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Read Ò The Final Touch ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ [Reading] ➹ The Final Touch By Betty Neels – Charity thought she had it all—marriage to respected consultant Tyco van der Brons and being a mother to his two children So why did her heart yearn for his love too She had known from the stIrs was a The Final Epubmarriage of convenience so it would be foolish to wish for anything wouldn't i. Our Betty returns to a plot she used in Uncertain Summer with a twist of course Nurse Charity Pearson has come to work in Holland on the strength of sweet nothings whispered in her ear by a handsome young doctor Alas for Charity young doc is a playboy and wasn't serious So in typical Neels fashion Charity accepts a Marriage of Convenience proposal from Tyco van der Brons classic Neels Rich Dutch Doctor he of course is already smitten; she not so much But she soon starts sliding down that slippery slope into loveThe fly in the ointment is her step sister Eunice now strolling the fashion runways and appearing in Vogue and other fashion magazine Eunice is who Louisa Winter Wedding's fashionista sister will be in 5 years time Tyco loses big RDD points by deliberately using Eunice to make Charity jealous Bad move Tyco really bad move We have our HEA of course But I wanted Charity to give Tyco a great deal grief he did not grovel anywhere near enoughNot great Neels but it will do

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To his two children So why did her heart yearn for his love too She had known from the start that the. This was such a lovely story Betty Neels reconfirms your beliefs in love and in the general goodness of mankind She makes you believe in HEA The hero Tyco van der Brons was such an amazing guy I fell in love with him immediately He was so kind and gentle and so very understanding I loved loved loved Tyco The heroine Charity was so sweet I think both Tyco and Charity are soul mates Their love was the kind of love we all look for Greek tycoons are all right but at the end of the day when you run out of clever conversations you just want to bask in the warmth of compatible silence secure in the knowledge of your love for each other

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The Final TouchCharity thought she had it all marriage to respected consultant Tyco van der Brons and being a mother. This was such a lovely story with a hero to beat all heroes I wish that every author that writes asshats would take a moment to read this book Tyco was one of the most generous souls ever penned in HN Land and I fell instantly in love with him His kindness and generosity towards the heroine was sigh worthy Right from the first moment they meet he goes out of his way to help her and guide her Though he has been dealt a raw deal in love he isn't bitter and he cherishes all those that are important to him; his family his daughters his staff his patients and of course Charity He is much older than the heroine 17 years Typically an age difference like that turns me off But not here It absolutely made sense in how they interacted and it was rather an endearing element of their relationship He said slowly When I'm seventy you will be a sprightly fifty threeWell if you are feeling your age which I very much doubt I'll be young enough to look after you won't IShe spoke in such a matter of fact way that he burst out laughing I find myself looking forward to a delightful old age He took her hands in his and she smiled up at him It is very rare that I enjoy all the books in a series I usually find one that I prefer over another But for me both books were 5 stars I highly recommend