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The Various Haunts of MenA woman vanishes in the fog up Haunts of ePUB #180 on the Hill an area locally known for its tranuility and peace The police are not alarmed people usually disappear for their own reasons But when. This is well written and kept me engaged although I got confused many times by the author's introduction of yet another new character We are allowed inside their thoughts which is intriguing but seemed like window dressing as most of them are not integral to the plot There is a prolonged discussion too about illness and about the pros and cons of medical doctors versus holistic and alternate therapists All of which was again not necessary to the story but was interestingThe worst thing this writer does is break with traditional story lines and kill off the main detective that you have grown to admire and sympathize with This is subtitled a Simon Serrailler mystery but he was barely mentioned in the text all we are told about him is he is handsome cold artistic and competent at his job as head of police

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ The Various Haunts of Men ☆ [Epub] ➛ The Various Haunts of Men By Susan Hill – A woman vanishes in the fog up on the Hill an area locally known for its tranuility and peace The police are not alarmed; people usually disappear for their own reasons But when a young girl an old ma A woman vanA young girl an old man and even a dog disappear no one can deny that something The Various Epubuntoward is happening in this uiet town Young policewoman Freya Graffham is assigned to the case she'. THE VARIOUS HAUNTS OF MEN Pol Proc DS Freya Graffam England Cont – NRHill Susan – 1st in seriesChatto Windus 2004 UK Hardcover – ISBN 185619714xFirst Sentence Last week I found a letter from youIn a small English cathedral town a 53 year old single woman disappears while on her daily run on “The Hill” DS Freya Graffam searches the woman’s cottage for clues and finds a hidden present; a pair of expensive cufflinks and a note saying “To You with all possible love from your devoted Me” It is surprising as no one knew the woman had been seeing any one As Freya investigates she also finds a number of other people who have disappeared from “The Hill” as wellI was annoyed by this book almost from the first page I felt drowned in a minutia of detail which had no real relevance to the plot There are too many strands to the plot many of which are just left hanging at the end Many of the characters begin as interesting but again fade off to nothing This is supposed to be a “Simon Serrailler” book but his presence in the story is negligible The subject of conventional versus non conventional medicine could have been interesting but becomes rambling instead The book is overlong and I lost interest about half way through the book and skimmed from there on until toward the end I was underwhelmed by the killer’s motive and annoyed to have the killer revealed significantly before the end of the book The end of this book was one that moved it into the category of a wall banger for me This book has been sitting on my shelf since 2004 I regret having wasted the time to read it and even wasted the money to buy it

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S new to the job compassionate inuisitive and dedicated She and the enigmatic detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler have the task of unraveling the mystery behind this gruesome seuence of even. I tend to gobble down mystery novels like peanut MM's sometimes without even noticing the colors if you know what I mean But The Various Haunts of Men stopped me in my tracks This is one of those rare finds a tense atmospheric novel that reads like the psychotic aunt of your typical British cozy Yep there's the erudite handsome detective Chief Inspector with an artistic side and a troubled aristocratic family And oh yes there's the gutsy policewoman who has a teeny crush on him and her boyish partner as well Lots of fascinating secondary characters who all come to life on the page add to the novel's texture But there is something so twisted and dark about the setting and narrative that the novel grasps you in its claws and won't let you go Not a comfortable read but often a thrilling one with sentences that you have to savor because they're so laden with foreboding Take a look at these two picked hastily and at random “A heron long legs dangling flew down into a field beside a stream and stood erect elegant uncannily still A hare raced suddenly up a slope and out of sight” Something evil is lurking on the Hill and every scrap of leaf and fallen twig conveys that Some readers were disappointed by the ending I know but I thought it was a courageous twist on the usual outcome of this sort of book Hill is definitely on my list as one of today's top mystery novelists