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The Medusa Deception The Medusa Legacy #1Es where escalating violence threatens to crush herAs the episodes continue Mandy pairs up with new friend and college student The Medusa PDFEPUBRyan Taylor to find out what's happening to her and why In the process they become the object of a cult's attention intrigued by her special giftCaged trussed shackled and hunted Man. 25 stars It was an interesting and action packed story and I liked the different take on Medusa and the gorgons where they weren't the villains of the piece However it was a little to dark for my liking and I found Ryan's devotion to Mandy and her cause especially given what it cost him a little unbelievable I mean this is a girl he met once in an occult bookshop yet he is prepared to do anything to help her yet he never once seems to consider walking away

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The Medusa Deception (The Medusa Legacy, #1) Read & download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ The Medusa Deception (The Medusa Legacy, #1) Author Linda Temple – When Mandy Burkhardt a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago blacks out andDy must come to terms with her past and fight for her future in a bloody battle to the finish with even at stake than she knowsBringing legend back to life in this present day fantasy thriller the Medusa Deception gives readers a glimpse of ancient Greece and the gods their thirst for power and revenge their treachery and lie. In “the Medusa Deception” ancient tales mix with modern themes to create a book which is impossible to put down Whether you prefer tales of Greek mythology with magic fantastic beasts and capricious gods and goddesses or a modern thriller complete with car chases and a hunky detective there is something for everyone in this bookThis is a very original story with a uniue heroine in Mandy a woman caught between two worlds belonging fully to neither

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When Mandy Burkhardt a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago blacks out and lives chapters right out of ancient Greek mythology books she chalks it up to vivid dreamsBut soon her denial is shattered forcing her to face the reality of her strange and perilous journeys to a barbaric time of witches and gods gorgons and oracl. This book was great I absolutely loved it At the beginning of the story I never would have guessed all of the exciting things that Mandy would learn about herself when she was transported to ancient times As the story kept evolving she was lucky enough to have Ryan at her side to help her figure things out and also to help her get to the bottom of the mysterious things that her boss was into on his off time There was never a dull page in this book and I couldn't put it down