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A Call to Duty characters ↠ 104 Î ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ A Call to Duty By David Weber ✎ – Gym-apparel.co.uk Growing up Travis Uriah Long yearned for order and discipline in his life the two things his neglectful mother couldn't or wouldn't provide So when Travis enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy he thou Growing up Travis UriOdest interstellar trade no foreign contacts to speak of a plague ravaged economy to rebuild and no enemies looming at the hyper limit there are factions in Parliament who want nothing than to scrap the Navy and shift its resources and manpower elsewhereBut those factions are mistaken The universe is not a safe placeTravis Long is about to find that o. I got an ARC courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewLet's not dwell for too long on the cover which is definitely a reminder of older SF books design but didn't do much for me To be faire I got my share of gorgeous covers hiding stupid novels though So I assumed that the contrary might be true as wellI must also say that I never read any of the Honor Harrington novels; as a result I can't say if it's true to the Honorverse or not and can't compare it to other similar works by those authors I went into this one not even knowing what I was going into except that it seems to be military sci fi and I kind of feel like reading this genre at the moment Especially since the blurb depicted a somewhat decadent Navy and that such settings are always ripe for a lot of themes I tend to appreciateTravis Long is a young man even a teenager whose family doesn't pay much attention to his half brother Gavin is a Lord and his mother is busy with her work On a whim he decides to join the Royal Manticoran Navy both craving for a discipline he was never subjected to and for a place to be after a stunt that almost went wrong for him To be honest I'm still not sure about his motivations I would've liked to see his family problems depicted a little deeply perhaps or to be given details because as it is it seemed just a little woe is me Fortunately this doesn't last for long and Travis doesn't dwell on it for the whole novel; we only get a little reminder a couple of times The character tends to be a rule stickler which fits as an echo of what he craved On the other hand it holds good potential for inner conflict he sticks to rules but has a natural tendency to think outside the box and while the latter helps in tense situations at some point I can envision both aspects of his personality getting pitched against each other Although Travis isn't a terribly likeable young man in the beginning there's definitely room for development here He didn't strike me as a character who would forever remain the sameThe novel focuses on two major themes Travis's life in the Navy as well as the problems that it has to face later—not going to spoil and the game of politics that runs behind the scenes The Manticore system is an interesting enough setting a kingdom actually born from what used to be a corporation Manticore Ltd I have no idea how the Board ever came to decide going monarchical was a good idea but why not This is also one of those aspects I would've want to learn about However as I said I don't know the Honorverse and perhaps this is explained in another book I still wish there had been of an explanation here for readers like me In a way it reminded me a little of parliamentarian monarchies like the UK's with a king—and even a former ruler named ueen Elizabeth—who holds decisional power but not so much that he can afford to disregard Parliament's pressuresIn the novel the political intrigue runs mostly around the conundrum of what to do with a Navy that has never known a war and whose last round of battles was against some pirates one century ago Gavin Winterfall Travis's half brother plays a minor role in this but one that might expand in the next novel perhaps because he turned out to be intrigue savvy than his own allies thought at first As for the RMN itself its own people sometimes uestion their place wondering if what they do is so useful and if they'll be ready the day a real war loomsThe story itself was uite entertaining though a little heavy handed on technical and military terms; I could adapt to those and I enjoyed the atmosphere they created but they might be a problem for readers who're not keen on them The dialogues made me feel like I was really on a spaceship with operations going on following a given protocol I also enjoyed how Travis manages to play an important part thanks to his ideas yet isn't the one who completely saves the day all the time he's only enlisted not a captain or another officer and his being THE saviour who does everything wouldn't have fit in my opinion Even the way he gets rewarded reflects how Navy personnel has to traipse around potential political mishapsI'm not exactly fond of the ending though It seemed kind of predictable to meThe novel has its flaws and I wouldn't consider it as excellent but as a beginning to a series I think it sets the stage for a lot of potentially interesting developments and I certainly wouldn't mind reading the next installment 35 stars

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Growing up Travis Uriah Long yearned for order and discipline in his life the two things his neglectful mother couldn't or wouldn't provide So when Travis enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy he thought he'd finally found the structure he'd always wanted so desperatelyBut life in the RMN isn't exactly what he expected Boot camp is rough and frustrati. 35 to 4 starsA new series in the Honorverse slated to be released next week We find ourselves back before Manticore knew it had a major wormhole back before it had any spaceship building industry and soon after a Plague that wiped out much of its nascent population One of our protagonists is Travis Long who enlists in the RMN Royal Manticore Navy while his supposed friends rob a neighboring jewelry store Travis acuires a couple of monickers during basic training that reflect upon his always by the book philosophy with respect to rules and regulations The political climate on Manticore has a faction of the civilian government clambering to dismantle the Navy andor replace it with a Coast Guard like service that patrols the local system and protects merchants and miners from pirates The action ramps up when Manticore sends representatives to a Haven sponsored military surplus spaceship sale Pirates or what we are led to believe are pirates initially masuerading as legitimate buyers attempt a heist of their own on a much grander scale than Travis' juvenile delinuent buddies I flew through this plot driven action adventure space opera in just a couple of days I suspect the addition of Timothy Zahn helped keep the story zipping along so that David Weber didn't pause to infodump as he is wont to do While I like Travis and Metzger and Donnelly the book still lacked great character development Very good plot but just good character writing The Massingills came close but their screen time was too limited for me to really form the bond they deserved My thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this eARC ebook prior to its release by Baen on October 7 2014

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A Call to DutyNg his first ship assignment lax and disorderly and with the Star Kingdom of Manticore still recovering from a devastating plague the Navy is possibly on the edge of extinctionThe Star Kingdom is a minor nation among the worlds of A Call ePUB #10003 the Diaspora its closest neighbors weeks or months away with little in the way of resources With only m. A first glance this book and the whole Honorverse Manticore Ascendent series looks like a cynical attempt to milk cash out of the David Weber’s space opera stables But A Call to Duty rises above its antecedents to bring the science fiction reader close to a hard science fiction tale of coming of age in the then galactic backwater of ManticoreOne can only assume that credit to the transformation goes to Timothy Zahn creator of some of the best loved characters in the Star Wars Extended Universe Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade Zahn believable fully realized characters the reasonable approach to the science of science fiction sets him apart from his contemporariesWhile Travis Long is just a bit too prescient for comfort his leaps of logic save the day than once Nice to see the Star Kingdom having to live by its witsA good read