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Monstrous AffectionsFifteen top voices in speculative fiction explore the intersection of fear and love in a haunting at times hilarious darkly imaginative volumePredatory kraken that sing with and for their kin band members and betrayed friends who happen to be demonic harpies as likely to attract as to repel Welcome to a world where humans live side by side with monsters fr. This book was supposed to be a horror anthology at least I think so but I would never characterize it as such Most stories are just plain weird and not a least bit scary As I already mentioned my favorite remains MT Anderson’s “uick Hill” which is terrific and I’d give it five starts but unfortunately it has some “lukewarm” company There is also Holy Black’s “The Rules for Being an Intergalactic Smuggler the Successful Kind” which was very entertaining Other stories are pretty forgettable as far as I’m concerned

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Om vampires both nostalgic and bumbling to an eight legged alien who makes tea Here you'll find mercurial forms that burrow into warm fat spectral boy toys a Maori force of nature a landform that claims lives and an architect of hell on earth Through these and a few monsters that defy categorization some of today's top young adult authors explore ambition. I bought a copy of 'Monstrous Affections' off eBay for one story 'Wings in the Morning' which I understood was a seuel to In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan As that was a YA fantasy romance I anticipated that the rest of this anthology would be similar The blurb states 'Fifteen top voices in fantasy fiction explore the intersection of fear and love of monsters and men and our fatal attraction to what hides in the shadows' From this I subseuently inferred that there would be banging To my surprise there is barely a mention of sex in the whole book I was pleasantly disconcerted to discover that many of the stories weren't romances focusing instead on friendship and familial love There are also a few sci fi settings to break up the urban supernatural and other fantasy worlds The stories are consistently YA though as without exception the protagonists are teenagers or student age I did not initially intend to read the entire thing in just over a day as the plan was to use it as light relief from Little Dorrit Then my period arrived and I needed a distraction from the pain 'Monstrous Affections' was ideal for this as it's very easy to read and contains a suitably interesting variety of fantastical concepts As it turned out 'Wings in the Morning' proved rather a let down It's fun and engaging in exactly the same way as In Other Lands but only adds a different point of view on the same events of the novel Luke's rather than Elliot's I had hoped to find out what happened next and did not On the other hand several other stories exceeded my expectations The most moving and atmospheric was 'Left Foot Right' by Nalo Hopkinson A memorable portrait of grief and the clear highlight of the book Several stories transpose demonic elements into the American suburbs or even present Hell as a suburb in 'Son of Abyss' As American suburbs already seem uncanny and horrifying to me without the need for demons I found that these fell a bit flat I preferred the convincingly intense teenage girl friendships and ghostly happenings in 'The New Boyfriend' and 'Mothers Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying' These two stories have imaginative and unexpected details rather than just giving high schoolers horns and tailsOther stories had appealing world building without making a strong impression overall particularly 'uick Hill' and 'Moriabe's Children' In the latter I liked the background kraken lore while finding the plot limited even for 24 pages That's always a point of tension with short stories how much plot can and should be crammed in It seems like a very difficult art Too little plot and characterisation and setting will need to be exceptional to compensate Conversely there is always a risk of trying to cram too much into a small space such that events appear truncated This latter was notable in 'Ten Rules For Being An Intergalactic Smuggler the Successful Kind' Nonetheless there were no stories in this anthology that I disliked or was bored by They all had some intriguing element and crucially were distinctive As a collection they were well chosen and a pleasantly undemanding read when recuperating on the sofa Nonetheless I am a bit disappointed about 'Wings in the Morning'

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Read Ë Monstrous Affections ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ê ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Monstrous Affections Author Kelly Link – Fifteen top voices in speculative fiction explore the intersection of fear and love in a haunting at times hilarious darkly imaginative volumePredatory kraken And sacrifice loneliness and rage love reuited and avenged and the boundless potential for connection even across extreme bordersWith Monstrous Stories ByM T AndersonPaolo BacigalupiNathan BallingrudHolly BlackSarah Rees BrennanCassandra ClareNalo HopkinsonDylan HorrocksNik HouserAlice Sola KimKathleen JenningsJoshua LewisKelly LinkPatrick NessG Carl Purce. For grouchy ElliotETA Seriously NetGalley I actually thought I would be approved