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characters Temptation Journal Of The Wolves Of Spruce Hollow #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ø [Download] ➻ Temptation Journal Of The Wolves Of Spruce Hollow #1 ➼ Tarrah Betts – As the Beta of the Spruce Hollow pack Roan Sabre's a dominant and self aWhen the force of nature that is his young mate finally begins to recognise the deep connection that exists between them for what it really isWill Roan's loyalty ultimately lie with his girlfriend the Were pack or with his beautiful young mate who is uickly becoming the woman who will set his blood on fi. 25 “no Jacob” StarsRemember how Jacob imprinted on baby Renesmee and it wasn't creepy at all All he wanted was to keep her safe and be her loyal protector until she grew up and would love him back Well that's pretty much the scenario we have here except Roan is no Jacob like at all The blurb on this intrigued me meeting your blood mate while dating someone else awkward But it sure didn't go the way I thought it would and the LOL thing isthat this is on several True mate and Fated mate book lists I’m going to spoiler tag the rest in case someone wants to go in completely blind which is what I did and wish I wouldn’t have 😊view spoilerThe prologue tells us this Roan has dreamed of meeting his one and only mate since he was a kid Unfortunately when he meets her she's 6 Then it FF’s 10 years so Aspen’s 16 Roan’s 26 Her “womanhood” has just ripened and Aspen is REALLY craving the D specifically Roan’s because she’s crushy loved him forever but up to this point he’s had a “caretakerpseudo big bro” type of role Unfortunately her “maturation” has changed her scent and she smells super sexy yummy to Roan Ok there’re 2 main things that will probably determine if you have the patience for this book1 The age gap ten years is a lot and technically illegal but with HUMANS and this is paranormal so that part didn’t bother me Also no funny business happens despite A’s numerous attempts except one kiss at the end and I believe there’s no tongue but don’t uote me Roan is 100% dedicated to waiting to claim her until she’s a grown up so he pushes her away a lot BUT he doesn’t help matters by constantly saying “I’m not going to rape a 16 yr old” which is ridiculous because said 16 yr old is reading the Kama Sutra and texting him pics of her boobies However inappropriate some might deem a coupling; it wouldn’t be rape well I guess statutoryvery confusinghence the heads up He further contributes to the “creep factor” by calling her “Little Girl” which if you read my reviews I absolutely loathe Moving on2 In my opinion this is the biggie because para junkies LOVE truemates It’s the magical perfect relationship where the male loves us unconditionally and think we’re the most beautiful thing in the world even if we’re wearing sweats or still packing 15 lbs of baby weight They only see us so imagine my horror when Roan is still dating 10 years after he met his bloodmate WTF Roan I haven’t come across this since that asshat from Becoming His You see Roan has needs shifters have SUPER DUPER sex drives and he was given a child mate This is tempered down because Aspen has no clue she’s his mate and is unaware of the side piece Also we’re never present for the OPP and it’s not brought up a ton BUT couldn’t he just use his hand or hell even ONS’s would be better than mini 6 month relationships Rest assured R does get some on his own medicine as he’s forced to watch his teen mate wade into the teen dating poolThere you have it if you’re still on board there’re only a few other hiccups Some dialogue is very redundant and driven home by repeating things over and over and over again Some editing issues There’re also several conflicting human vs werewolf ideals mismatched Like shifters being horny is a very standard “were” thing but the “almost 17 yr old must be 21 to mate” is very “human”Bottom Line I’m rounding up because I found it ridiculous and couldn’t look away There’s also a part where Aspen ABSOLUTELY loses her shit that I cheered her on Some of his reasoning was so far out there; I had to laugh but I can also see how others could get pissed It is told in dual POV’s so we are privy to Roan’s thoughts and he does love her but he will have a lot to make up for when she realizes that they are mates hide spoiler

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Ates deliver Roan's Journal Of The Kindle #208 blood born mate into his arms much too early he scrambles to build a life around the young curly haired Aspen Greystone without taking her as Journal Of The Wolves Of Kindle his ownEverything in Roan's carefully constructed universe is about to fall apart. It was a struggle to keep reading The male lead is a controlling jerk who cannot make up his mind and we get to read his internal back and forth in every single chapter We also get to be reminded in every single chapter that he is the beta that Aspen is his mate and that she is too young

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Temptation Journal Of The Wolves Of Spruce Hollow #1As the Beta of the Spruce Of The PDF #10003 Hollow pack Roan Sabre's a dominant and self assured Were Life's pretty good for him He's got a hot Temptation Journal ePUB #10003 beautiful girlfriend and his job as pack enforcer has earned him the respect of his pack members time and time againBut when the F. Oh no no no I demand the next book IMMEDIATELY I haven't read a book with a cliffhanger in so long that I almost forgot what one wasAlllllmostNow I get this hysterical sobbing forever I loved both the lead characters but holy hell was that wolf man stupid I kept screaming at the screen Tell the truth Just fucking tell her the truth Leave Andie and tell her the fucking truth and at no point in this book was my anger satisfied I wanted to punch him Literally punch him In the facePlease PLEASE publish the next book soon even if the editing is absolute shit I won't complain as long as I get to see the ending ASAP