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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Subhashitavali An Anthology of Comic Erotic and Other Verse õ ✬ [PDF] ✓ Subhashitavali An Anthology of Comic Erotic and Other Verse By A.N.D. Haksar ✹ – This selection from the 'Subhashitavali' a celebrated verse anthology compiled by VallabhadevY Vallabhadeva in th century Kashmir offers a rich variety of erotic poetry and a wealth of lyrical and gn. The translator has two tasks with poetry; convey the literal content — the skeleton of the poem — and reclothe it in language that reflects the wit or beauty of the original That needs a fine poetA N D Haksar does adeuately I hope I don't know Sanskrit at the first though a few verses are incomprehensible The second noThe book is interesting conveying that the writers included a lot of obseuious snobs and sexists and that prostitutes shaved down there unlike respectable women then But forced syntax like Nor are you from longings free and words like uaffed give a banality which presumably betrays the original poems since they were treasured and preserved Not one of these is worth memorising asanEnglishpoem as many of the poems in are But then Merwin is a major poet Haksar is a hack


Omic verse One section is given to earthy humour and cynical satire seldom available in English renditions. A rich treasure full of witty and wise verses taken from various literary works Makes an amusing read


Subhashitavali An Anthology of Comic Erotic and Other VerseThis selection Anthology of eBook #10003 from the 'Subhashitavali' a celebrated verse anthology compiled b. common understanding has always been that Sanskrit literature is staid and serious For primarily that reason alone Subhashitavali uite a tongue twister this is a standout work in the oeuvre of Sanskrit classical literature In fact this can be a showcase work to prove how the language has produced its share of fun and flippant verseSo what is the book all about Written over 2000 years ago this consists of a uniue compilation of epigrams circlet of well said verses by Sanskrit scholars and poets including some very famous ones like Kalidasa Vyas Muni and VaalmikiThough reputed in literary circles Subhashitavali is hardly known to general readership and was never translated in English until very recently by N D Haksar – a well known translator of Sanskrit classicsWhile the book has a definite ‘heritage’ value attached to it it’s easy readable content is probably what has led to its English translation Not to add its rich compilation of erotic verses that must have been a tempting proposition for the publishers While tackling a number of themes – from nature to morality to worldly truths a la Bacon’s essays uite obviously it is the erotica that is its central highlightWarring lovers making up in bed seems to be the predominant theme here and the result is a touching yet titillating peek into marital sensuality“Lips with colour kissed awayEyes bereft of kohl tresses straggling on the face;But at dawn contentedTheir glory is Than of the night beforeWhen merely ornamented” There are other sage observations as under;“In pain look at the greater painIn pleasure on some greater pleasureTo grief and joy not surrender—Both are your foes in eual measure”While there’s no reason you cannot enjoy these translated verses one can never dismiss the chance that some of the original’s essence may have been lost here Also while some verses are extremely enjoyable there are many others that are pretty ordinarySample this“Tell me truly O my lovewhat is it you do to meto hear you is a real pleasureto see you is pure ecstasy” Or “Though they hide the heart’s desireTo begin making loveThe couple understands each otherJust by fleeting glances”So what makes Subhashitavali worth a read The very fact that these verses were written thousands of years ago offering a timeless perspective into marital eroticism with its sexual politics concept of beauty and issues of morality makes it readable enoughAlso amidst all the moral policing that one sees today with self interest groups using India’s cultural past to thrust their own agendas this piece of work uite remarkably lends a perspective into the sexual sensibilities of the timeOf course from a purely literary point of view this is a mixed bag The verses range from the pious to the profane the earnest to the cynical the elegant to the crass and the lyrical to sententiousBut for most part this is a welcome diversion from the regular stuff