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FREE READ The Gift of Good Land Further Essays Cultural Agricultural î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê [Epub] ❥ The Gift of Good Land Further Essays Cultural Agricultural Author Wendell Berry – In the twenty four essays of this collection Well Berry stresses Tors family work land reclamation diversified land useIn the title essay Mr Berry draws parallels between the Christian notion of stewardship and the Buddhist doctrine of right livelihood He develops the compelling argument that the gift of good land has strings attached the recipient has it only as long as he practices responsible stewardship. Where has the small farm gone Why is the small farm and good bet Why have we industrialized farming Is that a good idea What can we do In a series of magazine articles Berry answers these uestions and It is time to realize the bottom line is not everything Beery realizes this and states there are other factorsto consider in choosing a profession Farming well there may be something

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He Unsettling of America the problems addressed there are still with us and the solutions no nearer to hand Mr Berry writes of his journeys to the highlands of Peru the deserts of southern Arizona and the Amish The Gift eBook #230 country to study traditional agricultural practices He writes of homesteading tools and their uses horses and trac. This book remains on my shelves as one I got in 1986 and I want to save for re reading and reference I'm especially enjoying re reading the 24th essay in which Berry works toward some sort of this worldly aspect of Biblical thought particularly drawing from a part of the Bible I'm reading now along with a group of other First Mennonite colleagues The part of the Bible Berry dives into is Deuteronomy and he acknowledges the effort to make sense of the story is especially difficult because the tribes of Israel though they see the Promised Land as a gift to them from G'd are also obliged to take it by force from its established inhabitants Berry's thinking on this matter is lively and never goes out of style

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The Gift of Good Land Further Essays Cultural AgriculturalIn the twenty four essays of this collection of Good PDF #198 Well Berry stresses the carefully modulated harmonics of indivisibility in culture and agriculture the interdepence the wholeness the oneness of man animals the land the weather and the family To touch one he shows is to tamper with them allHere he continues issues first raised in T. I am not really finished reading this book since I need to return to and reconsider so many of the essays in it They are so wise in their valuing of earth keeping work and so well written so attentive to the craft of proseWhen I was younger Berry struck me as somewhat hectoring in tone remote and austere I don't feel that way at all now He seems to me to have sensed something decades ago that the rest of us have only begun to feel—something about the need to do things and not simply to think or direct or administer them to work with your hands and your mind Consider this insight contrasting the work of gardening and the labor of exerciseIt may take a bit of effort to realize that perhaps the most characteristic modern 'achievement' is the obsolescence of the human body Jogging and other forms of artificial exercise do not the restore the usefulness of the body but are simply ways of assenting to its uselessness; the body is a diverting pet like one's Chihuahua and must be taken out for air and exercise A garden gives the body the dignity of working in its own support 168I wish I could write that well But I suspect that in order to do so I would need to be not just a better writer but to have lived a different sort of life This is a truly remarkable set of essays