the cover suits the premise and style of the story very well too I've always loved a good historical romance especially in my favourite mm and Steampunk just adds that something extra with its twist on the genre In someways this sweet story could actually stand alone as historical if Steampunk isn't your thing because the Steampunk setting is uite subtle in this book I think because this is primarily a romance without the usual deep dark mystery and political intrigues that you usually get in the trope it's of an ' in the background ' setting with hints of an alternative historical world rather than a in depth world building For instance the fact that Perry works as a mechanic for a Steam cab Companyhis talent for making beautiful intricate machines and amazing automatons gay relationships being the norm in this universe The descriptions of the clothing All these points indicate a non traditional historical romance but they are finely drawn so I think if you've shied away from Steampunk before because you're not too sure about this type of story then it would be a nice introduction or starting point Anyway on to the story The romance itself has a slightly old fashioned feel and old worldly charm about it but at the same its also pretty damn hot The love scenes are far from uaint so if you like your stories to have some sizzle then don't be worrying about that wink Perry is the youngest son of a rich family but all he wants is to be left alone to do his own thing and tinker with his amazing contraptions whilst he falls in love with local tea shop owner Alex who he admires from afar but little does he know that the attraction is mutual Alex is in a relationship which is waning and he always looks forward to seeing the shy awkward but beautiful Perry when he arrives to pick up his employers favourite tea but of course there's a few things to clear up before these two can act on the attraction and achieve their HEA and that includes unsuitable boyfriends keeping secrets and interfering mothers Because this is just a short story I really don't want to give any away but needless to say the angst and conflict is pretty low key so you get a nice easy read that won't have you tearing your hair out whilst you follow them on their path to true love However there was one aspect of the story that just fell a touch short for me and that was the anonymous gift giving that we're told about in the book blurb That was the part that got the little romantic elf inside me all excited because I love it when someone is wooed anonymously and the fact that this was going to be done with ongoing unusual handcrafted presents sounded delightful I expected this to be made of and don't get me wrong its there in the storyline and the gifts are extremely lovely one in particular which is integral to the story but once the first and most relevant one is given the rest are glossed over in a passing paragraph we're told that he's received them and they're described but we don't see him receiving them or get his individual reactions to each of them I wanted it to be drawn out I wanted to see Alex puzzling about his secret admirer before he finds out that it's Perry and I wanted to savour the sexual tension longer so all that is reflected in my rating Then when Alex finally does find out that all along its been Perry who was the gift giver it fell a little bit flat In defence of my niggles I suppose its much harder to put everything you want into a 72 page novella and flesh it out fully but us readers are contrary sometimes and in this case I was being a greedy one Overall though I did enjoy the romance between these two engaging men and found it short sweet and satisfying enough If you want to slip in a lighter weight story between your heavier reads then this little sweetie would suffice very nicely It might not have lit fireworks under me but it gave me a nice warm buzz

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Teacups and RosesMeets tea shop owner Alex and soon shy Perry wants than their casual association With an optimistic heart and a natural talent for clockwork Perry hopes his gifts will convey the feelings he can’t yet express in words Alexander Fitzgerald lives a uiet life with his. 25 stars Originally reviewed for The Book VixenI enjoy steampunk so this synopsis of an MM steampunk grabbed my attention I liked the characters here of Perry the shy second son of the wealthiest family in the city and Alex a tea shop owner who wants a uiet life to share with someone The relationship development between Alex and Perry managed to be both tender and passionate which I likedHowever I really didn’t like the story line involving Alex’s ex boyfriend Marcus who was the boyfriend to start the novella The ending was entirely too neat as Perry’s issues with his family are miraculously solved in a conversation and both Perry and his brother find their soul mates In my opinion this little novella tried to pack too much plot into what should have been a relationship focused story review copy provided by publisher