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Worth the Fall The McKinney Brothers #1 kindle ´ ebook read ñ claudia connor ´ ❮PDF❯ ✑ Worth the Fall The McKinney Brothers #1 Author Claudia Connor – Gym-apparel.co.uk The McKinney Brothers Book 1 They meet on a beach Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or The McKinney Brothers Book They meet Fall The PDF #180 on a beach Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or sipping umbrella drinks not when she’s busy chasing around four little ones And Matt McKinney isn’t looking for fun he’s a Navy SEAL a Worth the PDFEPUBgrown man with a long list of missions and fallen brothe 4 Stars Worth the Fall is a very sweet and swoony romance When I first read the blurb I’m thinking Navy SEAL falling in love with pregnant mother of four after spending a week together on the beach a little far fetched right And maybe it’s not the most realistic storyline but it worked I really enjoyed this bookWhen Matt first meets Abby at the beach while on vacation he is drawn to her Abby isn’t alone She has her four young children right there with her Abby wants her children to have a fun vacation She’s the type that can do it all alone Even though she was recently widowed she’s been doing it alone for a long time Matt starts to spend his days with Abby and the kids It seems fast but within that week he’s become attached to the children and started to fall for Abby He can’t imagine just leaving her when the week is over This week is no where near long enough One kiss would never be enough Neither would one night or one week Once Abby goes back to her home Matt can’t stand not seeing her not seeing the kids He visits but how could things ever work Being in the service is not an easy life and Matt knows deep down Abby deserves to be with someone who is going to be with her all the time And the kids deserve than a part time dad Matt thinks about uitting the Navy he’s done his time but he made a promise years ago to a fallen brother his best friend and he doesn’t feel right breaking it Matt is torn He only knows he can’t be without Abby He loves her Abby is falling for him too but she’s been let down too many times by too many people in her life Can she trust Matt will be there for her “You’ll never have to live without me” Matt and Abby were both great main characters Abby had some major trust issues but the you got from her past the you understood why she was that way Matt was the sweetest hero The way he was with those children It made me melt Their interactions were so adorable I was stuck between laughing and smiling like crazy But Matt wasn’t all sweet he also had that alpha side that I love too Overall I was impressed with this incredibly sweet debut novel There were some adorable scenes It was light on the angst and a little light on the steam as well It started off fast paced then got a little slow for me but still was a nice read I enjoyed the story a lot and I’m looking forward to from this author She was everything he’s always wanted and never thought he would have She loved him And she owned him body and soul

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Rs   They only have a week Abby has brought her children to this beach to start over to give them the enjoyable memories they deserve Matt’s been sidelined by a combat the Fall The PDF #180 injury and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made to remain a SEAL focused and dedicated This leaves no time for 5 'take a chance on loving me' stars I love it when my GR friends start raving about a book or an author and their raving breaks through my hesitation at trying something or someone new That's what happened with Worth the Fall and this might just be the best 'new to me' author's story I've read to date Romantic sexy funny poignant heartbreaking and inspiring I shed than a few tears sighed than a few sighs Start to finish I loved this story and Abby and Matt's romance Thanks ladies in the Kristen Ashley group You ROCK the recommendations

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Worth the Fall The McKinney Brothers #1What he’s always wanted a family   But a week is all it takes Matt opens her the Fall The McKinney Brothers PDFEPUBheart while Abby soothes his soul And though they plan to say good bye when the week is over something magical happens on that beach something neither can forget Something utterly completely worth falling for 45 “I’m coming back” stars It took only a meeting to the beach a week left to spent together and everything changed for Matt and Abby “He knew without a doubt he was holding his heart and soul in his arms And he never wanted to let her go” Matt was in Navy SEAL and together with his cousin and two girls went for a trip to the beachHe had lot of things in his mind The loss of his best friend was still hurtful after two years He wasn't enjoying his company very much and it only took a ball in the head from a toddler and his life twisted up How long had it been since she’d been sheltered instead of being the shelterer No one wanted to be strong all the time Abby had lost her husband six months ago and she took this trip for her children's sakeShe was mother of four little children