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Karate StupidThe Japanese Instructors’ Course is infamous in the Karate world In it had been running for years with less than one hundred people successfully completing it – only four of which had been non Japanese In the same year Scott Langley was at the top of his game a third degree black belt captain of the British JKS National Team and JKS European and World Champion He moved to Japan with a secret plan – to be the fifth foreigner to complete the course This is the true story of Scott’s Journey spanning five years chronicling the highs and lows of facing karate’s toughest challenge and how he learnt to survive and never give inIn Autumn Scott sent this book to his Sensei in Japan for their approval They responded immediately declaring the book to be full of lies and misrepresentations of Japan and forbade him to publis. I ordered the book on and devoured it in a single afternoon Great honest read and gives a good insight in what separates hobbyists such as myself at this point and truly dedicated karatekaIt also sends a clear warning about the politics in the karate world and I'm interested in reading further books on the development and current state of the JKAS and affiliates in the shotokan karate world

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Ed for the Japan Karate Shotorenmei national team While at university he trained daily at his university club and under the guidance of Sadashige Kato th Dan By the time Scott graduated he was a rd Dan and had become one of the youngest people to win the JKS World Championships But this was just the foundation of what lay ahead In Scott moved to Japan to train full time at the World Headuarters In he was invited to enter the elusive instructors’ course and after two years of intensive training graduated becoming only the fifth westerner to complete the challenge He moved to Ireland with a mandate to promote the JKS within the British Isles Within a decade Scott’s group had become the biggest single style association in the UK and Ireland and was as big at the JKS in Japan He now teaches fulltime at wwwhombudojokaratec. A fascinating read about a young man's 2 year sojourn in the JKS hombu headuarters dojo completing their infamous instructor course only the 5th westerner to do so in 55 years Brutal reading and telling the truth about his experience got him kicked out of the society for good It's an enjoyable look inside an area of Japanese culture even rigidly stratified than the mainstream society

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Characters ï Karate Stupid 102 ï [PDF] ✩ Karate Stupid By Scott Langley – The Japanese Instructors’ Course is infamous in the Karate world In 1997 it had been running for 50 years with less than one hundred people successfully completing it – only four of which had been The Japanese Instructors’ Course is infamouH it He was suspended for a month and then affectively expelled in January Suddenly his year relationship with Japanese karate had abruptly come to an end This had been major a part of his entire karate life and he had dedicated himself to its values and rules running a karate organization in Ireland for over ten years He never wanted to jeopardize his position or damage the reputation of the group However unfortunately the sacrifices he made during this true story are nothing compared to the sacrifices he has had to make to publish it About the Author Scott Langley began karate in Showing a rare combination of aptitude dedication and love of the art Scott rose through the grades at a steady rate In he gained his black belt However this was just the beginning He uickly began winning national competitions and in was select. I enjoyed reading “Karate Stupid” by Scott Langley “Karate Stupid” is an inspirational read for anyone looking for motivation and self discovery Langley a UK resident and graduate of Keele University where he majored in geography and anthropology his minor would seem to have been in Karate If karate was actually offered as a course curriculum it would have been his major as he indicates in the book that he studied karate than any of his university courses while pursuing his degree “Karate Stupid” all of the blood stained pages are Langley’s detailed and explicit memoir from his days studying karate in Tokyo Japan at the world headuarters of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei the JKS for short He spent a total of five years in Tokyo and surrounding area from 1997 to 2002 The story rings true the names of the participants may be the only fictitious portion that is no doubt Langley’s method of protecting the innocent and the guilty The story of one young mans struggle to overcome obstacles Langley’s story is a detailed account of the trials and tribulations that life can throw at you when you have set your sights on a lofty goal His dream to become one of the few foreigners to graduate from the renowned JKS instructors’ course a world respected Japanese martial arts organizationI found myself constantly comparing my life struggles with the battles that Langley faced His stick to it attitude and succeed at all costs out look on life had me rooting for him throughout his travels He faces many situations where fight or flight instincts would have had the majority of rational human beings taking the path of least resistance and fleeing the country The book comes off at times as a self study on the psychological effects of Langley’s perceived torture and his own masochistic tendencies During his last two years in Tokyo at the Hombu school Langley delves deeply into his own psyche always maintaining a voice of reason and humour as he tries to determine the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths He comes to the realization that both apparently lack a conscience The people he reveres and respects the most his Japanese teachers and fellow students engage in behaviour that harms him and they do so with no feeling of guilt or remorse The aim as he sees it is to create a better individual the result is that he is constantly trying to put himself back together physically emotionally and mentally Langley’s book will appeal to anyone even mildly interested in karate especially Shotokan karate the style that the JKS follow Having said that I believe this is one of those well written memoirs in the style of CW Nicol’s contemporary classic “Moving Zen A Way To Gentleness” or “Angry White Pyjamas” by Robert Twigger