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The Mirror Empire kindle ↠ 540 pages Download · Kameron Hurley ì [Reading] ➿ The Mirror Empire Author Kameron Hurley – On the eve of a recurring catastrophic event known to extinguish nations and reshape continents a troubled orphan evades death and slavery to uncover her On the eve of a recurring catastrophic event known to extinguish nations and reshape continents a troubled orphan evades death and slavery to uncover her own bloody past while a world goes to war with itselfIn the frozen kingdom of Saiduan invaders from another realm are decimating whole cities leavi Trust There’s a certain amount of trust you’ll need when it comes to reading a challenging book such as thisBook that is a masterpiece in every way But book that makes you feel uncomfortableClever political unapologetic and daring But will achieve that by uestionable deeds of uestionable charactersPacked with vivid imagination and originality like none before But it will be confusing if not given proper attentionBook that’s different Book that is very differentSo you need to trust that author intently wanted to uestion you to ask of you to shake you from most of those fantasy trope narratives you used to read about and make you follow her story the way she wanted to tell you – You unprejudiced unbiased and uninfluenced by any political or social norm you know of And not for the clear sake of aw or enjoyment of uickly passing time while reading her book But simply for the sake of experience of leading an uncomfortable conversation Mostly with yourself Is it worth it? Trusting this author to read such a book? Book that will ask you to open your mind clear it perhaps so that you can uestion real world around you? Always So what exactly is Mirror Empire ?Usually here I draw a comparison to what a book mostly resembles to “It’s This VS That” etc In this case such comparison eludes me There’s nothing I can remember that is remotely similar to a world in this book World of two suns Shar and Mora Four moons blue Para green Tira and purple Sina At the very end of archway nearly dark satellite elusive Oma When a proper moon is in orbit a certain magic user so called Jista can draw power from it So when a blue moon Para is in its zenith now Para Jista can draw its maximum power He can do it either for healing or maybe some other vicious purposeAll moons except Oma uite regularly orbit around the world and after 2000 years of hiding dark satellite emerges on the sky And when Oma approaches – destruction comes with itOma grants its few users that cling in the world still – very useful power They can open gates portals to another many of parallel worlds that exists And in one for them not so merry day we encounter a mother an OmaJista user desperately trying to protect her daughter from attacking foe This is how we get introduced to Lilia Sona and watch her escape to another parallel world Through this book we follow 5 POV characters And I will tell you one thing you will like none of them Not because they are poorly written no Actually they are extraordinarily written characters and by the end of the book none of them is the same character you met at the beginning So character progression is thereFor instance Lilia Sona She starts as a kind perhaps a main protagonist type kid You root for her she deeply cares for others and she’s smart naïve and falls in various misadventures mostly not by her mistakeAnd here comes that character progression At misadventure #973 she decides that she had had enoughShe decides she’ll take matters in her own hands But that doesn’t stop misadventure #974 from happening Neither #975 nor #976 etcFunny thing is as you’re realizing she’s simply going from bad to worse – so does she And as desperate times calls for desperate measures she does something that draws out reaction from you like “Bch you didn’t?” uite literally D And you lose your interest and don’t want to follow her any but That’s not the end of her characters progressionTake the book read the rest yourselfOK so that’s one What about the rest of the characters?Second one is Zezili Hasaria Awesome name Terrible person She’s a Wait have I mentioned this world is run by women? No? OhSo basically one of the uestions author asks is “What would have happened if a world is run mostly by women?” Same st if it was run mostly by men Take that however you wantZezili Grand Captain Lives to serve her Empress Gets the assignment to slaughter innocent pacifistsAfter genocide #15 she realizes that assignment doesn’t sit very well with her So she takes a leave goes home and rapes her husband RepeatedlyStill here? Fascinating Here’s a uote “We have one shot at this” Zezili said “so don’t fuck it up” Looking at the filthy scar faced girl next to her Zezili suspected all the girl ever did was fuck up” – Zezili’s befitting thoughts on LiliaShe has few uips “I long ago gave up trying to understand her motivations She is eual parts manic brutality and strategic fuckery”– Zezili’s