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CHARACTERS Safe Is Not an Option 107 ´ [Reading] ➾ Safe Is Not an Option Author Rand Simberg – The history of exploration and establishment of new lands science and technologies has always entailed risk to the health and lives of the explorers Yet when it comes to exploring and developing the h The history of exploration anD safety has been fundamentally irrational expensive and even dangerous while generating minimal accomplishment for maximal cost This book entertainingly explains why this means that we must regulate passenger safety in the new commercial spaceflight industry with a lighter hand than many might instinctively prefer that NASA must carefully evaluate Is Not an Epub #223 rewards from a planned mission to rationally determine how much should be spent to avoid the loss of participants and that Congress must stop insisting that safety is the highest priority for such insistence is an elouent testament to how unimportant they and the nation consider the opening of this new frontier About the Author Rand Simberg is a recovering aerospace engineer with over a third of a century of experience in the space industry Early in his career he accumulated over a decade of experience in engin. A great book about how we should assess risk While it focuses on space exploration it's lessons are practical for all sorts of policy

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The history of exploration and establishment of Not an Epub #218 new lands science and technologies has always entailed risk to the health and lives of the explorers Yet when it comes to exploring and developing the high frontier of space the harshest frontier ever the highest value is apparently not the accomplishment of those goals but of minimizing if not eliminating the possibility of injury or death of the humans carrying them out For decades since the end of Apollo human spaceflight has been very expensive and relatively rare about people total with a death rate of Safe Is PDF about % largely because of this risk aversion on the part of the federal government and culture From the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station the new commercial crew program to deliver astronauts to it and the regulatory approach for commercial spaceflight providers our attitude towar. Interesting topic that I completely support and understand given my education and experience It is a shame that tax payers again support programs that are driven by politics and not mission or cost effectiveness One of many favorite uotes appears on page 156 We cannot determine the appropriate level of reuirements for our space systems either government or private if we don't understand why we're building and operating them Futher why citizens are outraged by their perceived risk of space travel than traffic deaths or other high risk activities is super unfortunate Being ignorant lacking knowledge information or awareness and unwilling to listen to evidence the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid before rendering a policy or other far reaching decision is a dangerous combination for society

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Safe Is Not an OptionEering and management at the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo California and Rockwell International in Downey California Since leaving Rockwell in he has been a consultant in space technology and business development as well as a technology entrepreneur He also advises on regulatory and market issues pertaining to commercial and personal spaceflight Mr Simberg holds multiple engineering degrees from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and a Masters degree in Technical Management from West Coast University in Los Angeles He is an adjunct scholar with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and has written many pieces for Popular Mechanics Fox News America Online PJMedia National Review Reason magazine The Weekly Standard The Washington Times and TCSDaily among others He has also written extensive essays on space policy and technology for the uarterly journal The New Atlantis. An interesting book that is moderately effective in making its point However I wanted More facts statistics stories Most of the book consisted of long uotes from various groups and organizations I would have rather he expanded his research and possibly included interviews with various people in the industryMr Simberg makes a good case that excessive caution is killing literally NASA and the American Space program by both making it risk adverse and driving up costs however he does not succeed in driving the final nail in On the cost part an area he should be strong on he is weak He mentions the arbitrariness of Man Rating rockets and talks about how this adds unnecessary cost and risk but could have expanded it with statistics to show how Russian rockets are cheaper to launch and safer to operate all the while having less oversite Perhaps he could have researched Russian uality control to see how they compare to American practices There are ton's of statistics by country and rocket system to make his point but he never brings it up Indeed while sometimes mentioning statistics as in how dangerous it was to be a test pilot or navy aviator he does not provide much in the way of figures