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Read & download È Relief Valve Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì [BOOKS] ✮ Relief Valve ✸ J.L. Merrow – If you dig up the past be prepared for some dirt to stickThe relationship between Tom Paretski a cheeky plumber with a gift for finding hidden thiOnnected to her work as a barrister Meanwhile Tom’s honorary auntie’s left him a gag gift from beyond the grave that could be significant than anyone knowsPhil’s fighting against the clock to solve the case before somebody ends up dead And with the poisoner hiding a dark secret Phil’s terrified Tom could have been the target all along. Rating 35 starsContain mild spoilers for Pressure HeadSo the seuel to Pressure Head was still a pleasant read but didn't meet my expectations The book blurb explains it all a murder attempted mystery And just like the predecessor the story is heavily focused on the mystery and investigationSome interesting developments include learning about Tom's family most of all his older sister Cherry We pretty much get all the old gang back Gary Darren Dave MerlinArthur 3 and of course PhilWhich brought me to what I didn't like about Relief Valve Pressure Head left a lot to be learned of our mysterious ex cop and current PI He was an enigma in many ways with his ex husband and family We learn very little in this book and Phil still remains a mystery after all this time It kind of annoyed me But if there was one positive in Phil's development in Relief Valve it was his blatant show of affection and love to TomSo yeah it took the whole of this book but it looks like Tom and Phil are FINALLY progressing in their relationship which was a sort of relationship for the majority of Relief Valve And one last gripe I have the lack of Tom's psychic awesomeness I mean his ability to find things played a pretty huge part in Pressure Head He hardly used his ability in this book at all Part of his uirk was being a psychic plumber but he just felt likewell a plumber in this book Which is nice and all but it just left me feeling a little cheatedSo yeah of funny Tom Awesome cats Sexy Phil And mysteries galore Overall it was still a good read

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T saying soThen Tom’s prickly older sister Cherry is poisoned at her own engagement party Tom’s left reeling and not knowing who to suspect Could it be her new fiancé Gregory a cathedral canon with an unfortunate manner and a taste for taxidermy Or someone from her old writers’ circle which she left after a row Or could the attack be c. 35 starsI liked how Merrow is building their tentative relationship bit by bit nothing ready made I also liked the development in the other characters they change grow I have to admit that the humour wit compliments of Tom irked me a bit sometimes but beneath that layer the story the people in it are good and yes I'm going on to Heat Trap some time soon BR with Carol and Maya

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Relief ValveIf you dig up the past be prepared for some dirt to stickThe relationship between Tom Paretski a cheeky plumber with a gift for finding hidden things and PI Phil Morrison may only be a few weeks old but already it’s under attack Tom’s friends and family are convinced the former bully isn’t good enough for him and they’re not shy abou. I liked the first book Pressure Head but I absolutely adored this awesome seuel Relief Valve and I have to add both covers are a real treat When I finished Pressure Head I was still a little unsure of Phil I hadn't totally forgiven him for the role he played in Tom's injury and the 'strong silent macho PI' warning is accurate so I also wasn't sure how he really felt about TomThis story is told from Tom's POV and let me tell you Tom's head is the best place to be His comments thoughts and dialog had me chuckling and smiling There were even rumors I giggled Humor is hard to do but JL Merrow has it down to an art it's funny and entertaining without being coy or OTTTom and Phil are dating and things are going well “Now I came to think about it I wasn’t really sure how many actual dates we’d been on anyway Do sneaky house searches and near death experiences count Probably if you’re going out with a private investigator” As the blurb indicates there is a lot going on Tom's older sister Cherry has some news for one she's engaged to Gregory a very umm interesting man of the church and then Tom has some kind of inheritance that he will need to use his special gift to findDarren and Gary also make an appearance and have news of their ownI loved Tom and Phil's first visit to Gregory's home I could picture poor Tom aghast at all those creatures “Thank God we’re out of there That place gives me the bloody creeps It’s like Animal Rescue after the zombie apocalypse in there”Then of course there is the attempt on Cherry's life all the suspects keep Tom and Phil busy trying to figure out the who's and whys of itThe Literati and its cast of characters gave me a new insight to writer's circles and cliues although I'm sure much of it was tongue and cheek “I tried another circle first but I couldn’t get on with it Too much banging”“Er what” I had brief visions of highly educated orgies everyone uoting Shakespeare as they shagged“It was the chairman He was a little overenthusiastic with his gavel It used to give me terrible headaches” Besides the humor and just plain lightness and fun of this story I finally got what I felt was missing from the first book of Tom and Phil's relationshipPhil is still a bit tight lipped but now I'm sure he's the right one for Tom and of course the right one for Arthur and Merlin Tom's cats Phil actually surprised me once or twice with his romantic notions“There was another pause “I could probably throw together a curry”Phil sounded a bit uncertain so I thought I’d better encourage him “If it helps I’ll definitely put out after”“Bit rash making promises like that You haven’t tasted my cooking yet” I can absolutely recommend this book to everyone who's read Pressure Head and to those who haven't yet you really need to so you can then read this awesomesauce suee inducing seuel This book is 100% fun entertainment and I will do a Mandy Happy Dance if JL Merrow writes a third book about this couple I am in no way ready to let them go