thought on her EmpressAnd some random Zazili’s mumbling “People do not take actions based on logic We make choices based on emotion Every one of us Then we use what we call logic to justify our choices” “And some of us believe in freedom of the individual over the tyranny of the common good” Yes yes yes she’s not that bad no actually she is she’s a monster But as I said – characters progressionNext is Daigan Cyclical transgender assassin Yeah I know – an assassin One of the few who can use power of moon Oma Such a badass Akhio – man just wants to be shepherd and one of the many husbands of certain MeynaEnds up as a substitute leader of an entire nation instead of his now deceased sister Oh and his nation is a nation of cannibals And they eat their dead So he ate his yeahBuuuuuut exactly – characters progression And last and certainly least interesting POV character in this book – Rohimney He’s a dkNo he’s not He’s just boring Until he isn’t Boring that is He is still a dkSo If you are still reading this honestly I don’t know why you are doing that I did everything I could think of to prepare you in case you decide to give this book a tryI uite often tend to say how Steven Erikson with his Malazan Book of the Fallen series is at least 20 years ahead of all of the rest of fantasy writersIt seems to me that Kameron Hurley is first that's able to actually catch up with him earlierThis book is a masterpiece From worldbuilding through characterization to proseBut this book is not for everyone As Francis Bacon said “Some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested” No not that one Goddamn it “If a man will begin with certainties he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties”

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Ng behind nothing but ash and ruinAs the dark star of the cataclysm rises an illegitimate ruler is tasked with holding together a country fractured by civil war a precocious young fighter is asked to betray his family and a half Dhai general must choose between the eradication of her father’s peopl I had really high hopes for this book Powerful women sentient plants mirror worlds but ultimately I was left disappointedKameron Hurley has created a really interesting world There are multiple universes powers that are governed by satellites that orbit the planet and blood magic People use dogs and bears instead of horses women run the government men are used for little than sex and there are doppelgangers Sounds like the makings of a fascinating book minus the whole ineuality thing and ritualistic cannibalismUnfortunately the world is populated by boring forgettable characters I love the fact that women are so prevalent but they have no personality and are incredibly shallow I had no investment in any of them and eventually got so tired of reading about them that I speed read the last 30% of the novelThere's some plot to this book but it's bogged down by uninteresting characters and confusing factions Some characters change gender randomly and it gets hard to keep track of everyone I enjoyed Hurley's writing style but it wasn't enough to keep me interested I wish she spend time getting the reader invested in the world and characters rather than packing in so much plotAnother problem I had characters often did things because the plot demanded it rather than doing something for their own reasonsmotivation Their actions didn't feel organic and didn't make any sense They would jump from one line of reasoning to a completely different one with no rhyme or reasonI don't know if this book wasn't for me or if it's truly a dud I'll give Hurley the benefit of the doubt and say it wasn't for meD

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The Mirror EmpireE or loyalty to her alien EmpressThrough tense alliances and devastating betrayal the Dhai and their allies attempt to hold against a seemingly unstoppable force as enemy nations prepare for a coming together of worlds as old as the universe itselfIn the end one world will rise – and many will peri There aren’t too many books that make me take a step back and say “Wow” but this is one of them The Mirror Empire had an absolutely amazing beginning one of the best opening chapters I’ve ever read and just kind of steamrolled ahead from there It’s hard to describe just mind blowing a read this is It’s an utterly amazing work of epic fantasy with a feminist foundation and an abundance of strong women and which does stunning things with gender roles and relationshipsWhat Kameron Hurley has crafted here in the first book of The Worldbreaker Saga is as much a work of imagination as of ideas It’s different than anything else on the shelves often challenging in places I found myself fighting to catch up and find my place than once in the narrative but what I took away most is the feeling of complete and utter awe This is an epic fantasy in the truest sense of the term set within a naturally hostile almost post apocalyptic environment and framed by an