and she had another one on its wayHer son made a strange and uniue friend who captivated her even though she didn't want to He was a Navy SEAL after all Trained to remember all things Be all things And if she wasn’t careful he could very easily be all things to her A week left A week that Matt came closer to Abby and the children A week that they spent it together as a kind of family and then their ways had to separated Abby had to return in her old life without a Matt by her side and Matt had to return to his duties fullfilling a promise But can they stay away from each other when they took a glimpse of how the things could be if they aloud to themselves the luxury of each other's presenceCan they become a family when there are so many things that stand between them What the hell did he say to a woman who’d been left all her life So he pulled her into his arms and kissed her long and deep and said the only thing he could The only thing he was sure of “I’m coming back” God i loved this book and i loved it mostly because of Matt and all the childrensIf you would tell me that i would adore so much so many kids in a book i wouldn't believe youBut i did All of them were so adorableAnnie the princess that was so alike her mother and who was holding backJack who had so much faith in himGracie the lady bug who was so sassy and cleverCharlie who was so cute the way he was clinging to MattI even loved the unborn childThose kids had so much love from their mother but it was so obvious that they needed a man in their lives And they were claiming that right “I wish you were my daddy What do you fink”“I think any man who had you for his little girl would be the luckiest man in the world”“Do you feel wucky” Matt McKinney was such a perfect man At least for meHe was 34 years old and as i told you before was a SEAL The loss of his best friend had cost him a lot and his promise to him kept him in line He never wanted in his life than already had but Abby's presence changed everything And not only her but the kids also “Her name is Abby She's sweet and smart and funny Jack is five and can't catch a football to save his life but we're working on it Gracie's three She's got curls and dimples and can talk me into just about anything Charlie is two and stings to me like a tick Annie's almost seven and most of the time I'm not sure she likes me” Matt connected with all of them so much from the very first moment and i loved him for thatTo be true it's very difficult a man to be with a pregnant woman who already had four children by another man but it was so easy for him From the very first moment he got in the father's role so easily He knew what he wanted and he went after it No matter whatThe only obstacle for him That promise to Teddy “Abby look at me I’m coming back Do you think I could walk away from this That I won’t be running back to you as fast as I can” Abby had a difficult past in foster system When she was 19 she met her husband and cling to him She wanted somewhere to fit even though that he was absent all the timeShe was raising her kids with so much love and i admired her for that but she was so afraid to invest to someone else and especially to Matt Her past made her afraid to trust another person and she was pressing herself to stay away from Matt and to not get attached But his strong presence didn't let her do so but she still fought it His words replayed again and again I’m coming back They made her nervous and excited and anxious and scared Just like the man And they put her exactly where she’d sworn she’d never be again waiting for and wanting someone The things that bothered me in this book were all connected with AbbyFirst of all i couldn't wrap my head around why she was giving birth to so many children when her relationship with her husband wasn't the ideal Don't get me wrong As i told you before i adored every single one of the children I just don't understand her way of thinking and i still have some uestions about her relationship with her dead husbandSecondly i didn't like all those insecurities by getting attached to someone Yep i get them but they got me tired in some point Being alone could be a good thing No waiting for a man to walk through the door No being left behind No wondering if she’d ever be enough to make someone stay And finally i got so angry with her near to the end I understand that she was afraid but it wasn't a cool thing to do to Matt She seemed a little bit selfish to me He didn't do anything to hurt her in purpose he just wanted to do something good and then she made him feel guilty for his good action I really didn't like it “I don’t want to hurt you baby I swear but please don’t ask me to let you go Give us a chance Give me a chance” Except from all of the above characters we had all the McKinney clan and they were all of them so lovely people I fuckin' loved them and i can't wait to learn everything about them and of course from the rest of McKinney brothersI want to be reffered personally to Tony He was such a good brother and i'm so sorry that he is already settled down and that we don't get his own storyThat's all from me The only thing that i will add is that this was a wonderful story that everybody have to read