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Sex and Crime Oliver's Strange Journey epub ¿ Paperback × [PDF] ❤ Sex and Crime Oliver's Strange Journey ⚣ Oliver Markus Malloy – A raw uncensored and brutally honest glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicts Shocking heartbreaking and mesmerizing Once you start reading you won't be aA raw uncensored and brutally honest glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicts Shocking heartbreaking and mesmerizing Once you start reading you won't be able to stopOliv If self indulgence and egocentric writing were what stars were made of then this book would be a blazing five Unfortunately for this author what makes a book or story score high marks are1Engaging and interesting characters – I didn’t find a single one2Story line that beckons the reader to submerse themselves in the author’s premise – I can not with certainty ascertain what the story was about I know that it was a dissertation of the main character’s exploits but the author failed to give me a reason why this character was special or worthy of my time and energy 3Interesting dialogue “Look you gotta pay me 7 And really you owe me a lot for all that driving around because that wasn’t just a regular short round trip But at least pay me the 7” This was spoken after the character gets out of the car with a crowbar in hand The author shows no aversion to the F bomb in his writing yet when he has a legitimate time to use it; it is nowhere to be found 4Gang buster ending no such luck The problem starts with the author’s choice of writing in first person It happens often with early writing attempts by new authors It seems like the easiest way to tell his or her story It is not It is the hardest and most limiting form in writing and not for the novice This work would have been so much entertaining if the author had opted for a third person omnipresent narrator

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Er moves from New York to Florida Battling with depression he gets sucked into the seedy underworld of Fort Myers where he encounters a number of female drug addicts He empa This was not for me I felt like he came off judgmental right off the bat but I kept trying to give it a shot I stopped about 15% of the way in when it started sounding racist to me just as he was saying he isn't racist

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Sex and Crime Oliver's Strange JourneyThizes with them because of his own traumatic past Oliver feels compelled to try to help them escape the addict lifestyle but he soon finds out that he is in way over his he I have to say I really liked this book and I wasn't so sure I would when I began reading it I haven't ever read anything uite like this either Oliver takes us through his many relationships with these troubled women and he basically encounters many forms of addictions within them Through out all his ordeals with them that's lack of a better word he finds himself analyzing their behaviors which allows him to hang in there with them long long after he should have run away from them He makes it clear in the book he was and is no angel himself which is nice because he doesn't portray himself has a complete victim which he could have done I think the one addiction he may not have fully explored was his own addiction with love and his need to 'save' these girls from themselves which explains his draw to them The average reader may read this and think he is either way too nice of a guy or a guy who has no back bone and is just a doormat or someone who is just incredibly naive But I would say everything he does in relationships as an adult is also a result of his own childhood just like the girls he encountered These girls were addicted to sex and drugs while Oliver is addicted to love and wanting to take care of someone and 'saving' them from a life of addiction death and abuse His father was an alcoholic who abused his mother and he couldn't help or fix either one of them because he was just a kid It took his father dying to save him and his mother I am sure deep down there he wished he could have saved them both and have them both in his life in a normal healthy way as that is what children who grow up in these situations all want So I believe he was renacting this in his adult life with these girls but he couldn't save them either So in reading this book don't judge him or even them harshly I was waiting for him to make this connection in his book but like so many people in his situation he was too busy trying to figure out the ones he wanted to save instead of figuring out why he would put himself through this But overall I liked the perspective he had in this book because I have never read or heard anything from a man in this position before this For him to put this out there for the world to read is pretty brave and I think this book has the ability to help anyone who is in a situation like his I also really liked many of the uotes and statistics he used in his book you really gain an awareness of prostitution and drug addiction from reading this Overall this was a good read no pun intended there