intricate theory of mirror worlds and alternate realitiesLet me try and break the book down a little bit to talk about each of those points above First of all I want to touch on the challenging nature of the narrative Here we have a new world to understand one that’s different than anything we’ve read before We have multiple races and societies with twistedaltered mirror counterparts and a complete subversion of gender and gender roles Hurley really just drops all of this on the reader and doesn’t bother with any sort of info dumps or hand holding The learning curve is immediate and immense and she layers on new challenges throughout The ideas are so fascinating though that you can’t help but eagerly anticipate the next piece of the puzzle The challenge never gets frustrating or tiresome and even if you need to flip back and reread a few sections as you go there is an ultimate payoff for that effortAs for the world building it’s what immediately differentiates the novel Here we have carnivorous overbearing murderous plants and trees that have to be constantly fought back with sword fire and the salting of the earth The concept of the bone trees alone incorporating the splintered bones of their victims into a sort of impenetrable bark is as stunning as it is creepy Even the buildings of Hurley’s world are a product of that environment with a clear distinction between heathen constructions of stone and enlightened halls of living breathing ever growing flora Above that world of eco horrors is a series of moons in the sky orbiting the world in uncertain cycles of years or even centuries and bestowing different magical talents upon those who are able to draw upon each with the structures of power changing as each moon waxes and wanes Beneath those moons carving out their own place in the world are villages and temples that are almost idyllic and easily the most familiar representations of the genreI could write for days and not even begin to explain what Hurley has done with gender and gender roles here but it’s something worth exploring and experiencing For the most part this is a world of matriarchal societies with women taking on the roles of rulers warriors and That however is a gross over simplification There are as many as six genders in the worlds of The Mirror Empire depending upon which society we’re talking about There are assertive males and females passive males and females those who are ungendered and a rare few who can shift and flow between genders Adding to that wealth of diversity the relationships are multi layered and dynamic with polyamorous marriages involving multiple husbands and wives the norm and sexual orientations within those marriages just as fluid as the gender rolesLilia is the hero here and she is surrounded by aided by and challenged by a host of strong women like Ghrasia Maralah Nasaka and Zezili It is through Zezili that we get one of the most intimate looks at gender and gender roles in the novel with her husband Anavha a beautiful submissive man who wears cosmetics and a girdle whom she discourages from unsuitable activities like reading and whom she loans to her sisters for sexual use Theirs is a relationship that subverts the most archaically sexist expectations and yet there is love there – so much love that it spurs Zezili to alter direction and spur actions that will change the fate of worlds And then we have Taigan the genderfluid omajista who pursues Lilia an ataisa who not only changes pronouns but who physically flows through gender changes at great pain to themselvesAs for the mirror worlds themselves they are both the most fascinating and most complex element of the tale The idea of parallel worlds is hardly new and neither is the idea of marauding armies marching from one world to another However what’s uniue about Hurley’s tale is the way in which she plays with the idea of alternate worlds demonstrating how differently each has evolved or progressed as a result of decisions or events in the past What’s she has established her worlds in such a way that each individual has a mirror world counterpart one with whom they cannot coexist So you not only get the idea of parallel worlds and alternate histories but doppelgangers who have usurped their counterparts and insinuated themselves into other worlds twisting empires into driving towards their own defeat To make matters worse or perhaps even dire we are dealing with a story of genocidal warfare with alternate races fighting themselves from the other side It’s darkly philosophical and very very trippy but it all resonatesThe story does suffers from some pacing issues in the middle but once it picks up it careens along towards a pair of climaxes a clash of cultures and societies one of which is almost over too soon and the other of which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Empire Ascendant Ambitious awesome imaginative and exhausting in eual measure this is a book that is even better the second time aroundhttpsfemledfantasyhomeblog2019