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Booker T HuffmanWWE Hall of Famer and winner of thirty five championship titles within WWE WCW and TNA has once again paired up with best selling coauthor Andrew William Wright to uncover Booker T’s story from his humble pro wrestling beginnings to becoming a global superstar and icon Booker T My Rise To Wrestling Royalty is Huffman’s highly anticipated follow u. I was very disappointed when this author's first book ended just prior to his entry into WCW where I had initially encountered his work and become a fan Little did I know that a second installment was coming I absolutely loved this book I'm a huge fan of autobiographies because I'm inspired by learning what people have had to overcome in order to succeed This book chronicles the failures as well as the successes in Booker T's life and career Even if you aren't a wrestling fan just reading his honest portrayal of the twists and turns of this man's life will instantly endear him to you However if you are a fan the look behind the scenes of the business makes it all the intriguing I highly recommend this book But I also recommend that you read the first installment prior to diving into this work It completes the picture perfectly

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Booker THis tag team days in Harlem Heat with brother Stevie Ray Lash to his unparalleled singles career that drew millions around the world to WCW’s Monday Nitro and onward through his unforgettable matches that led to his taking the throne as King Booker and becoming the FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME and eventually six time world heavyweight champio. This was such a great book I read Booker T's first book and loved it but this one was even better I would definitely read any books that Booker T is part of It's always great to hear the point of views of working for these wrestling organizations but to have someone like Booker T who has been in so many companies and been there for so many major moments in the sport is even better I hope that legends pen their own autobiographies

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Read Ð Booker T ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¸ [PDF] ❤ Booker T Author Booker T. Huffman – Booker T Huffman 2013 WWE Hall of Famer and winner of thirty five championship titles within WWE WCW and TNA has once again paired up with best selling coauthor Andrew William Wright to uncover Booker BookeP to the award winning Booker T From Prison To Promise in which Booker detailed his turbulent coming of age on the streets of Houston TexasRevisit two hard hitting decades with Booker T as he journeys through World Championship Wrestling WCW and World Wrestling Entertainment WWE During this time he blazed a trail of pro wrestling success on a road that took him from. If you're looking for a boring play by play of Booker's matches you found the book for you If you're after any interesting stories to be told this most certainly is a book you should stay clear of The whole book is basically done in kayfabe Booker talks about the matches he was in like they were real and rarely talks about how he felt about the match itself or the story going in For example there's a whole chapter that could have been used to discuss the Wrestlemania 19 storyline and outcome of the match but he brushes right past it and just talks about the magnitude of Wrestlemania itself That felt like a cop out Backstage stories are few and far between other than him saying he likes and respects everyone unless you take his red bulls then he flips out There saved you 10 dollars Highly disappointing book You can tell Booker doesn't want to offend anyone in the company he's currently working for WWE and it hurts the book substantially