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One seeking his long lost friend and the other on a uest for the truth Along the way each discovers himself as well as a new love that neither of them thought possible. I really like how the author uses symbols of astrology for each of the racenation I love the idea of the androgynous trait of the Auarians; it was a very original idea The characters are very well developed and I enjoyed the plot The battle scene was a little weak because it lacked depth and there were some confusing aspects of the Summoners But overall it's a great book and I already recommended it to a friend and can't wait for the seuel

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Eternal ShadowIn a mystical world without sunlight a young androgynous princeess becomes entangled in a web of secrets and conspiracy With the eleven kingdoms preparing for war and. 35 StarsThis is a very hard story to review Basically the Lord of the Heavens had twelve children He gave each child a part of this planet The youngest child Leo who was also the Lord’s favorite got the Sun The other children were jealous of Leo’s gift and eventually burned his kingdom to the ground then captured and imprisoned him The sun was broken up amongst the remaining eleven which weakened its light causing the planet to be cast into darkness When each sibling was on their death bed they passed their portion of the sun to a close friend who became the first Oracle which allowed the sibling to live on as a God Through the generations the sun relic has been passed down to the direct descendants of the first Oracles Anyone who is not of this line and touches a relic will dieNow it’s in the present There are eleven kingdoms and each kingdom is vastly different from the next The eleven kingdoms also worship a different God one of the eleven siblings The story centers around Dion Dion is from that kingdom that does not have a gender Everyone is both male and female His people are said to be the most beautiful of the eleven kingdoms Dion is the crown prince but he has no desire to rule All he wants is to be reunited with his best friend who happens to be the Oracle for his kingdom They’ve been parted for years but Dion has only known happiness when he was with his friend On the battlefield he is saved by enemy of his people an Arien name Mors Mors has his own demons to fight and agenda Though each one is immensely different they work together to succeed in their goals There is A LOT going on in this story You have the world building all the different forms of people numerous characters and a couple different story lines It took me a while to really get into the story because there was too much going on Once I did I really enjoyed it It was a good adventure story The romance part was pretty tiny It was sort of brushed over but the journey throughout this world was interesting I am hoping that the next book will be for focused in its story since the world has already been built up in the first book If you want to read this story be prepared to battle through the first 25% Once you get comfortable with the characters species and world the story is good and exciting view spoilerI would say this book is a HFN with just a touch of HEA Not much though because a lot of stuff goes unanswered hide spoiler

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Eternal Shadow Free download ä 108 ò ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Eternal Shadow Author Nicole Cambridge – In a mystical world without sunlight a young androgynous princeess becomes entangled in a web of secrets and conspiracy With the eleven kingdoms preparing for war and with a dangerous religious cult i In a mystWith a dangerous religious cult in power he finds himself in an unlikely partnership with a wanted criminal Together the two of them must travel across the continent. The book is excellently written It is really clever of the author to use Zodiacs as races Join Dion the last person with Leo blood and the twelfth Oracle as he goes on an adventure meeting new people and other Oracles as he flees from his kingdom He meets Mors by chance and together they have a brilliant chemistry together I love each and every bit of their interaction together and wished there were of this book At the same time the book ended with a really good ending The promise of new beginnings with Dion and Mors and their child It is perfectTheir first meeting is by no means a wonderful one Dion is captured by Mors and held hostage Thinking that Dion's life ends here Dion is surprised when Mors rescues him and returns him back to his people It is not Mors' first time sparing someone's life He once spared Dion's bearer not knowing that Dion is the result of itDion returns bearing bad news that they must flee but none of the Auarian Lords heeds his advice They storm into War not knowing what awaits them Dion is almost killed but once again he is saved by Mors It feels like Dion is a damsel in distress over here while Mors is his knight in shining armour I love itIt is later that Dion decides to cling to life and follows Mors Their journey is a difficult one as they are captured and tortured a few times especially Mors I feel sorry for him but admire his strenghtTheir night of passion during the time when Dion is captured by Mors comes to fruition A child is the result Many times I have wished that Dion would tell Mors about the baby within him and many times he refuses to It leaves me frustrated as I am nearing the end of the book and Mors has yet to know about his son or daughter But the revelation is beautiful as Dion and Mors discovered their love for each other as well It is truly romantic for me And I am weak against romance like thisI am sure for those who aren't Auarius or Aries or Leo they would be eager to know the fate of their respective Zodiacs Such is true for me As a Sagittarian I am sad to see Laurel is only a small part of Mors and Dion's journey because I wished that a Sagittarian would play a big part in this story as well I also hoped that Laurel could be their adopted son But still I am happy for Laurel because he finds himself with a new family rather than joining in the dangers surrounding Dion and Mors It is good for a young child such as heI never get to meet all of Oracles while I had love to meet them and know them through this book I am truly sad that the Virgin Oracle dies and never gets to find someone to replace her How cruel to burn such a young child The violence in this book is formidable but bearable for me To see so many people die unnecessarily Such is life during war timesIt is a diffucult read at first because there are so many terms I had trouble understanding such as Virgins which were meant to be Virgos There are Summoners Black Priests and others I get confused from what they do But as one continues to read things are revealed although not all It feels that this book is incomplete due to so many unanswered uestions Perhaps that's what the author intended Something for us readers to ponder about And for me wishing that a seuel is in the processAll in all it is a very interesting read Something new and enjoyable for one's taste I do recommend everyone to pick this book off the shelf and read this An excellent book needs to be shared with the rest of the people It is a joy to be able to share a good book